When Cheer reduce on Netflix at ns beginning of 2020, no one could oase predicted the pyramid-level pandemonium that was about to occur. Not since Kirsten Dunst"s leading role in the hit box office film Bring the On (2000) oase we all been so obsessed with a cheerleading contest und a back handspring.

Since ns TV collection premiered on die video streaming communication on january 8, it has actually "broken ns internet" and dominated our social media feeds through reviews, quizzes, essays und brilliant memes about die dramas involving the near 40-member Navarro university Bulldogs Cheer mannschaft from Corsicana, Texas.

As a result, we oase a lot of questions around the first seres (for starters, what the heck go FIOFMU mean?) und whether a second zu sein on ns cards between speculation that us haven"t checked out the end of the Navarro formation on ours screens.

Here"s everything you need zu know about Netflix"s Cheer:

Gabi Butler and Lexi Brumback take on NYFW

Alongside the likes of gerät Hadid, kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber at neu York fashion Week an February, sie might have been surprised to seen Cheer stars Gabi Butler und Lexi Brumback.

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The cheerleaders were seen sitting front row zum the Brandon Maxwell show at die Museum von Natural History, and arrived at die presentation an their red and black Navarro college cheerleading uniforms before an altering into their much more glitzy attire.

For die event, butler wore a white racer prior mini-dress if Brumback was dressed bei a schwarz slip dress with a diamante belt. Butler was filmed telling models during the show: ‘You"re beautiful... You"re incredible. You"re a 10, you"re a 10... You"re a 10.’

At the show, die duo met through the likes of Eva Chen und Karlie Kloss and bumped right into Bella veröffentlichung backstage.

‘When Bella hadid said “Hi: kommen sie us and said she loved us, i almost fainted,’ servant told ns The Post.

What happens an "Cheer" season one?

The six-hour lang documentary series follows the highs and lows, ns pains and more pains, and team spirit von the Navarro university Bulldogs Cheer mannschaft as they prepare weil das the national Championships an Daytona Beach, Florida in 2019.

But Cheer zu sein actually about deswegen much more than handsprings und pyramids – the show explores the mannschaft overcoming hard upbringings, the formation of the national Cheerleaders kombination (NCA), die power of working with each other as a team and specifically the stories des five individual Cheer mannschaft members.

At the ende of the zuerst series, Navarro"s cheerleaders inserted first bei their division at die NCA"s national Championship bei 2019. Kommen sie put that into context weil das a moment, ns occasion marked the 14th first-place score the mannschaft received since head trainer Monica Aldama join them 24 years ago.

Who room the main "Cheer" cheerleaders und where room they now?

The totality squad von 38 cheerers matte to die show"s narrative, especially ns 20 people "who make mat" (those who ende up competing), but there space some vital members von the mannschaft whose lebt are the taste focus des the series.

In ns show, Jeremiah "Jerry" Harris played a key role together part des the Navarro team.

In september 2020, Harris was accused of child sex-related exploitation and abuse, according kommen sie a sue filed von attorneys representing two alleged victims.

The sue alleges that ns 21-year-old ‘exploited his popularity und position of fame with young masculine cheer athletes’ in the time ‘leading trost to, during, and following die distribution des the Cheer docuseries’. The two alleged masculine victims to be 13 years alt when ns inappropriate behaviour began, follow to the claim.

A spokesperson zum Harris has due to the fact that told CNN: ‘We categorically dispute ns claims made against Jerry Harris, which are alleged to oase occurred wie man he was a teenager. We space confident that wie the ermittlung is completed ns true facts will be revealed.’

A spokesperson weil das Netflix had actually no comment.

In die series finale, die athlete found out the he received in academic scholarship to the University von Louisville but it appears he has because returned kommen sie Navarro.

In a previous interview with Esquire, die sportsman explained his decision: "I actually went tonnage semester but was missing Navarro deswegen much deswegen I got to out to Monica und asked if there were any kind of openings zum me und she said "yes", so I decided zu seize ns opportunity zu make myself happy und do what i wanted zu do. So, i decided to come back."

Next up, there"s flyer und basket pro Morgan Simianer who, weist 22 years old, has actually overcome being abandoned von her parents, and "Cheer-lebrity" Gabi Butler, with herstellung ultra-competitive ‘you must only eat jackfruit’-saying parents. ~ winning two national championships v Navarro, she has since become a member des the oberteil Gun cheer squad in Miami.

We deshalb can"t obtain enough of the outspoken La’Darius Marshall who one-liners, tear-jerking backstory und charisma ist enough kommen sie make ihm deserving des a location on stage with Beyoncé.

At the ende of die show, die 21-year-old states he doesn"t understand what his next step wollen be ~ his involvement in the team.

"I seen myself having a family, having die house ich always dreamy of. It’s notfall a affluent lifestyle however it’s a comfortable lifestyle, where ich know i won’t ever schutz to battle again," Marshall explains.

"I’ve thought about being a mitarbeiter trainer und a choreographer due to the fact that that pays a lot of money, too. Yet if every else fails, I’m joining die military. I don’t favor water, deshalb I will notfall be in the navy or Marines. Deswegen it’ll one of two people be ns Army or it’ll it is in Air Force. Ich want stability and it’s around what I kann do zum my future and what I kann do zum my country."

Fans von the series möchte undoubtedly uncover themselves ausblüten gunning for vaping cheerer Lexi Brumback, who has actually made a comeback to ns squad.

At the ende of die competitive season tonnage year, Brumback was kicked turn off the team after illegal substances to be found in a vehicle she was in with friends. After ns series premiered, she revealed on instagram that she had returned kommen sie the team to cheer v them as soon as again.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, however, die athlete claimed that when the zeigen was "accurate, zum the many part" an depicting produziert story, it also made it seem favor she was "messing nach oben really badly" weist the end of ns show.

Why walk everyone liebe coach Monica Aldama?

Those of us who watched ns 2006 fight TV series Friday Night Lights und admired the ethik compass and inspirational pep talks des the coach"s mam Tami taylor (Connie Britton) will schutz been swollen away über Cheer"s Aldama.

As one des the many successful strong coaches bei the country, an her near 25-year career hinweisen Navarro college, die 47-year-old has actually brought an five cool National Titles for her team.

Aldama"s confidence in every single one von the cheerleaders (coupled with produziert dedication to help castle succeed) renders them all aim for greatness.

According to The Cut, her oberteil tip to wining at life zu sein planning ahead.

‘I’m always thinking von a setup B, C, D, F. As quickly as miscellaneous happens, mine mind’s already thinking, "What’s ns next step?"" she told the publication.

Speaking kommen sie TMZ an January, ns cheerleading coach gave her two cents as to who she would certainly like kommen sie play her in a film version of the struggle show.

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‘I"m reasoning maybe sandra Bullock,’ she said.

The ide isn’t too surprising provided that die actress won bei Academy Award in 2010 weil das her performance in the biographical sports dramatisch The blind Side.

What is the "Cheer" lingo?

One von the jene that provides Cheer deswegen addictive is the terminology und slogans the teammates use in conversations together.

Here are the terms you need kommen sie know kommen sie understand Cheer:

Full-Out: This refers zu when the mannschaft perform their routines from start to end, showing of all von their skills. However, die term is now gift used zu describe someone that goes "all in" wie doing a task. For example: "I went full out at my spin class today."Base: These are ns people on the mat that lift or litter other mannschaft members in the air zum stunts.Baskets: Also recognized as basket toss, this zu sein widely viewed kommen sie be one von the many dangerous stunts in cheerleading. The move involves three or more bases tossing a "flyer" into the air while die latter go a turn or flip before landing in the bases" arms. Make Mat: This refers to whether a cheerer is chosen to compete or not. FIOFMU: the Navarro cheerleaders often cheer "FIOFMU" but at no allude actually define what the acronym means. Consensus on the internet suggests that ns phrase means "fight it out, f*ck ‘em up", however one ex-team cheerers says ns only way zu know zum sure zu sein to join the squad.

Which celebrities space loving "Cheer"?

Pretty much everyone appropriate now is watching Cheer including Chrissy Teigen, Reese Witherspoon, Booksmart"s Beanie Feldstein and Olympic gymnast Simone Biles.

TV show host lucidrhythms.comn Degeneres is a such a fan she even recently had the mannschaft on produziert show.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez drew an Cheer compare on twitter following her Super bowl halftime show performance over ns weekend.

Will over there be a "Cheer" season two?

Your guess ist as good as ours, if we"re moral with you.

However, Netflix has actually shown fans that it"s maintaining tabs on the Navarro team, recently tweeting around Brumback"s return to ns squad.

Of course, if one more series ist on the cards it"ll schutz to it is in filmed pretty sharpish given ns NCA Collegiate national Championship"s are coming up this spring. The competition möchte reportedly take location from april 8 in Daytona.

That said, Decider reports the the national Cheerleaders verband (NCA) and the National tanzen Alliance (NDA) oase changed your Code des Conduct rules zu ‘prevent groups from gaining a permit up’ von appearing in media projects, consisting of documentaries.

‘Teams might jeopardise their eligibility to compete in the NCA & NDA Collegiate und Dance Championship if lock participate in a televised regimen or print media that portrays their team, institution or basic activity of collegiate cheer and/or dance in a negativ manner,’ the guidelines read.

The publication reports that ns rules to be updated wie Cheer debuted on Netflix.

Whether that impacts on a possible season two ist unknown yet Aldama freshly wrote on facebook that the rules haven’t been changed as much as sie might think.

‘PLEASE know that no rules schutz been readjusted as those are ns same as belastung year.

‘Varsity has always been supportive des us and are constantly there for anything us need. Let’s stop sharing those news stories because they do not contain precise information.’

When quizzed about the possibility von a 2nd series and cameras adhering to them during in interview ~ above Entertainment Tonight, two des the cheerleaders said: ‘We’re just glücklich to be here.’

Of course, that doesn’t clarify even if it is a second series ist on its way but that does offer us ns feeling that they might have been asked kommen sie reply bei such a vague way.

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