Google chrome langsam windows 10

If you find your chrome i do not care slower than usual, don’t worry! You’re notfall alone. Plenty of users room reporting this annoying issue.

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The great news zu sein you can fix that on her own. Sie should it is in able kommen sie fix the Chrome slow concern easily with ns fixes us list below.

Fixes kommen sie try:

You might not have to try them all. Nur work your method down the list until you find ns one that works.

Fix 1: close those unnecessary tabs

You might run into ns Chrome slow concern if you’ve opened auch many tabs on your Chrome. Since in Chrome, every tab opens up its very own process on your PC. These tabs will consume lots des resources, which wollen trigger ns Chrome sluggish issue.

If sie want kommen sie know more die info about how many resources your chrome consumes, you nur need to offen Task Manager über pressing Ctrl, Shift and Esc at the same time on your keyboard. You möchte be prompted zum permission. ClickYesto open Task Manager.


So, close those unnecessary tabs to seen if the Chrome slow problem persists. If this worry reappears, try die next fix.

Fix 2: Disable ns Chrome apps und extensions you don’t need

The apps und extensions on her Chrome can so consume lots of resources wie man you’re surfing the internet on Chrome. Try disabling the apps and extensions freundin don’t need any much more to lakers if this problem persists. Here zu sein how kommen sie do it:

On your google Chrome, click themenu buttonin ns upper-right corner. SelectMore devices > Extensions.
Turn off the toggleon die lower-right corner of the Chrome apps and extensions sie don’t need any kind of more to disable them.

After disabling part Chrome apps and extensions, hopefully you should an alert a difference an speed on your Chrome. If this resolve fails kommen sie resolve die Chrome slow-moving issue, don’t worry, there are an ext fixes for your to try.

Fix 3: Enable ns prediction dienstleistungen on her Chrome

The prediction service on her Chrome zu sein a feature that permits Chrome to predict your actions ahead von time so that it kann speed upthe page load times. Inspect if sie enabled this feature, if not, follow the instructions below kommen sie enable it:

On your google Chrome, click themenu buttonin die upper-right corner. SelectSettings.In die search bar, type prediction und then turn on the toggle next to Use a prediction service to fill pages more quickly.
Reopen her Chrome.

See if this problem reappears. If not, you’ve resolved this issue. If ns issue persists, try clearing your old stuck web browser data.

Fix 4: clear your alt stuck internet browser data

This annoying concern is so probably caused by the cache und history data on your Chrome. Dafür it is suggested the youclear the browsing säule on her browser. Here zu sein how to do it:

This operation wollen clear every yourbrowsing history,passwordsandpreferenceson her browser. Und you will need kommen sie re-enter your passwords und re-adjust your preferences wie you accessibility all website you oase visited.
On her Chrome, pressCtrl,ShiftandDelete on your keyboardat die same time.A charme clearing window wollen pop up.Set the time range to cover from wie man you started zu use your web browser till now.
Navigate to the Advanced tab and selectall die itemsto clear.
Reopen her Chrome.

Check to see if this annoying worry reappears. If not, you have resolved this issue. If this problem persists, over there are much more fixes zu try.

Fix 5: Disable hardware acceleration

Enabling hardware acceleration allows your browser kommen sie rely on ns GPU, not solely ns CPU to render net pages. In the many cases, it möchte speed sachen up. Yet sometimes hardware acceleration kann sein bring about unexpected issues. So, shot disabling hardware acceleration on her browsers to see if die Chrome slow issue persists. Here is how zu do it:

On your google Chrome, click themenu buttonin ns upper-right corner. Then selectSettings.

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In ns search bar, typehardware. Thenturnoff ns togglenext tothe featureUse hardware acceleration when available.
Reopen her Chrome.

See if ns Chrome slow issue ist resolved. If not, shot resetting your internet browser settings.

Fix 6: check your PC for malware an your Chrome und reset your internet browser settings

You might run into this worry if her Chrome zu sein affected von malware. Shot checking her PC zum malware in your Chrome, und then reset your browser settings. Here ist how zu do it:

To check your PC for malware in your Chrome:On your google Chrome, click themenu buttonin the upper-right corner. Then selectSettings.In ns search bar, typeresetand climate click Clean nach oben computer.
Click Find zu check weil das harmful software.
Click Remove if you’re asked to remove undesirable software.To reset your browser settings:On your google Chrome, click themenu buttonin ns upper best corner. Climate selectSettings.In ns search bar, typeresetand climate click Restore settings to their original defaults.

See if this annoying concern persists. If so, shot updating your Chrome to die latest version.

Fix 7: upgrade your Chrome to the latest version

If your Chrome is out des date, this worry may occur. Deshalb try updating your Chrome to die latest version. Here zu sein how kommen sie do it:

On your google Chrome, click themenu buttonin die upper-right corner. Climate selectHelp > About google Chrome.
Wait till your Chrome updates itself to the latest version.
Reopen her Chrome.

See if this problem reappears. If not, you’ve fixed this annoying issue.

Bonus Tip: upgrade your network driver

If the network driver on your PC ist missing or outdated, that may so cause ns Chrome slow-moving issue. Try updating your network treiber to seen if die Chrome slow issue persists.

There space two ways zu update drivers:manuallyandautomatically.

Manually upgrade your drivers– You tun können manually update die network driver bysearching die correct driverthat is matched with yourWindowsOSon themanufacturer’s website, andinstallit on your computer.


Update your chauffeurs automatically– If sie don’t schutz the time, patience or computer system skills zu update your chauffeurs manually, you can, instead, execute it automatically with Driver Easy.You nothing need to know specifically what system your computer zu sein running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing ns wrong driver, und you don’t need kommen sie worry about making a mistake wie installing.

You can update her drivers automatically with eithertheFREEortheProversionof treiber Easy. But with the pro version the takes just 2 clicks (and sie get complete support und a 30-day money back guarantee):

Run treiber Easy und click theScan Nowbutton. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers.

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Hopefully one of the fixes above tun können help freundin resolve your problem. You re welcome leave her comment listed below if you have any questions.