The european Convention on human Rights protects ns right to respect zum family life.This includes the rights von parents to have custody and contact with their children, und the rights of children kommen sie be through their parents.The european Court of Human rights helps to protect households from gift unlawfully separated – including protecting ns rights of parents to recover abducted children.

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Harm kommen sie family life native motorway pollution prompts better umgebung protections

Natalya Grimkovskaya’s family members home became practically uninhabitable after local authorities re-routed a liven motorway through the street outside. Doctors diagnosed produziert young kid with chronic lead and copper poisoning. The European court uncovered that ns authorities had notfall done enough kommen sie protect Natalya’s family life. This triggered Ukraine kommen sie introduce new environmental protections.

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Teachers avoid hitting youngsters after Scottish mums complain kommen sie Strasbourg

grace Campbell and Jane Cosans sent their children to zustand schools i m sorry continued kommen sie allow ns use of corporal punishment. The two mother complained to die Strasbourg court, which discovered that this violated their best to schutz their kids educated in line v their very own convictions. Quickly afterwards, ns UK abolished die use of corporal punishment in state schools.

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reforms made following ns inhuman treatment von a four-year-old mädchen

wie man she was four years old, Tabitha Mitunga was detained by the Belgian authorities for almost two months – there is no family, friends, or anyone assigned zu look ~ her. She suffered psychological damage und the Strasbourg court rule that her rights had been violated. Produziert case highlighted ns need zum better protections zum unaccompanied children in Belgium and led kommen sie substantial reforms.

Justice zum shoemaker who lived without rights weil das 20 years

bei February 1992, over 25,000 civilization living in Slovenia were immediately stripped of their residency rights. Many von them – consisting of Mustafa Kurić – had actually their records taken away, to be evicted native apartments, could notfall work or travel, lost mitarbeiter possessions or lived in poor conditions. Ns law was changed und a compensation system set up after a ruling from die European Court von Human Rights.

Man’s struggle leads to ns legalisation of homosexuality in Ireland

david Norris suffered from anxiety attacks and depression ~ realising that any open expression des his homosexuality can lead kommen sie a verbrecher prosecution. The Strasbourg court rule that the criminalisation of his sexuality breached his basic rights. In 1993, this führen zu to die full legalisation des homosexual acts between consenting adults under irisch law.

father wins battle to lakers his son - und rights weil das all Czech parents

wie Vladimír Zavřel’s mam left ns family home, she took ns couple’s six-year-old son und prevented vladimir from see him. Vladimir gott a court order for contact with his boy, but ns authorities failed to enforce it. Ns European court ruled the this had violated ns right to family life. Contact was re-established und the law was changed kommen sie prevent similar situations continue again.

woman wins landmark case for the rights des single mothers and their youngsters

Paula Marckx was unmarried wie she had actually a infant girl. Paula was shocked kommen sie discover that, due to the fact that she was single, produziert child would notfall be recognised together being hers unless she went with a legal process. Even after this, her daughter would have a lessened legal status und would notfall inherit from her. Die European court rule this violated your right kommen sie family life – leading kommen sie a change to Belgian...

Reforms to protect family members life after a father was separated indigenous his daughter

wie man Teuvo Hokkanen’s wife died he in the interim allowed herstellung parents zu look after his daughter, Sini. Die grandparents climate refused to return Sini or zu let Teuvo lakers her. The Finnish courts ordered regular meetings zu take place between Teuvo und his daughter, but the authorities failed zu enforce the order. Ns European court ruled the this had actually violated Teuvo’s right to family life.

reforms made after mother shed custody of herstellung children simply because von her religion

Ingrid Hoffmann was a Jehovah’s Witness. When she got divorced, a child psychologist advised the Ingrid have to be given custody of herstellung two children, because von their close emotional ties. However, a court ruled that ns father should acquire custody, because of Ingrid’s religion. Ns European court ruled that this had actually been discrimination – leading zu changes zu prevent die same continue again.

Justice zum thousands of “erased” world after twenty years without civil liberties

an February 1992, 25,671 people bei Slovenia were automatically stripped of their best to live there. Many civilization – including ana Mezga - had actually their documents taken away, were evicted from their homes, could notfall work, lost personal possessions or had actually their families damaged apart. Ns law was changed und a compensation plan set hoch after a judgment from ns European Court von Human Rights.

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reforms after children were taken far from your parents due to the fact that they were poor

Emílie Wallová und Jaroslav Walla’s five youngsters were bring away away von the authorities, on the grounds that die parents go not oase enough money kommen sie look after ~ them. Die Strasbourg court ruled that taking die children away bei these circumstances had actually breached die parents’ right kommen sie family life. Neu legislation banned placing children bei care nur because des the financial situation des their parents.

fragile child was denied a full adoption because herstellung new mommy was einzel

With ns help of an international agency, Jeanne wagner adopted a child from in orphanage bei Peru. However, after castle travelled back to Europe, the Luxembourg courts refused zu recognise ns full fostering because Jeanne was notfall married. The European court ruled that this was unfair und violated ns right zu family life. Ns adoption was recognised und the ban on single-parent adoption was ended.

A mother’s struggle kommen sie be with produziert children leads to better protection for family life

M.D. Shed custody of her two youngsters after the authorities uncovered that herstellung former partner had to be beating them und she had notfall protected them. M.D. Then ended produziert relationship with ns abusive partner und tried zu get herstellung children back. However, under Maltese law she had lost custody von the youngsters forever, und she had actually no way kommen sie challenge this an the national courts.

Justice zum elderly widow forced zu change herstellung name von the federal government

Tiborné Daróczy was 71 years alt when ns government made produziert change the name - also though she she had used it for fifty years. Granny Daróczy saw her name together a strong link to produziert late husband. She did notfall want to be forced to change it. The European court ruled in her favour and the Hungarian authorities then permitted Mrs Daróczy kommen sie keep herstellung old name.

boosted custody rights zum fathers of children born out von marriage

horst Zaunegger had a daughter and separated from die child’s mother. German law restricted his chances to obtain joint custody, because he and the mother had never to be married. After ~ he won his case bei Strasbourg, die law was changed kommen sie give fathers together as herr Zaunegger an ext rights.

fair custody rights for fathers des children born out of marriage

Under österreichisch law, custody von a child born out des marriage was automatically provided to the mother, with couple of exceptions. Meanwhile, custody des children born within marriage was decided follow to ns child’s ideal interests. At die Strasbourg court, großvater Sporer successfully said that this was unfair – leading to a change in Austrian law.

Justice zum a mommy who shed custody of produziert child

Verica Šobota-Gajić was given custody of produziert children after produziert relationship ended. However, her former husband took their boy away. early to ns authorities’ inaction, multiple sclerosis Šobota-Gajić only regained custody 6 years later. The case führen zu to reforms zu make sure ns right people schutz custody des a child.

revolutionary made ~ a child was unable kommen sie be legally recognised as her father’s daughter

nessa Williams-Johnston could notfall be legit recognised as produziert father’s daughter, because herstellung father had actually previously to be married to someone various other than Nessa’s mother. After the Strasbourg court ruled bei the family’s favour, neu legislation was passed to give children in Nessa’s position proper legal status.

Case des a mommy separated from produziert child

When maria Iglesias Gil had a son by her ex-husband, she was given custody of the child. However, produziert ex-husband took ns child away to ns United States. Wie Mrs Iglesias Gil went to the Spanish courts, lock refused zu issue an international arrest warrant und closed die case. The Strasbourg court ruled the this decision had actually breached ms Iglesias Gil’s right zu family life.

Legal revolutionary after court-ordered boy support was unpaid weil das thirteen year

Snežana Boucke had actually a baby daughter out des marriage. Ns father was ordered to pay child support. The authorities failed kommen sie make sure the order was enforced, und the payment were not made zum 13 years. Die Strasbourg court ruled that this breached multiple sclerosis Boucke’s best to oase court rulings appropriately enforced. The case angeführt to far-reaching reforms kommen sie improve ns enforcement of court orders.

son unable zu discover identification of produziert father weil das 5 year – und reforms to protect children’s civil liberties

A child was born outside of marriage. Ns mother asked the courts zu establish who ns father was. Due zu legal delays and the father’s refusals to schutz a DNA test, die case lasted over 5 years. Ns Strasbourg court ruled that children’s rights were notfall properly protected. Regulations were changed kommen sie help protect against the belästigung from continue again.

reforms made zu unreasonable federal government control of registered ethnicity

Mihai Ciubotaru is a writer und a professor. He want to schutz his ethnicity registered together Romanian. The authorities refuse his request, in spite of his clear links with die Romanian ethnic group. The Strasbourg court ruled in Mr Ciubotaru’s favour, und later reforms gave people much more control over your registered ethnicity.

Reforms to protect family members life ~ father was unable to seen his boy

Stefano Bianchi was given custody von his son when he separated indigenous his wife. However, his wife took die child abroad and refused zu return. When großvater Bianchi complained to the Swiss authorities, lock failed to take action zu reunite father und son. Die Strasbourg court ruled that this breached großvater Bianchi’s right to family life. The relevant procedures were consequently reformed.


Council von Europe’s Children’s civil liberties Division

Factsheets on die case-law von the european Court of Human Rights:

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Protection des minorsPDF (320 Ko)

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Handbook top top European legislation relating to ns rights of the childPDF (2,326 Mo)

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