The Institute for Law und Finance (ILF) ist a center for academic excellence an teaching and research. It was established together a non-profit foundationin 2002 by Goethe universität Frankfurt bei der Main with die support des many prominente institutions. Leading commercial banks und international law firms, the frankfurt Chamber von Commerce and Industry, the stadt of Frankfurt und the State des Hesse, too as the European main Bank und the deutsche Bundesbank schutz been proactively involved an the ILF right from ns planning stages until today.

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The ILFconducts academic teaching und research and plays a supportive function as a policy center since its facility as a private-public-partnership. It offers interdisciplinary training to lawyers, senior management and executives in Germany and worldwide and serves together a plan center bei the legislative process von offering forums weil das discussions und exchanges between academia und practitioners.


Since 2002, die ILF has actually been giving a Master von Laws bei Finance (LL.M. Finance) degree program on a comparative law und interdisciplinary base to highly-qualified graduates des law or business/ economicsfrom Germanyandoverseas.This Master’s program ist aimed punkt students interested an combining theoretical knowledge and practical training bei the committed fields von law und international finance.Courses in this highly-specialised regime are performed entirely bei the English language. Due to the fact that October 2014, die ILF offers a 2nd LL.M. Program, specific Master of Laws an International Banking, Securities and Finance (LL.M. International Finance) which ist a regimen aimed at graduates native Asia.

Our faculty consists des both wichtig academics and practitioners. Highly-reputable law and economic professors indigenous Goethe university Frankfurt, all von whom schutz impressive international experience, and also guest professors native abroad und partners native major international law firms, specialists from central und commercial bank as well as regulatory bodies and auditing companies are here to auslieferung their knowledge and expertise to our students.

The faculty-student ratio is excellent and our small classes for sure close direct contact between faculty and students.

In addition, every our students schutz the opportunity kommen sie apply ns knowledge gained during the program and also make skilled contacts über doing7 kommen sie 8 weeks" internships with our sponsors bei the LL.M. Finance program. Furthermore, the ILF has participation agreements zum student exchanges v Columbia legislation School, boston University School of Law,Amsterdam unternehmen Schooland FGV Direito Rio.

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Every year, die ILF deshalb offers 2-week summer and spring schools. Professionals from law firms und banks native the lang list of ILF’s sponsors provide bei intensive understanding into die practical issues involved an the law des banking und capital markets und company law kommen sie about 40 pre-selected legit trainees.

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Research und Policy Center

In addition zu its education role, the ILF is so a center des competence for research und policy-making in the areas von law and international finance

The ILF assists an the procedure during which essential legislative transforms are made bei the fields von company, banking und capital sectors laws von ensuring the such alters are well considered und discussed via academic researches and forums. Kommen sie this end, the ILF has actually a series von working papers and regularly organises guest lectures, conferences und discussion podiums on present topics. Speaker include university professors from Germany und abroad and representatives from regulatory bodies, corporations, organisations, and legal firms.

The public is cordially invited to all ILF guest lectures i m sorry are hosted on a constant basis an the House des Finance.