Golf 7 Variant 14 Tsi Probleme

In 2007, engineers of German automotive company Volkswagen. ~ above the basis of ns Hatchback Volkswagen golf was design principled new car - VW Tiguan. Many thanks to the impeccable reputation des the progenitor, ns SUV an a brief period of time won universal recognition. True, according to die results von 2014, Tiguan lost two zuerst positions on die pedestal des popularity to their rivals Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. Already bei 2015, die manufacturer announces the anfang of die production des the second generation von the SUV. Die exclusive novelty was able kommen sie breed the market segment.

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Today die car ist collected notfall only in Germany, but deshalb in Russia, bei the city of Kaluga. Die German company has enhanced its energie potential on ns domestic auto market, in order to heated added interest in the SUV from ns Russian buyer. Before purchasing in expensive car, it ist advisable notfall only kommen sie get acquainted through its to work properties, but deshalb by ns indicators von reliability und durability. Next, we define what ist the actual engine resource on Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4, 2.0.

A range of motor line

Volkswagen Tiguan motiv gamma represents turbocharged power units with a working volume des 1.4 and 2.0 liters. Engine 1.4 TSI with a capacity von 122 und 150 hp also installed on. Gasoline engines They room distinguished by excellent technical characteristics und a fairly huge resource. As practice shows, power plants from ns VW Tiguan line space capable von passing 300 or an ext than thousands of km. Motiv 2.0 TSI is made des a cast iron block of cylinders and an aluminum head.

There room several modifications that differ in its rated capacity - 170 und 200 horsepower. So the buyer ist available kommen sie choose a diesel equivalent. Cardinal structural differences betwee engines do notfall detect. Ns difference lies in the truth that the 170-strong version zu sein functioning due to the BorgWarner KO3 turbine, und KO4 zu sein installed on a much more powerful analogue.


Some building and construction features electric motors VW Tiguan:

Degree of compression 10.5;Number des valves - 16;The presence des a DOHC / belt;Ecological class corresponding to ns norms von Euro-5.

The first generation von "Tiguan" was equipped with a 6-speed hydromechanical machine, und the succeeding generation had got a 7-speed DSG robot. Ns transmission von the SUV ist known notfall only to high-quality assembly, but also silent work. At the stage von overclocking die car, engine operation ist muted, and on die cruise velocity only noise published über tires.

How plenty of "walks" die engine on Volkswagen Tiguan

In order to understand what zu sein the really engine resource on Volkswagen Tiguan, it zu sein necessary zu understand more an more detail in their constructive features. Ns bulk von the owners von modification v a 1.4-liter engine complains about the designs of the designers an the toughness piston group. In particular, the piston itself, i m sorry due kommen sie excessive loads and high temperatures fails prematurely. The erste problems v this constructive element stärke aggregate May occur at die turn von 100 thousands km. Also at this stage, it zu sein advisable zu follow die state of the timing chain. Turbodiesel 2.0 TDI instead of the chain has a belt. Over die state des the TRV drive must be monitored in the most thorough way. Ns breakdown of this ureigensten leads zu unpleasant results - ns valve bent. As sie know, repair und maintenance of German SUVs - ns pleasure zu sein not cheap.


When happen the zuerst 150,000 km observed increased circulation Oils - It zu sein necessary zu replace the oil-changing ring or valves. Diesel 2.0-liter engines won an terms of actual source from petrol analogs. Yet it ist worth speak that problems with ns pump in some cases cannot it is in avoided. Die reason weil das this becomes low-quality fuel. Specialists recommend constantly überwacht the status des the fuel pump pusher, it is best to spend comprehensive diagnosis ~ every 20-30 thousand km.

The result ist the following: 1.4-liter petrol engine zu sein able to pass about 300 thousand kilometers of the path, detailed that regularly und regular maintenance. Diesel analogue up zu the erste overhaul undergoing over 350,000 km.

Review des owners about ns resource von the stärke unit

Both travels room high-quality und reliable, differ in high speed characteristics, but extremely demanding on the quality of fuel and engine oil refilled, sensitive to coolant. Zum all 3 components, it zu sein necessary to closely, otherwise castle will schutz to it is in invested in expensive repair von the car. We jetzt turn straight to ns reviews of the owners. Volkswagen Tiguan., experienced von determining die duration of the ill-work des the hauptsächlich power unit von the car.

Engine 1.4.


Mikhail, Voronezh. It stayed unhappy with die acquisition des a representative of the German auto industry v a 1.4-liter engine. The motor does notfall cope hinweisen all through his tasks, Volkswagen golf with ns same engine was several times in beyrea. Plus zu everything dubious construct quality and a really funny resource. I have Tiguan 2010 und for every this time an repair invested the amount of the indistinguishable cost of the car. From constant detonations on ns pistons break the edges under the rings. An extremely demanding on ns quality of the fuel car.Maxim, Yalta. Ns SUV as a whole was satisfied, yet there is one large but. 1.4 TSI engine frankly speaking too weak and unreliable. Zum such a Mahina, a minimum zu sein needed 1.6 liters and not 150 hp in the morning ns car has actually to anfang as ours AvtoVAZ. Ich refuel hinweisen LUKOIL AI-95, as recommended von the manufacturer. Die chain is simply terrible, flew, without passing 80 thousand km. The engine zu sein constantly gluch on web traffic lights, punkt any time the could start tall. In general, ich sold this car and began zu sleep well.Stanislav, Vladivostok. I go kommen sie Volkswagen Tiguan since 2009. Wie man 110 thousand miles came up to ns mark, problems with chain began. Ich quickly replaced, no longer had no breakdown. For the year behind die wheel of an SUV - just positive impressions. Those who love to put push on the gay from ns start, this car is definitely not suitable. With such a mass und power, the circuit flies punkt times.Egor, Moscow. Driving native 2015. Screw during this time 70 thousand km. The warranty changed the thermostat, und the crack was formed in the input manifold. With die launch during the frost there are no problems, die suspension of the highest possible level. Motiv resource 1.4 TSI is too dependence on ns quality des gasoline. Any kind of unsuccessful refueling kann turn into trouble. Auch late ich was opened von the mystery - the aluminum unit und the plasma spraying "live" with our combustible 100 thousand km.

Power unit volume of 1.4 liters des good bei its characteristics. However, it zu sein too dependency on ns quality of fuel refilling, maintenance des maintenance und many other external factors. Notfall the most successful development von German engineers, which is confirmed über the reviews of the former and current owners des Volkswagen Tiguan 1.4.

Engine 2.0.


Nikolai. Urengoy. Since 2008, us exploit the German SUV with a diesel engine. When passed, 170,000 km decided kommen sie replace die timing belt v rollers und pomp. Jetzt the automobile starts even far better even hinweisen -30. On the notes des drivers: diesel win in terms des resource punkt a petrol analogue under ns same operating conditions und equal working volume.Sergey. Moscow. During die choice des VW Tiguan, paid great attention to ns quality des the engine. After ~ reviewing a big amount des information, it come to ns conclusion that the 2.0-liter motiv resource ist significantly higher, which ist less voluminous analogs. In practice, everything was confirmed - the chain weil das the zuerst 200 thousand km does not submit any type of signals. The main thing zu sein to refuel ~ above proven gas stations und use certified oil.Matvey. Cheboksary. Ask ns experienced owner des VW Tiguan, which modification von reliable, it möchte answer you - two-liter. I myself personally saw ns car past much more than 300 thousand. Die resource counts on die driving style, the first 200 thousand km in general pass without any kind of problems with adequate driving.

Many vehicle owners agreed bei a single opinion that die 2-liter power plant ist more reliable und resistant to unfavorable operation conditions. Plenty of studies so confirm the fact that an practice ns Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 engine resource is more 보다 300 thousand kilometers.

Of course, such recommendations have to be notfall only weil das TSI motors, but in general zum all ICA. However, die TSI engine does not like momentary driving an cold conditions. This form of motiv requires a an excellent heating, und if you ride a quick distance, und even in a strong frost, it leads to ns rapid wear des the einzelheiten of the cylinder-piston group. But, if you blieb have kommen sie ride weil das minor distances bei harsh climatic conditions, then sie need zu often change ns spark plugs.


Weak places des such engines

TSI engines room eating a gewächs of engine oil. Even new such engines consume 1 liter of oil über 1000 km of run. Therefore, it frequently happens that ns spark plugs splashes with oil.In the entwurf of ns car with die engine TSI chain drive of the gas distribution mechanism (timing). Weak link in the chain drive von such engines zu sein not a trusted chain tensioner. An addition, die chain zu sein extended earlier than die development des its resource. The linke seite of ns stretched chain room jumping through the tooth und provide a set of valves through pistons. Ns exact mileage on ns chain on die regulations does not give manufacturers. Die chain may fail von 50 thousands km, und it kann regularly work up kommen sie 150 thousand km.

To increase ns engine frequency period, it is recommended to aufführen to how the motiv works the knocks. If the operation des the chain zu sein heard, then you need to diagnose, perhaps die chain has currently stretched. Also, while die car has actually a new and little "ran", it is recommended to pour specialists. We schutz already considered that better, eco or euros.

Specialists in repair und maintenance modern-day cars Recommend not to leave the car at speed there is no raised hand-operated brakes. They describe this von the reality that if ns car rolling rückseitig back being activated on any transmission des the box, then ns chain links tun können occur ~ above one tooth.

Turbines indigenous TSI engines easily pass zu 150 thousand kilometer of run. Native this point of view, ns DVS TSI 1.4 122 and 150 hp Reliable. New such engines can be safe acquired, und used supplied well to examine well, to diagnose as the should, otherwise you tun können buy a cat in a bag.

Many chauffeurs are acquainted with ns TSI engine with a 1.4 liter volume, which consists of 150 liters. From. From the famous Germans Audi-Volkswagen. But, notfall everyone to know which dare it zu sein installed, and what echt resource und the potential has.

Engine specifications

The TSI 1.4 engine still has the benennen - die EA211, which the manufacturer laid him. This zu sein a small motiv with a generator that has acquired quite prevalent on ns VOLKSWAGEN concern cars.

For the zuerst time, the installation of pressure aggregates started on vehicles Jetta und Golf 5. This motiv was occurred specifically to come to replace the EA111, which verified itself not from ns best side. Ns cast steel unit and the aluminum head hide 2 camshafts, hydrocomathers, lightweight pistons und reinforced crankshaft.

Mostly the TSI engine v a volume von 1.4 liters. Und 150. Speech - This zu sein reliability. The main advantage is the presence von turbocharging. Ns motor zu sein put an charge - 1.4 TSI Twincharger, which practically eliminates ns turboyama.

Consider specifications energie unit:

Power unit 1.4 TSI 150 l. From. Has in engine resource:

According to the technical documentation des the manufacturer - 250-300 thousand km.According to die practical charme received from drivers - 300,000 km und above. The all counts on the maintenance.


1.4 TSI 150 l engine. From. Got a fairly huge prevalence on the cars of the Volkswagen concern. So, die motor kann be discovered on cars: Audi A3, Audi A4, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Rapid, Skoda Superb., Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Passat..


Repair and tuning

Special difficulties during operation von the engine are notfall detected. So, the motiv turned out kommen sie be saturated reliable and lightly bei repair. The constructor office von the Volkswagen concern has taken into account all the flaws und wishes von consumers, und eliminated ns problems of the predecessor: refused to use the chain of the gas distribution mechanism and equipped the motiv belt, replaced ns bypass valve and improved heating. As zum repair, ns motor kann sein be repaired own hands in the garage, which pleases countless owners.

Concerning maintenanceIt need to be lugged out every 12-15 thousand km of mileage. The replacement von the belt of the gas distribution system should be done after 60-75 thousand km.

Rest repair work Performed follow to the regulations and manuals zum repair. Overhaul die engine is carried out just under car leistungen with die use von special equipment.


The tuning of the motor zu sein almost not carried out, because he just hit ns domestic market, but die chipping von the power unit zu sein already being held. So, ns firmware von the electronic regulate unit to the level des Stage 1 tun können be added to the power to 180 hp, and if freundin flash the Stage 3+ firmware, you kann already build up zu 230 hp.


TSI engine through a 1.4 liter volume, which includes 150 liters. From. From die "Volkswagen" concern ist a reliable stärke unit that can be rejected. Die high resource des the energie unit, as well as the simple design of the motiv made a very popular and favorite amongst motorists. Yet with die correct firmware you kann sein add energie up zu 230 hp and higher.

TSI collection motors are turbocharged gasoline engines v a direct fuel injection system.

History and design

TSI ist decrypted together Turbo Stratified Injection - "Turbo Layered Injection". Audi ns same engines denotes TFSI, f - FUEL (fuel).

Since 2012. Problem Vag. Moves kommen sie a new TSI motiv line.

The alt ruler so remains popular on second market. Consider one des its representatives - Engine 1.4 TSI of the first generation, EA11 series.

This 4-cylinder (4 valves per cylinder) injector with a turbine was produced from november 2005 und was intended weil das compact and medium-sized worry models. It was supposed zu replace 2.0- and 1.8-liter motors of the T. Series

The entwurf of the motor is as follows: this is a cast iron block des cylinders through wrought steel crankshaft, ns intake manifold zu sein made von plastic. GBC ist made von aluminum alloy.

The time chain is designed zum the entire leistungen life.

1.4 TSI debut took ar on ns "charged" VW golf GT.

Due zu consistent supervision (mechanical compressor + turbine), the motor developed 170 hp. After für hilfe a year, a 140-strong version appeared, a decoded kommen sie 122 hp was published danach on die market. Change without a mechanical compressor.

The release von 1.4 TSI ongoing until February 2012, when it was changed von the EA211 series. However EA111 continued to mount bei the modell that to be presented before the appearance of the EA211.

Installed 1.4 TSI on

Audi A1 - c 2010Audi A3 - 2010-2012SEAT Ibiza - c 2009SEAT LEON - due to the fact that 2007Skoda Superb - since 2008Skoda Yeti - indigenous 2010VW Passat B6 - 2007-2010VW golf - 2005-2012VW Jetta - 2006-2011VW Scirocco - native 2008VW Touran - 2006-2010VW Tiguan - indigenous 2007.

Since the debut 1.4 TSI, it was honored for excellent dynamics and a relatively klein fuel consumption.

Particularly impressed von the owners von the ausführung with a consistent superior. The consumption des gasoline at ns same time was 7.5 - 8 liters von 100 km of way.



Caxa. - 122 hp, 200 nmCaxc.-125 hp, 200 nmCFBA.-131 hp, 220 nmBMY-140 hp, 220 nmCavf.-150 hp, 220 nmBWK / CAVA. - 150 hp, 240 nmCDGA.-148 hp, 240 nmCavd.-160 hp, 240 nmBLG.-160 hp, 240 nmCave / CThe - 180 hp, 250 nm

Typical faults 1.4 TSI

destruction des pistons

This defect characteristic belästigt The erste 160- and 170-strong versions of 1.4 TSI. Due to the intensive load and the depleted mixture, die pistons were overheated, they were deformed - and went under die replacement. Bei weaker versions, return 122 and 125 hp, there were no problems.

tensile chain TRM.

Most von the owners von 1.4 TSI faced with this problem. The zutat of die chain is considered not too reliable, as a an outcome she was quickly stretched, und the hydraulic tensioner started to direkt his life.

If ns owner ignores ns crackle in the open space, it jumps - and then there is already a meeting des the valves v pistons not far.

The GRM chain zu sein declared von the manufacturer as non-servant, but on ns fact die chain or the tensioner has to change every 60 -120 thousand km of run.

failure of the system Systems systems distribution

When ns circuit on the engine ist stretched und its inspector does not work, as necessary, the gas distribution phases begin zu "jump" - ns owner feel it for the unstable operation des the motor and the characteristic "diesel" sound des work. Fixing the belästigung - on die service, but freundin won"t speak to it budget.

circular oil und valves

The burned oil forms coke colors on ns valves und the oil worker. This is especially characteristic des those engines the operate in high gears and in aggressive mode.

Hence the need zu ensure that the tachometer shooter does not get into die red zone, und carefully operate ns motor.

When die oil worker zu sein clogged through coking particles, its bandwidth falls, und the engine threatens oil starvation. Therefore, even die challenge lamp low pressure in the motiv lubrication system, you tun können not ignore: you may schutz to remove ns crankcase, change die oil und the filter, clean ns lower part of the motor.

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other problems

The erste signs von dying die air conditioner compressor starts zu serve already zu 100 thousand km. To 130-150 thousand kilometer fails water pump und the hinged tools - ns pulley des the wedge belt, zum example.

Operation 1.4 TSI

The most essential thing zu sein to lug out the owner this motiv - his quality dienstleistungen with an excellent consumables. In this case, the engine will notfall deliver serious problems.

Experts and experts who arbeit closely v this engine, unterschrift the importance of compliance v the service regulations.Menuing oil zu sein recommended every 10 thousand km run. Use only recommended von the manufacturer.

Consumption of oil on the era, provided by the manufacturer, zu sein a liter zum 10 thousands km. End time, it kann increase early to the load on the turbine. During normalerweise maintenance, die owners usage a maximum of 500 ml von oil ~ above top of the topics.

The wind turbine itself zu sein quite reliable und can pass 120-200 thousand km without serious interventions.

The fuel injection system in 1.4 TSI deshalb does notfall cause ns owners"s complaints. If water go not fall into ns fuel, nozzles threaten anything.

TSI engines do not tolerate brief trips to die cold. They walk to the operating temperature lang enough, und simply do not oase time zu warm up. If freundin fail kommen sie avoid trips to die cold weil das short distances, at least change ns cutting candle once bei 20-30 thousand km - zu their quality und regulations von the replacement these motors are specifically whims.

You kann sein not placed cars with 1.4 TSI to auslieferung without a hands-on brake - If ns car moves back, stehen on the gear, it will be a very huge risk von a slip von the chain.

Constructively unreliable timing chain have to pay fist to ns owners - punkt the first outsiders from open space you need kommen sie go zu a hundred. Original price GBC this engine It ist about 3 thousands cu, as such it ist not worth die replacement von the chain. She can stretch after 50 thousand km run.

It zu sein important to listen carefully kommen sie outside sound under die hood, particularly after a lang parking und after launching "on die cold". If a crash appeared an the engine, try to start a starter machine or "from the Tolkucha" - this wollen lead kommen sie irreversible damage to die CPG.

Motor source Experts space estimated punkt 300-400 thousand kilometer - but subject to high-quality service und a particular front des work weil das 200 thousand km.


1.4 TSI zu sein a reasonably tracked motiv with an excellent fuel consumption, productive und cultural bei operation.

But ns owner must be closely related to service, do notfall save top top liquids and consumables and contact ns servicemen top top the first "call".

Given the problems with the CPG des the powerful zuerst versions of the motor, it ist not recommended kommen sie select version with dual supervision, 160 and 170 hp

Special attention wie man choosing 1.4 TSI ist worth paying service history und run.

All information and reviews around engines 1.4 TSI, family members EA211Reviews, Description, Modifications, Characteristics, Problems, Resource, Tuning

In 2012, ns VAG line des the VAG - turbocharged EA111 (1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI), new engines of the household EA211 (1.0 TSI, 1.2 TSI, 1.4 TSI).

The timing von the time belt was equipped v a toothed belt instead des the chain - jetzt the replacement des the GDG set zu sein scheduled zum 120 thousand kilometer of run und is less financially expensive. At the same time, ns control of the status von the timing belt is produced for the zuerst time von 60 thousand km of that life cycle, and then every 30 thousands km, till it ist replaced über 120 thousand kilometer of mileage.

The cylinder block itself is aluminum alloy, yet with actors iron sleeves. Crankshaft, many thanks to die use of new ultralight materials, it ended up being easier und long - 80.0 mm, versus 75.6 mm old version. The connecting rods are also easier, und the diameter des the cylinders decreased to 74.5 mm. You can so note in the design of the neu series des DVS 16-T. Valve hülle With 2 camshafts und the presence of hydrocompensators, and a dual engine cooling system.

Thus, it zu sein possible kommen sie highlight the main constructive attributes turbo engines von the EA211 family:

intake manifold with integrated intercoolerdual-circuit cooling system with two thermostats (as well together atmospheric 1.6 MPI)the cooling pump ist combined through these thermostats and is brought über a separate strap from die camshaft (as well as atmospheric 1.6 MPI)the camshafts are constructed into die valve startseite (as well as atmospheric 1.6 MPI)Engines 1.4 TSI series EA211 Equipped with a turbocharging system in a pair with in intercooler, which zu sein installed in the input manifold. Depending on die engine modification, ns turbine ist set different types. The main advantage von the neu series bei front of the old are - the smallest wie / inner weight und more economically fuel consumption.

TSI engines 1.4 EA211 households differ an two powers des the forced:

110 - 125 hp (with wind turbine TD025 M2. und a schritt inspector on ns inlet shaft)140 - 150 hp (with wind turbine Ihi RHF3. und phase students on both shafts)ATTENTION! for discussion motor oils and their selection there zu sein a special topic devoted to. All inquiries on die oil are pointing out there, here you do notfall need zu flood top top this topic. This topic ist designed to discuss ns constructive and engine problems, and not its technological fluids.

1.4 TSI engines (EA211) v MITSUBISHI wind turbine TD025 M2 und one phasemator

TD025 M2. (overpressure 0.8 bar) There room 9 modifications: ns anNim modifications are considered zu be CMBA, CPVA, CPVB, CPWA, andThe "corrected" modifications of engines, with removed children"s diseases, are thought about CXSA, CXSB, CZCA, CZCB, CZCC.


Period Installations



11.2012 - 2013​

basic anfangsverdacht Engine Modification

VW golf 7 1.4 TSI (11.2012 - ...

analog CMBAfuel to run E85 with reinforced saddles, valves und various other oiling caps

VW golf 7 1.4 TSI E85 (11.2012 - 05.2014) VW golf 7 different 1.4 TSI E85 (05.2013 - 05.2014)

analog CPVA.fuel running E85 With in enlarged stärke up zu 125 hp

VW golf 7 1.4 TSI E85 (05.2014 - ...) VW golf 7 different 1.4 TSI E85 (05.2014 - ...) VW golf Sportsvan 1.4 TSI E85 (02.2014 - ...)

analog CPVA.GAZ (CNG) stärke 110 hp

VW golf 7 1.4 TGI CNG (06.2013 - ...) VW golf 7 different 1.4 TGI CNG (09.2013 - ...) VW Caddy 1.4 TGI CNG (06.2015 - ...)

motor, changed CMBA, differentiated repair GBC that did not miss the oil

VW golf 7 1.4 TSI (11.2012 - ...)

analog CXSA. 125 hp

replacement CXSB under euro 6, with other camshafts

VW golf 7 1.4 TSI (11.2013 - ...) VW golf 7 different 1.4 TSI (05.2014 - ...) VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI (05.2014 - ...)

engine ausführung CZCA. with enhanced up zu 220 nm talk zum Volkswagen Caddy.

VW Caddy 1.4 TSI (05.2015 - ...)

engine ausführung CZCA. for Audi A3 (8V) power 116 hp at 5000-6000 rpm und torque 200 nm punkt 1400-3500 rpm.

1.4 TSI engines (EA211) through turbine Ihi RHF3. and two phaseratorsCHPA, CHPB, CPTA, CZDA, CZDB, CZDC, CZDD, CZEA, CZTA

Among engines 1.4 TSI EA211 equipped with a turbine Ihi RHF3. (overpressure 1.2 bar) There room 7 modifications:


Period Installations



08.2012 - 2015​

basic frühen zeitpunkt Engine modification there is no ACT system

VW golf 7 different 1.4 TSI (05.2013 - ...)

05.2013 - 2015​

analog CHPA v a capacity des 150 hp there is no ACT system

VW golf 7 1.4 TSI (11.2013 - ...) VW golf 7 different 1.4 TSI (05.2013 - ...)

08.2012 - 2016​

VW golf 7 1.4 TSI (08.2012 - ...) VW POLO 1.4 TSI (10.2012 - 05.2014)

replacement CHPB through a capacity von 150 hp under euro 6, Without in AST system

VW Passat CC 1.4 TSI (05.2015 - ...) VW golf 7 1.4 TSI (11.2013 - ...) VW golf 7 variant 1.4 TSI (05.2013 - ...) VW golf Sportsvan 1.4 TSI (02.2014 - ...) VW Jetta 1.4 TSI (08.2014 - ...) VW neu Beetle 1.4 TSI (12.2014 - ...) VW Passat 1.4 TSI (08.2014 - ...) VW Passat variant 1.4 TSI (08.2014 - ...) VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI (07.2015 - ...) VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI (05.2015 - ...) VW Touran 1.4 TSI (05.2015 - ...)

05.2015 - 2016​

for VW Tiguan

VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI (05.2015 - ...)

analogue CZDA, through reduced to 130 hp power weil das VW Scirocco

VW Scirocco 1.4 TSI (07.2015 - ...)

analog CZDA, with reduced zu 125 hp stärke weil das VW golf 7 Variant

VW golf 7 variant 1.4 TSI (05.2014 - ...)

VW POLO 1.4 TSI BlueGT (02.2014 - ...) VW golf 7 1.4 TSI (01.2014 - ...) VW Passat 1.4 TSI (08.2014 - ...) VW Passat different 1.4 TSI (08.2014 - ...) VW Passat Alltrack 1.4 TSI (05.2015 - ...)

analog CZDA zum North America

VW Jetta 1.4 TSI "NA" (06.2015 - ...)

As kann sein be watched on the CPTA und CZEA engine models, in ACT system zu sein installed, which kann disable 2 central cylinders bei certain modes von engine operation. This versions von the engines are installed only on the front-wheel drive cars.

The taste meaning des the application of this system provides a decrease in fuel consumption up to 20% und decrease harmful emissions With spent gases.

Structurally, die ACT system is based on die ValveLift system Thase distribution schritt change system implemented at one time top top engines Audi.. The system uses bei its work the cams von various shapes situated on die sliding distributional tower Coupling.

Russian-speaking video about ns operation von the plot cylinder system on die Internet, unfortunately, no, but listed below there is an English-speaking video zum which you kann understand the general principles von operation des the ACT system (Active Cylinder Technology)

True, this system has a number von minuses: high value repair und spare parts;In the event von a breakdown, only geholfen of the motiv will work;

Engine qualities 1.4 TSI EA211 (110 hp - 150 hp)

ProductionMlada Boleslav Plant. - Automotive manufacturing facility Skoda in Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic) Kaluga Plant. - vehicle factory VW bei Kaluga (Russia) - from 2019
Years des release08.2012 - N.V.
Cylinder block materialaluminum
A typeinline 4-cylinder (R4), 16 valves (4 valves von cylinder)
Piston move80.0 mm
Diameter of the cylinder74.5 mm
Compression ratio10,0
Engine volume1395 cc
FuelNeeterized gasoline RON-95 (for Europe) in Russia is allowed kommen sie use AI-95but it ist recommended kommen sie use AI-98.
Environmental normsEuro 5 / euro 6
Fuel usage (Passport for VW golf 7)city u200bu200b- 6.6 l / 100 km route - 4.3 l / 100 km combined - 5.2 l / 100 km
Oil into ns engine euro 5VAG LONGLIFE III 5W-30 (G 052 195 m2 (1l) / g 052 195 M4 (5l)) (tolerances und specification: VW 504 00/507 00)

VAG LONGLIFE III 0W-30- for Europe through a flexibel replacement term (G 052 545 m2 (1l) / g 052 545 M4 (5l)) (tolerances and specification: VW 504 00/507 00)

VAG distinct Plus 5W-40 - for Russia through a fixed replace interval (until 11.2018) (G 052 167 m2 (1l) / g 052 167 M4 (5l)) (tolerances and specifications: VW 502 00/505 00/505 01)

VAG unique G 5W-40 - weil das Russia with a solved interval von replacement (C 11.2018) (G 052 502 m2 (1l) / g 052 502 M4 (5l)) (tolerances und specifications: VW 502 00/505 00)

Oil into the engine euro 6Vag Longlife IV 0W-20 - zum Europe with a flexible replacement interval (G 052 577 m2 (1l) / g 052 577 M4 (5l)) (tolerances und specification: VW 508 00/509 00)

Vag Special with 0W-30 - for Russia v a resolved replacement expression (G 055 167 m2 (1l) / g 055 167 M4 (5l)) (tolerances and specifications: VW 502 00/505 00)

Oil volume in engine3.8 L.
Oil usage (permissible)up kommen sie 0.5 wie per 1000 kilometer (by die factory), however a really good motiv should not consume an standard mode better than 0.1 liters von 1000 km
Replacing ns oil ist carried outaccording to the factory regulation with a flexibel replacement expression - once in 30,000 km / 24 month (Europe)

According to die factory regulation with a solved interval of replacement - once an 15,000 km / 12 month (Russia) (In die Russian Federation it ist recommended to make every 7,500 km intermediate replacement)


TurbineTD025 M2.
Absolute press supervisionup to 1.8 bar
Overpressureup to 0.8 bar
Phaseratorson ns inlet camshaft
Engine weight104 kg
The engine control unit???
Engine energie CMBA, CPVA, CXSA122 hp (90 kW) at 5000-6000 ob. Min, 200 nm weist 1400-4000 rpm.
Engine energie CPVB, CXSB, CZCA125 hp 200 nm at 1400-4000 rpm.
Engine power CPWA110 hp (81 kW) punkt 4800-6000 rpm, 200 nm weist 1500-3500 rpm.
Engine stärke CZCB.125 hp (92 kW) at 5000-6000 rpm, 220 Nm at 1500-4000 rpm.
Engine stärke CZCC.116 hp (85 kW) punkt 5000-6000 rpm, 200 nm punkt 1400-3500 rpm.


1.4 TSI EA211 engines were set up on ns following models Concern:

Audi A1 (8X) (2015-2018),Audi A3 (8V) (2012-N.V.),Audi Q3 (2014-2018),Volkswagen Polo 5 (2015-N.V.),Volkswagen golf 7 (11.2012-N.V.)Volkswagen golf Sportvan.Volkswagen Tiguan 2 (2017-N.V.),Volkswagen Jetta 6 (2015-N.V.),Volkswagen Passat B8 (2014-N.V.),Volkswagen Caddy (2015-N.V.),Skoda rapid (2012-N.V.)Skoda Yeti (5L) restyling (12.2015 - 02.2018) - 125 hp CZCA.Skoda Karoq (NU) (09.2019 - N.V.)Skoda Octavia (2013-N.V.)Skoda Superb 3 (2015-N.V.)Skoda Kodiaq (2016-N.V.)SEAT LEON 3 (2012-N.V.)Versions von forced engines 1.4 TSI (EA211) v a hybrid system - CUKB, CUKC, CNLA, CRJA

CUKB (2014-N.V.) - hybride engine zum Audi A3 E-TRON und GOLF 7 GTE150 hp weist 5000-6000 rpm and torque 250 nm hinweisen 1500-3500 rpm + electrical motor zum 75 kW: pistole return des 204 hp

CUKC (2015-N.V.) - CUKB analogue for Volkswagen Passat GTE v a capacity des 156 hp punkt 5000-6000 rpm and torque 250 nm at 1500-3500 rpm) + electric motor for 85 kW: total return 218 hp

CNLA (2012-2018) - mischung motor for the American version des VW Jetta mischung 150 hp at 5000-6000 rpm und torque 250 nm hinweisen 1500-3500 rpm + VX54 electric motiv at 27 hp: pistole return 177 hp

CRJA (2012-2018) - die CNLA analogue zum the European sector under euro 6 is distinguished von the absence von secondary air supply.

Engines v a hybrid system were installed on die following car Concern:

Audi A3 E-TRON (2014-N.V.),Volkswagen golf 7 GTE (2014-N.V.),Volkswagen Passat GTE (2015-N.V.),Volkswagen Jetta mischung (2014-2018)

Major problems und disadvantages von 1.4 TSI engines des the EA211 family:

1) Westgate actuator craving and its breakdown

The main problem in the engines des this family members presents the actuator von the reversal valve of the generator - Westgate. It happens that the actuator"s thrust jars bei the bar coming from ns electric motiv (on the illustration, die jammed joint zu sein marked v a red circle), und often rather a powerful electric drive nur breaks the craving or lever:

This pump on the motors of the EA211 family zu sein activated von its own strap, which functions without tensioner und rollers. Accordingly, this ureigensten has less deformation under load, i beg your pardon pleases. However it is badewanne only the it ist monoblock and can notfall be replace bei it separately.

7) leak antifreeze native under the pump

Recently, the belästigung with the heer of antifreeze on these motors has actually become more frequent. It is not necessary kommen sie look zum a long time. If you take turn off air filterOn ns right side des the GBC seen traces of a red liquid. It is easy kommen sie guess that die leak ist just native connecting die very module "pump plus 2 thermostats".

Vagovtsy have long to be using in interesting method zum checking the presence of auflagen - ~ above one von the mating einzelheiten make a small cutout. It transforms out die window and the gasket from the bright material tun können be checked out if it ist there. Through this window an the conjugation of the pump module and thermostats, and the antifreeze begins zu peel. Together our spectral evaluation has zeigen the problem in the strip itself. When on the old gasket randomly dried v oil. After a while this location swelling. It is clear that an the conjugation of the details, if die oil got into the gasket, it was nowhere to go und druits that through ns window out. From here and flow. Some incorrect laying material was chosen - resistant to antifrase, and there is no liquids.

If currently flowed, sie need zu change rubber gasket New und not wash the engine before replacement. And in the future you need kommen sie follow, deshalb that there are no flows von oil und even die droplets top top this gasket did not fall.

Engine resource:

The rest von the 1.4 TSI motors des the EA211 household are rather reliable. Prices weil das spare parts are considerable, yet they also won"t call them. Deshalb you fear klein Turbomotors Volkswagen are not worth it: just do notfall forget kommen sie follow the mobility von the hinge of the Westgate actuator, ns flow von antifreeze from die pump und cleanliness motor compartment. The resource of the engines von this family with suitable maintenance and timely care kann be 250 - 300 thousands km. If it should not be forget that ns 1.4 TSI electric motors are needed by 98th gasoline, and the oil must be high quality und vary hinweisen least 보다 10,000 km of run.

Chip tuning capabilities:

Stage 1 firmware weil das low-power versions von 122 hp and 125 hp renders it possible kommen sie get 165 hp und torque about 280 nm. You tun können put a downpailer and pour ns evil firmware stage 2, which möchte give around 10 hp.

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Motors hinweisen 140 hp und 150 hp You kann dig up kommen sie 175-180 hp and get more than 300-320 nm des the moment. Just Aggressive stage 2 firmware and installing downpipe, you kann sein get about 200 hp. Power and torque 300+ nm.