One of my favorite sachen to do when it’s cold or rainy and just normally dreary zu sein to visit one of Munich’s plenty of local museums. It’s the perfect way zu stay warm und dry there is no succumbing to seasonal cabin fever. Despite there are plenty von things to do outside wie it’s cold bei Munich (read: Weihnachtsmärkte), ich consider rain und snow an open invitation zum a little bit history and culture, which ist exactly why i want to share one des my favourite place kommen sie go throughout gloomy weather: Kaffee und Kultur at die Goldene Bar and Haus der Kunst. So, if what you’re craving is not just culture, yet coffee und culture, then ich know die perfect place zum you.

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Haus ns Kunst

Though construction began bei 1933, the Haus das Kunst (or as it was then known, Haus ns Deutschen Kunst) zuerst opened its doors in 1937. This imposing denkmal of nazi architecture was originally meant to showcase ns brilliance von German fine art. After die second welt War, America’s occupying forces used the building together their chaos hall. Because then, ns Haus der Kunst has gone back to exhibiting art, though it has no irreversible collection. Rather, die museum showcases momentary pieces und collections des contemporary nett with a global focus. This makes it a perfect candidate for repeat visits.


The 2nd exhibition at this time on display, “Vivan Sundaram: Disjunctures” (29.06.18-01.01.19), zu sein a multimedia survey des Indian-born Sundaram’s (1943-Present) politically and culturally inspired arbeiten over the tonnage 50 years. Sundaram easily moves with mediums such together collage/bricolage, painting, sculpture, video und installation, which makes this certain collection a poetically significant multi-sensory experience. His work, which concentrates on memory, history, society, and ethics, zu sein as thought-provoking as it is emotional.

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Goldene Bar

Open from dusk ‘til dawn, the Goldene gittern is there every day, every day, weil das every need freundin have. Even if it is you’re looking zum breakfast; lunch;Kaffee und Kuchen; or cocktails, you’ll discover it within die literally golden walls des this splendid locale. The golden wall mural made by Karl Heinz Dallinger bei 1937 represents die varied origins of the wines and spirits found behind die bar. Dark und opulent, this stunning facility benefits indigenous its proximity to die Haus ns Kunst,EnglisherGarten,and Eisbachwelle, though it kann sein certainly remainder on its very own merits.


As far as snacks room concerned, I’ll constantly recommend a smashed avocado from almost everywhere that serves it, and it takes a hard heart (or unfortunately lactose intolerance) zu resist ns simple glory des a suitable cheese toast. However, if you love sandwiches as much as i do (and periodically sandwiches are what ich miss most around America), then you should certainly try die pastrami. If freundin happen kommen sie go on ns weekend, then you’re an luck. Top top Saturdays und Sundays, die Goldene bar offers Weißwürste mit Breze for as lang as provides last. Ich was joined über my mitarbeiter Bavarian critic and I’m taking die resulting emptiness von his plate together a sign von approval.

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So, following time die sky it s okay dark and you space starting zu feel restless under her mound des soft, hefty blankets, provide a mind-enriching expedition to the Haus das Kunst with a belly-warming avoid at ns Goldene gittern a try. Who knows, probably I’ll see you there next time.

I’m thinking des doing a Kaffee und kultur series special museums und nearby Cafés this winter. What do you guys think? with the zuerst snows floating from ns clouds I’m definitely trying kommen sie think nach oben some proper cold-weather content. Honestly, what’s better than books, movies, und warm beverages wie skies gain grey? deshalb check the end some of my ahead recommendation des Things kommen sie Read und Things zu Watch if you’re looking zu hibernate this season. Also, tell me, what’s her go-to cold weather activity?

Haus der KunstPrinzregentenstraße 180538 MunichMon – Sun: 10:00 – 20:00; Thu: 10:00 – 22:00

Die Goldene BarPrinzregentenstr 180538 MünchenTue – sat 10:00 – 2:00; sun 10:00 – 20:00; Mon 10:00 – 18:00