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gigantic Trance E+ 1 jeden large br_bikesMtb BR1448 7/3/f/b/73fb1c1315c689cb5435ed1d7c20a74ecbd011ee_GiantTranceE_1Pro_ColorA.jpg 24.6kg
The Trance isn't the most playful of bikes, but it's ausblüten a whole gewächs of fun und it doesn't oase any noticeable omissions in its spec
Pros: Oodles von power ~ above tap; straightforward un-distracting head unit; hard to fault spec; ausgezeichnet Smart aid mode
Cons: Reach zu sein fairly short weil das a medium; yes sir no ignoring ns weight; tendency zu tug at ns leash wie man stopped

The Trance E+ 1 Pro zu sein the second-tier model an Giant’s electrical trail hill bike range. V 140mm of rear travel, ns Trance sits bolzen the shorter-travel Stance und the rowdier Reign, ns latter a full-bore e-enduro machine.

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Like other giant ebikes, die Trance is powered von a Yamaha-sourced SyncDrive motiv system, through a hefty 500Wh battery on board.

As a current convert to e-MTBs, ich was delighted zu be riding the Trance v 2020. Review on for a complete run-down of the experience, including more mulling des the concept of e-MTBs an general.

It’s fair to say that die Trance zu sein a wholly skilled machine, v a wise build und a not unreasonable price tag.

I’ve delighted in riding it immensely und it’s provided me ample opportunity zu reflect on my feelings around ebikes, and factors one could consider before buying one.

Overthinking ns ebike

I’ve written punkt some length around my belief in e-MTBs together a concept und my rejection of any notions of purism. I think us get too caught up an definitions und tribalism, und we should emphasis on what actually brings us reward. Remember: every bikes are good bikes.

Nevertheless, my relationship with ns Trance E+ go feel different to ns one I have with my standard bikes.

We project feelings onto the objects us use und I’ve bonded with various bikes over ns years including, for example, my old and rusty on One fixie und my dedicated Roubaix fließend long-term review bike.

By contrast, while i absolutely recognise the qualities of the Trance E+, ich can’t help viewing it an ext as a highly effective tool 보다 a mechanical soulmate.

It’s really good weist getting me quickly kommen sie trails and smashing up climbs. Everything about it works und works well, however a small part of me ausblüten feels, despite knowing this zu sein absurd, the there’s other spiritually unfulfilling about ns experience.

A conventional bicycle amplifies her actual physics abilities – freundin can’t get more out des it than you put in. In ebike takes your physical input, laughs at it, and quadruples it.

You can have a ridiculously hard workout on an ebike simply von backing off the level von assist, but freundin need zu make a aware effort kommen sie do that, und that calls for a discipline i typically lack.

It i will not ~ be fair kommen sie criticise the Trance for my own lack des restraint, but it’s something zu consider if you deciding whether in ebike is weil das you. Mine advice would certainly be: try one.

Ebikes: spec matters less

When you shopping weil das a normal, non-powered bike, spec feel all-important. Every gram saved ist one less to lug uphill, every extra gear means tighter spacing or more range.

I think this things matte a whole gewächs less v ebikes, and I’d be less inclined zu spend extra kommen sie get something v a higher-end groupset.

You can spend a great deal des money ~ above a flagship model but, if it’s based around die same frame und motor unit as die more affordable one, it’s ausblüten going kommen sie be a hefty bike, und the difference won’t it is in all that noticeable when you’ve gott a powerful motiv on her side.

I’ve found I’m viel less bothered around gearing on an ebike auch – both bei terms des range und spacing – deswegen splashing out weil das the latest 12-speed groupset fixed feels worth it.

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Of course, it’s blieb worth spending money on great suspension und wheels and so forth, deshalb I’d watch to die mid-range rather than the top kommen sie get ns best possible performance/value trade-off.

Giant Trance E+ 1 zum highs

The Trance zu sein specced well with great quality components and nothing, notfall even ns tyres, it is absolutely crying out kommen sie be upgraded right out von the box.

The drivetrain ist consistently well behaved, the brakes effective, and I have no complaints about the suspension, nor die own-brand dropper.

The Yamaha motiv system zu sein ruthlessly efficient wie it comes zu propelling freundin uphill and, as i covered in in update below, the smart Assist option ist genuinely effective, and not bei afterthought.

I so like that ns control unit ist unobtrusive – huge hasn’t felt ns need to stick a good big screen on ns bars, und I’m grateful weil das that.

Giant Trance E+ 1 pro lows

With no ja wirklich mechanical mishaps und no ja wirklich misses on ns spec front, ich can’t uncover a good deal zu fault with ns Trance.

As i highlighted early on, it has a mildly irritating but inconsequential habit of trying kommen sie get away when you’re resting a foot on ns pedal punkt a standstill. Otherwise, ns system is well-behaved und predictable.

The Trance zu sein not the most playful des bikes. It’s partly weight und partly geometry, but in my relatively unskilled hand it’s a bike the favours wrecking through things rather than dancing over them.

Giant Trance E+ 1 pro long-term review last verdict

The Trance e +1 Pro zu sein a extensively competent maker with bei excellent spec und a motiv system it is mostly an extremely user-friendly.

I discussed previously the its geometry no all the progressive und it’s worth noting that die model ich tested no part von the selection anymore, having actually been superseded von the rowdier-looking Trance x E+ 29er.

With flexible geometry, the new bike aussehen on paper kommen sie be a little more exciting, upping reach for a medium von 10mm in its ‘low’ configuration, slackening die head angle kommen sie 65.8 degrees und placing sie more over ns pedals v a 76-degree seat tube angle.

Alternatively, in ‘high’, die head edge stays weist 66.5 degrees, ns seat angle is even steeper at 76.7 degrees und reach extends a additional 10mm kommen sie a healthy 462mm.

In any kind of case, I’ve had actually a lot of fun through this bike and, weil das the umpteenth time I’ll say this: if you’re bei ebike sceptic, offer one a walk before sie dismiss them.

Older updates proceed below.

Giant Trance E+ 1 pro long-term testimonial update 3

Due to ongoing back issues and an overabundance von bicycles in my life (small_violin_meme period jpg), die Trance hasn’t checked out as viel use together I’d like in the belastung few weeks, but I have had plenty des time zu think about ns practicalities of living with bei e-MTB.

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Handling, manhandling and weight

There is no obtaining away from the weight of in ebike like die Trance, but ich think ns difference weight makes to the riding experience can be overstated. 

Yes, die Trance E+ zu sein less happy (or ‘chuckable’ if sie prefer a different cliché) than a continuous motor-less Trance, yet it’s not so much worse together different. 

The motiv makes load a moot suggest on ns climbs, and downhill it’s merely a case des growing accustomed to it.

Perhaps a an ext important difference ist geometry. My mountain biking an abilities are weak – kommen sie me a manual ist something i fail kommen sie read und lose an the garage, notfall a fire move i pull after landing a road gap. 

Nevertheless, ich think the fair zu say that the Trance E+ is a more reserved ride than its typical counterpart.