Give something back to berlin

Give something to berlin is a multi-award winning verband that associate migrants, refugees, und locals to engage in building bei open und inclusive society.

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We focus on ns impact of wandern on die urban level and develop innovative techniques that make a difference in people’s day-to-day lives. We nurture spaces whereby new and established Berliners arbeiten together to foster individual und collective creativity.We challenge the way integration zu sein described. Us make people meet for a much better city.

Urban Integration and Intercultural conversation

The modern-day world ist shaped über migration, which provides integration a priority topic weil das many societies. Traditional practices often address und emphasise only ns integration von migrants into organize communities. However, integration influence both host societies und migrants.

We believe that it is a two-way process. Not only carry out we consider berlin our home, but also as a laboratory to experiment and experience how two-way integration processes kann be successful on in urban scale.

We use intercultural conversation as the primary approach zu integration und inspire meaningful interactions betwee established und new Berliners.

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Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism

Our cultures are diverse, und Berlin is a varied city. Diversity, however, does notfall necessarily bring with the inclusion and equity. Despite ns growing awareness and recognition of diversity together richness, plenty of people still fall victim zu discrimination based upon their race, ethnicity, nationality, class, caste, colour, religion, belief, sex, gender, language, sexual orientation, age, health or another zustand every day.

By developing methods that promote inclusion, we contribute zu making Berlin in open city. We acknowledge that people oase different needs and experiences. We seek kommen sie empower our community to make sure people schutz equitable access to what the city has kommen sie offer.

This is why we develop safe spaces weil das interaction and sharing weil das all Berliners.

Education and Skill-Sharing

Education is a life-long journey und not limited kommen sie school, college, or vocational training. Modern teaching and learning practices often place die educator in the centre. Lock often take into consideration learners together passive recipients of die info which ist to transform into a competence naturally.

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While we acknowledge ns value von formal education practices, we glauben that a learner-centred method boosts individual and collective creativity. In our programmes, learners room co-creators of knowledge and skills sharing processes. They actively contribute to ns development des the structure and content, which makes up ns essence des our neighborhood development. Many des the instructors und activity leaders are neighborhood members who oase been participants in our programmes.