Golf 7 Gti Performance Test

Highs Exceedingly fun for the price, wonderful transmissions, classy und practical. Lows Ride quality can be a little bit harsh, too understated weil das some, rival warm hatches price less. Verdict the Mk 7 golf GTI is the ultimate sport compact.


The 2021 Volkswagen golf GTI zu sein affordable, practical, and—most important kommen sie folks choose us—a excellent driving machine. Therefore its spot on ours 10Best und Editors" selection lists. While the current generation zu sein nearing the end of that life cycle, it still continues kommen sie impress: It has actually won our yearly 10Best compensation multiple times, including making ns most current list. V a sprightly 228-hp four-cylinder engine und terrific manual und automatic transmissions, this front-driver is wonderfully speedy. Of course, quickness doesn"t equal engagement. Thankfully, Volkswagen has actually ensured this hot hatch gives nimble handling and communicative feedback. Those characteristics so apply kommen sie its sedan sibling, the Jetta GLI. Return its staid styling und above-average price won"t appeal zu everyone, ns GTI"s holistic approach kommen sie performance und undeniable adaptability make it ns ultimate sports compact.

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What"s New for 2021?

The current golf GTI has had a an excellent run, however 2021 ist the last model year zum this generation.

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While die upcoming 2022 modell marks a promise evolution, there"s still a last to choose about die Mk 7, i beg your pardon carries over unchanged zum its swan song.

Pricing und Which One kommen sie Buy

We recommend the mid-level SE trim, i beg your pardon comes conventional with angeführt headlights, animal leather upholstery, blind-spot monitoring, and a summary sunroof. While us think the dual-clutch automatically transmission ist really good (and affordable), we"d rod with ns standard hand-operated gearbox. It"s one of the best in the business und makes every drive in engaging experience.

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Engine, Transmission, und Performance

The GTI"s 228-hp turbocharged four-cylinder zu sein one of the greats. Supplying a reasonable amount des power, it delivers instant response and solid acceleration. Die clutch pedal an manual models ist easy to use, which method shifting is never a chore. However if you"d fairly let die car handle the gearchanges, die optional dual-clutch automatic ist no slouch, either. We"d happy pilot a GTI every day. It is nimble und responsive und takes corners beautifully. Most important, this hatchback is well coordinated und does nur what freundin want it zu do. Ns GTI reacts zu steering inputs dafür quickly und accurately that you"ll think ns car ist a sentient being. Plus, that brakes are firm und progressive on ns road und strong on ns track.