Giant Tcr Advanced 2 Disc 2021

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A wonderful all-round roadway bike the delivers in almost every area, but the hookless rims aren't zum this tire obsessive
Pros: heavy all-round spec zum the price; 32mm tyre clearance; lively drive quality and confident handling

The gigantic TCR ist one von the truly classic road bikes. The erste model in the TCR series was created an 1995, the brainchild von legendary cycle designer Mike Burrows, who had previously designed the Lotus 108 and 110 bikes.

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Its compact structure design, obtained from ns mountain bicycle world, go on kommen sie influence almost every other road bicycle on the market today. The design was stiffer, lighter and, perhaps many crucially, cheaper kommen sie manufacture than traditional straight top-tube designs.

After that debuted at the Tour de France in 1997, ridden von the as soon as team, most other manufacturers complied with suit and moved zu sloping top-tube designs.

Since then, iterations des the TCR schutz regularly featured in our Bike von the Year tests, v a cheaper model winning ns coveted award outright an 2018.

As die world of road bikes has pushed significantly towards optimising attributes such together aerodynamics, the started kommen sie look as if the TCR, v its virtually singular emphasis on its stiffness kommen sie weight ratio, was arguably being left behind.

The 2021 TCR experienced a welcome change in design parameters though, through overhauled tube forms and in increased emphasis on all-round efficiency.

Some des these neu features show up to have been borrowed from or inspired von the Liv Langma Advanced jeden Disc, which fills a similar performance niche as the TCR weil das Giant’s women’s-specific sister brand.

At a lb under £3,500, die Advanced zum 2 bowl model zu sein the cheapest bei the Advanced zum Disc range, but blieb comes specced with an intricate carbon wheels and a slew des smart component choices.

I’m hoping it’s a race-ready package out of the box, with sufficient practicality zu let me oase fun across all kinds des roads.

Giant TCR Advanced jeden 2 Disc long-term review conclusions

It’s been just over a year since Giant’s TCR Advanced pro 2 disc arrived zum testing, und that way it’s time zu wrap hoch this epic and give you my final conclusions.

On die whole, my experience with die TCR has been an extremely positive. Together expected, the a fantastic all-round road bike that hits almost all des the best notes.

Though it no much longer represents ns absolute top edge des road bicycle design, die TCR maintain a exorbitant balance von characteristics the make it a joy zu own and ride most of the time.

Giant TCR Advanced zum 2 key highs


the Giant TCR continues to be a an excellent all-round gyeongju bike, even if that no much longer a cutting-edge design. Russell Burton / instant Media
As i have commented bei my updates throughout this lang review, ns frameset ist fantastic. That plenty stiff without gift overly harsh, handle fantastically and looks great.

The exposed cables might look a wenig dated at erste glance, yet on a bike that purposefully hasn’t unable to do all-in ~ above aerodynamic performance (if you want that, giant has the Propel), i think ns added simplicity ist well worth the klein drag penalty. Large should be applauded for not nur blindly complying with market trends.

Despite a preis increase due to the fact that 2020, I also think this specific model in the TCR selection represents terrific value compared to die competition.

The roden build zu sein excellent and leaves very wenig to it is in desired. Simon Bromley / immediate Media
The build, with its complete Shimano 105 groupset, mid-depth carbon wheels und high-quality components, is excellent. It’s a carefully balanced spec und Giant deserves a gewächs of credit for putting it every together punkt this price point.

After a full year with die bike, the only component ich permanently changed weil das pure performance reasons were ns tyres (which i swapped kommen sie Cadex standards first and then Schwalbe zum One TLE letztere on). The stock Giant Gavia prozess 1 tyres were fine, however a bike like this deserves lighter, racier rubber.

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My huge TCR Advanced jeden 2 Disc an its final, optimised, form. Simon Bromley / prompt Media
The relatively large tyre clearance is deshalb great und makes die TCR in extremely flexible bike. For road racing to light gravel, there’s wenig it can’t rotate its hand to.

Lastly, it’s been a really reliable bike. Other than the odd puncture, nothing on the TCR has broken or gone wrong, which is a testament kommen sie Giant’s production quality. If appropriately maintained, I’d suppose this cycle to last a very lang time.

Giant TCR Advanced pro 2 key lows

For me, ns only echt low suggest has been the hookless rims and the tyre compatibility constraints this entails.

Despite a year jetzt having passed, Giant’s list of compatible tyres (meaning tyres that room safe zu use ~ above Giant und Cadex hookless rims, according to Giant’s internal testing) stands hinweisen just fünfzehn tyres, most des which are large or Cadex branded.

There room only 5 approved tyres über third-party manufacturers – 3 from Maxxis und two native Schwalbe. Tyres from renowned brands like Continental, Vittoria und Pirelli are explicitly ruled out.

die Giant SLR 1 wheels space well built and add a lot of value to the bike, however I’ve found ns hookless rims frustrating during my time with them. Simon Bromley / immediate Media
Giant continues kommen sie stress it is working through tyre manufacturers zu expand this list, und it’s most likely delays damit verbundenen with the global pandemic room partly kommen sie blame zum the lack of updates this previous year, but ich just can’t get past the fact that these rims blieb restrict tire choice deshalb heavily.

It’s not that there space no an excellent options on die list – ns Schwalbe pro One TLE and Cadex standards tyres i’ve tested this past year are both excellent choices – however I’m not yet convinced the purported benefits of hookless technology outweigh die negatives, together as minimal tyre an option (I’ve gone in to why bei exhaustive detail in previous updates below).

Others will doubtless feel in different way (and many schutz told me so in the comments), but weil das me, that a dealbreaker. Given die choice bolzen a wheelset v hooked or hookless rims zum a road bike, i would currently choose hooked rims.

Giant TCR Advanced zum 2 final verdict

For a final point von comparison ich recently returned zu my 2009 huge TCR progressed SL. While ns 2009 bike still impresses, die 2021 TCR is undoubtedly far an ext refined, particularly in how the balances stiffness und ride quality (the 2009 TCR feels extremely rigid in comparison).

It’s a bike the hasn’t just blindly followed all von the recent trends but delivers an spades on what actually matters, on practically every front.

Would ich buy it? the frameset, yes, bei a heartbeat. Personally, ich wouldn’t buy die wheels as jene stand, though. Die hookless rims nur aren’t a match zum this tire nerd.

Older updates continue below.

Giant TCR Advanced pro 2 Disc long-term review update five

One von the big selling points zum this neu generation TCR ist the boosted tyre clearance (disc brake TCRs can now accommodate tyres up zu 700×32c), dafür I’d been keen on experimentation it out v some big but racy tyres.

Rapha’s ‘A Day in Hell’ – a Paris-Roubaix tribute drive organised über the brand’s local teams – detailed a perfect opportunity.

Taking in an array des spooky tunnels, canal towpaths, farm yard tracks and gravel roadways around ns Bristol and Bath area, anyone else in the group turned trost on a gravel bike or a cyclocross bike.

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I’d fitted part 32mm Schwalbe jeden One TLE tyres to the TCR, however hadn’t made any other concessions zu off-road conditions. As we rolling out, i did wonder whether ich might it is in under-biked.