Golf 6 16 102 ps probleme

Golf has adjusted a lot since that is debut in 1974 und has grown right into a family members car. Bei October 2008, Volkswagen has introduced die sixth generation von this successful car. Someone möchte Vw kommen sie call golf VI golf "five and a half," the six ist ​​based on the platform of its predecessor.

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It zu sein not easy to repair something that zu sein almost perfect already, however it looks like Volkswagen has actually succeeded with ns Volkswagen golf 6. Die Vw golf VI ist more sophisticated, comfortable und offers higher quality than die previous model. It turns out the Volkswagen zu sein setting a neu standard zum the hatchback.

It wasn"t yes, really a brand new but fully restored version Volkswagen golf 6 with klein but key improvements. With ns Volkswagen golf 6, enhancements are noticeable bei driving, whereby the golf VI ist incredibly quiet und quiet, with die feel of a viel larger car. With die sixth generation, Vw tried to take the best des the fifth generation and return kommen sie production high quality standards at ns time of the 4th generation.

The Volkswagen golf VI was launched in 2008, replacing die least effective fifth-generation model. Initially, die Volkswagen golf 6 was due zum release an 2010, yet work and production and sales to be accelerated von the bad performance von the golf V. Return generally die styling line remained ns predecessor, this automobile has a modern, more sharp und angular form that ist a new trend in Volkswagen vehicle design. Technologically based upon the golf V, including the same chassis, Volkswagen golf 6 takes over from it. Under ns hood, there room gasoline und diesel engines. Die Volkswagen golf 6se uses a 3- and 5-door hatchback, a 5-door terminal wagon und again a 2-door convertible. It kann optionally have all-wheel drive. Die premium version von the golf R, v 270hp engine power, zu sein the 210hp golf GTI.

The length von the new Vw golf VI ist 4199 mm, 5 mm less than die previous model. On ns other hand, ns Vw golf 6 zu sein wider 보다 20 mm at ns same height.

Volkswagen"s zuerst thing about die next generation von the show zu sein the new features and big improvements. Every engines an the new golf 6 compliant with euro V, fuel consumption ist less than comparable fifth-generation golf engines. The engines space barely audible and do their arbeit with remarkable ease. The golf VI ist basically a significant upgradeGolf 5.

COMFORT - Volkswagen golf 6


FAULTS - Volkswagen golf 6

Vw Golf tun können have relatively good reliability, troubles arise especially in models indigenous the erste years of production. Von course, die reliability von the vehicle deshalb depends on die quality of service and use. Despite an excellent workmanship, there ist occasional noise from internal plastics. Periodically there are problems with the climate, which zu sein most often die fault von the coolant that leaks on die cooler in the system. Periodically there is a problem with the door opening disorder - stuck jams, electronic lifts or delay reactions kommen sie folding mirrors. Problems can also be caused über defrosting the rear window, powering die tailgate to open, and heating ns mirror.

All engines. ECU engine reprogramming can solve bad anfang problems, lack von power, turbulent idle.

To replace die oil ist a choice or fixed leistungen interval of 30000 kilometer (two years). Or a variable Longlife leistungen interval, together indicated von the indicator ~ above the werkzeug panel. Yet experience has bezeichnen that especially zum diesel engines, such a long leistungen interval leads to excessive wear of some components und subsequent complications. It is therefore recommended kommen sie shorten the oil change interval every 15 km und not later than 000 km.

The Volkswagen golf 6 has actually many contents with the golf 5 as well as other Volkswagen cars.

Atmospheric petrol engines function solid reliability, periodically there may be difficulties with ns lambda probe und the coil.

Vw golf VI 1.2 TSI 105 hp, entry-level models, schutz problems through high oil consumption.

Vw golf VI 1.2 TSI Rattle stick Bipass Valve - comparable to die rattle des the time chain.

1.2 TSI Defective Electronic regulate Control Turbo Charger push - significant Decline an Engine Dynamics modell Manufactured betwee 2009 - 2012

1.4 16V gasoline engines may have problems with motiv electronics und the gasket des the cylinder head.

The Vw golf VI 1.4 16V petrol engine has troubles with die camshaft sensor, the problem is manifested von heavy starting of the warm engine.

TSI engines - soot manufacturing occurs, especially with ns 1.4 TSI, i m sorry goes to 3.6 liters des engine oil, to ns 2.0 TSI goes to 4,2 liters. Through sharper driving, die oil overheats, leading to increased soot production. It ist therefore recommended that die oil change ist made ~ a maximum des 15000 km or a year.

At die beginning des production des Volkswagen golf 6 with 1.2 TSI und 1.4 TSI engines owners had a number des problems. There was a rattle sound throughout operation, the belästigung was solved with a neu engine ECU program und turbine readjust or modification. Bei a restricted number von engines, camshaft extensions and chain tensioners occur, causing die engine to run loud and cause engine failure.

In die case von the 1.4 TSI engine, over there are troubles with ns injectors und the water pump. There ist rarely a belästigung with a faulty fuel push regulator or high push pump.

1.4 TSI engine oil pumps kann fail hinweisen 75000 kilometer causing severe engine damage.

70000 km Volkswagen golf 6 1.4 TSI 122 needs a neu drive chain, describe that the LongLife oil dienstleistungen mode is inadequate.

1.4 TSI belästigt with the divorce chain, on car traveling brief distances there might be in elongation of the chain.

1.4 TSI - knock sensors improperly calibrated for certain fuels, i beg your pardon Libra says must be punkt least 95 Ron.

The problem with die stronger 1.4 TSI (118 KW) zu sein with die pistons. There room instances of melting - damaged or cracked pistons und links, specifically if the vehicle is often driven hinweisen a trickster pace. The erste symptom zu sein a gradual loss des compression und increased oil consumption.

Vw golf VI 1.4 TSI through 90 KW und 118 KW variants, schutz trouble starting because of injector problems.

2.0 TFSI engines experience from a problem with die bobbin, the belästigt occurs because von oil leakage von bobbin.

210 hp TFSI engines are oil sensitive und need zu be changed at least every 10000 km or there may be a problem with the drive chain.

Due to a poorly engineered chain tensioner, die propulsion des the early golf GTI EA113 engines can slip, causing the piston valve kommen sie hit and the engine to self-destruct. Danach GTIs, since around 2011, schutz modified chain tensioners.

Complaints from America und Canada top top a frozen TDI engine intercooler. It kann sein lead to poor engine performance, throttling and engine failure, an overwhelming starting und even hydraulic stroke of the engine wie man a huge amount of water or foam mixture zu sein water - the oil is drawn into ns TDi engines. Starting after a "shock" tun können cause a fire when ns starter wires overheat.

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Flowmeter failure - Reason for neglecting kommen sie replace air filters regularly.

Among die more common failures of the 1,6 TDI and 2.0 TDI are: faulty EGR valve controller (weaker traction, jerk or switch kommen sie safe steering mode along with engine failure light). Too much flywheel wear tun können occur over countless miles; deshalb to injector problems, which means noisier and malfunctioning des the engine or complicated starting of the engine. DPF filter difficulties are usually discovered only at higher mileage and if sometimes occur earlier, mostly as a consequence von frequent short-haul trips, where filter umsiedlungen does notfall occur and the filter progressively becomes clogged.

TDI engines white smoke shortly after beginning a cold engine kann be a sign of turbine wear.

Faulty EGR Valve Cooler - Loss des coolant of the TDI engine, especially in winter und when driving a brief distance.

TDI diesel engines oase problems with the cylinder head gasket and fuel pump, bring about coolant or diesel fuel zu leak into the crankcase. In increase an the engine oil level that it needs to intervene kommen sie prevent major damage.

Few TDI engines had problems with the high-pressure fuel pump.

Common difficulties with EGR valves on 1.2 TDI und 1.6 TDI diesel engines. The cars are driven short distances und with low revs, deshalb the soot settles.

EGR valve problems zum 1.6 TDi 105 hp. These engines are zum the lang haul, not weil das the quick haul.

Problems with die DPF filter ~ above 1.6 TDI diesel engines that space driven quick distances.

Volkswagen golf 6 1.6 TDI diesel engines have a number of complaints about the increase in coolant consumption. It is assumed the replacing the cylinder head gasket would certainly eliminate die problem.

On 2.0 TDI common Rail engines, leaks tun können occur ~ above high push pipes during the service life of the vehicle. Ns solution zu sein anti-vibration balance weights put on high push pipes.

The assistant belt falls on ns 2.0 TDI engine hinweisen 70000 km, wraps around die gear belt und causes severe damage to ns engine. The auxiliary belt tensioner was letztere modified.

1.6 TDI there ist a belästigung with injectors. The belästigung is solved über reprogramming or transforming it.

In die case von vehicles fitted DSG gearbox, die need is to appropriately check die transmission and check die flow von gear changes. The gear change must be free of noise or big shocks in both settings (automatic or manual) and at complete load. Also, check die notifications on the dashboard for different fehler messages.

For vehicles through DSG gearbox salary attention zu regular maintenance and a smooth change in transmission rates. If ns transmission ist noisy und clumsy and difficult at startup, a reprogramming of the control unit have to be done, if the does not help it is necessary to change ns control unit.

Gearbox DSG6: Gearbox sensor temperature calibration problem. Die affected models schutz production dates bolzen September 2008 and July 2009, requiring reprogramming des the ECU gearbox.

7-speed guarantee DSG gearbox. Belästigt with Mechatronics unit, Mechatronics unit replaced. Die transmission provides strange noises heard in the car wie shifting from 4 to 3, 3 to 2, und 2 kommen sie 1, outside ns car, die noise ist a metallic sound and it repeats.

Code DSG gearbox oil change should be kept after 60000 km. Difficulties with mechatronics or too much clutch wear space usually discovered only in gearboxes with greater mileage, usually over 200000 km, or through a spicy driving style, especially in relation to more powerful engines.

Volkswagen golf 6 vehicles equipped v DSG7 gearbox und manufactured before september 2011. Bei these vehicles, ns sulfur an the synthetic oil on die control unit tun können cause corrosion, especially in conditions v high temperatures und humidity. Corrosion on ns transmission control unit causes a quick circuit und explosion of the transmission fuse. Due zu the power failure an the transmission, the openings clutch und cause a sudden and complete loss von power on die wheels. Although other on-board system such as steering and braking möchte continue zu function, loss of power kann sein pose a risk to passengers und other road users. If necessary, the service will drain synthetic oil und fill v mineral oil - no charge.

"Adaptive Chassis Control" on ns 1.8 TSI models can significantly lower ns throttle response wie driving ~ above a side road or wie man entering a roundabout. By software reprogramming, it ist best zu drive bei Sport mode.

Some owners face obstacles with the electric steering gear.

The alarm tun können be triggered zum no factor - software updates are ns solution.

Poor GTI-mounted headlamp series by 2012, taste beam range very poor.

Common difficulties with controls zum raising and lowering digital lifts.

Radio and signal m issues top top fuel quantity display. A belästigung solved von reprogramming a computer.

Intermittent electrical problems - central locking, electronic windows, alarm, rear home window heaters, rearview mirror heating ...

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Test ns stereo system des both radios and CDs, and be sure zu blow cold wait conditioning soon after transforming it on. Negative climate performance kann be the result von a dirty or clogged condenser or coolant leak, hose leakage ist another feasible culprit zum poor climate performance.