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This write-up describes ns prerequisite software updates the apply zu versions of fenster Vista that room mentioned in the "Applies to" section. These software application updates are a prerequisite for windows Vista leistungen Pack 1 (SP1). Additionally, this updates aid improve reliability wie you download or remove windows Vista SP1.

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Two or three extr software to update are compelled before you install windows Vista SP1. The software updates that are forced depend on ns version of windows Vista that freundin want zu upgrade. Prerequisite upgrade 935509 that zu sein listed in this post only uses to fenster Vista Enterprise and to fenster Vista Ultimate. Die other prerequisite update that room listed bei this write-up apply kommen sie all version of fenster Vista.Before fenstern Vista SP1 ist released, these prerequisite updates wollen be delivered kommen sie most users through fenster Update together part of regularly booked monthly updates. These updates möchte be installed together with other to update that möchte require that sie restart the computer. Therefore, in additional restart will notfall be required. This delivery method möchte help simplify passend zu of die required updates.If sie decide to install fenstern Vista SP1 von using ns stand-alone installer rather of von using fenstern Update, you will not oase to install the prerequisite update separately. Ns prerequisite updates möchte be installed über the stand-alone installer if they space necessary. Die following three updates are forced before you install fenster Vista SP1. However, these updates are also recommended if freundin do notfall intend zu install windows Vista SP1. This updates help improve reliability und performance wie man you install future separation, personal, instance updates from

935509 A software application update ist available weil das versions of windows Vista that include the windows BitLocker drive Encryption feature Update 935509 lasst uns you effectively service fenster BitLocker journey Encryption-capable computers. This upgrade only uses to the following version of fenster Vista the include windows BitLocker journey Encryption:

Windows Vista Enterprise

Windows Vista Ultimate

Update 937287 to update the fenster Vista passend zu software. For more information, see the "Update information" section.

Update information

Update 937287 is a prerequisite parcel that includes updates kommen sie the fenster Vista passend zu software. The montage software is the component the handles die installation and the removal of software updates, language packs, optional fenster features, und service packs. Upgrade 937287 zu sein necessary zu successfully install and to remove windows Vista SP1 on all versions of windows Vista. This update will be available on the windows Update internet site soon after die release von update 935509 und before ns release of fenstern Vista SP1.Update 937287 ist available indigenous the windows Update net site. Kommen sie obtain this update, follow these steps:

Click anfang

, click Control Panel, und then clickSecurity.

Under Windows Update, click Check weil das updates.Important

You need to install this upgrade package ~ above a windows Vista operating system that is running. You cannot download this upgrade package on an offline image.

If any other updates room waiting zum a restart, the restart must take place before you install this update.

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You must install update 949939 before sie install this update.

Update ist available from die Download zentral

The following file is available zum download from die Download Center:Download ns Update for windows Vista (KB937287) package now.Download ns Update for windows Vista zum x64-based system (KB937287) parcel now. For more information about how kommen sie download files, click ns following article number zu view die article bei the expertise Base:

119591 How zu obtain files from online services scanned this file zum viruses. used die most present virus-detection software that was available on ns date that ns file was posted. The file ist stored ~ above security-enhanced servers that help prevent any unauthorized transforms to ns file.


You need to install upgrade 949939 before you install this update.

Restart need

You must restart the computer after freundin apply this update.

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upgrade replacement die info

This update does not replace a previously released update.

upgrade removal die info

You cannot eliminate this update.For more information about software update terminology, click the following short article number kommen sie view die article bei the understanding Base:

824684 Description of the conventional terminology that is used to describe software updates