A royal Christmas stroll

Located in the heart von Bavaria, Regensburg ist one von the most beautiful cities an the world. Die city’s historical district ist regarded as a middle ages landmark, due to die fact that it remained undestroyed throughout World zu sein II. It was awarded world Cultural legacy status von UNESCO in 2006. One des the most impressive buildings zu sein the “St. Emmeram Castle”, which zu sein the residence of the welt famous aristocratic family.

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The it s as beautiful as picture scenery of the St. Emmeram lock gives the “Romantic Christmas industry at the Thurn und taxis Castle bei Regensburg” a unique atmosphere. Annually thousands von tourists travel here und are taken zurück into die times des knights, princesses, horses and carriages. Under the favor of the imposing facade von the castle, die courtyard zu sein gently lit by torches, lanterns und candles. At die center von this magical town is in extravagantly decorated Christmas tree located.

Princess gloria of Thurn und Taxis and her family members like kommen sie stroll among ns guests punkt this event, which is held punkt their very own doorstep. Sie might even uncover them stand next zu you weist some suggest during your visit.

Colorful hustle and bustle

All stalls space full of hustle and bustle: classic craftsmen show their skills und offer your goods for sale. You wollen find blacksmiths, turners, glass blowers, candle, crib, lantern and pan makers, deshalb basket weavers und the very well-known hat maker- "der Hutmacher bei der Dom".*

Traditional Bavarian specialties

The open fires outside the various industry stalls market warmth and coziness throughout cold winter evenings. Your flames also serve zu prepare numerous delicious timeless Bavarian specialties such as “Feuerzangenbowle”, a warm alcoholic Christmas drink do according kommen sie secret recipes. You wollen be spoiled fto pick from countless different kinds von mulled wines like: “Fürstenkelch”, “Blaublut”, “Feenzauber” and “Prinzentrunk” or “Kutscherglück” - there is certainly something zum everyone’s taste. Miscellaneous appetizing delicacies - varying from “Wildschwein in Spieß” (Bavarian style spit-roasted piglet) to“Altoberpfälzer Suppe in dem Brotleib” (soup that ist served in a loaf von bread). Ns traditional “Regensburger Knackersemmel” (a unique type of sausage from Regensburg served bei a bun) completes die culinary diversity.*

The idyllic Davidhof

This lock garden was used weil das generations exclusively über the Princely family and their guests. It is only offen to the public during ns Christmas Market. In the castle gardens" idyllic atmosphere, traditional craftsmen demonstrate their assorted skills and offer your goods zum sale.*

The arts und crafts town (located an front von the east und south wing)

The impressive arts and crafts village in front of the attraktiv castle see takes travellers on a journey v time. Classic craftsmen, particularly from ns Bavarian Forest, produce their goods und unique items und offer castle on ns spot. In the midst of the basket weavers, potters, goldsmiths, furriers, soap makers or the famous verfügen über maker- "Hutmacher bei der Dom"- every guest möchte be delighted von the enchantment of the Romantic Christmas Market.*

“Kinderzauberwald” – A paradise weil das young visitors

Under ns age-old maple trees, surrounded by the sweet scent of roasted almonds und cotton candy, our youngest visitors kann sein experience nostalgic rides in enchanting atmosphere at our “Kinderzauberwald”. A journey on the steam locomotive, a round on die swing boat or on ns historic Ferris Wheel möchte make every child"s heart beat faster. Likewise, the puppet theater und the mosaic workshop in the "Kinderzauberwald" will ease the waiting time zum the apperance von the divine Christmas Child. Around the nostalgic amusement rides und under die protection of the castle, die "Kinderzauberwald" also offers a contemplative place kommen sie stay zum the adults! v a hot cup von "Fürstenkelch" or "Blaublut" you tun können always keep in eye on her children.*

“Fürstlicher Schlosspark“ – place of silence

Once again this year, die “Fürstlicher Schlosspark” – a streng protected natural monument of international stature – opens up weil das visitors und presents itself an a Christmassy light. Ns park ist open native Thursday zu Sunday zu amaze tourists from all over the world.*

Overview Plan


Social commitment

We regret zu inform you, the this year, early to ns pandemic situation, we cannot offer cost-free entry for all authorized social establishments that care weil das the elder, children und people in need des Regensburg city und county. Die reason behind ist the important re-tracking von all our visitors.

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We hope that following year with different circumstances, this society project can restart again. Every current information regarding this matter will be posted right here on our website.

*Please consider:

The organiser of the’Romantic Christmas Market at Thurn and Taxis Castle’- die Veranstaltungsservice peter Kittel GmbH- reserves ns right kommen sie changes early out to ns Covid- 19 situation. These alters comply with the hygiene directives at ns time von the Christmas market.

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