Germanys next Topmodel ist one von the most successful German TV formats und is taken into consideration a hotbed weil das new oberteil models. Juror hidi Klum helps ns newcomers to die catwalks of the world and prepares them for the tough business. You tun können find out an ext about Germanys next Topmodel und the current season specifically from us.

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Heidi und Leni Klum: Mother-daughter interview! Vogue hülle + videobilien (German)

13. December 2020/in Celebrities, Germanys next Topmodel, nachrichten /by F_kinski

Heidi und Leni Klum interview – Today, Vogue Germany publishes the very zuerst mother-daughter interview on YouTube. Leni Klum is the first to carry out it in public and of kurse directly with in appearance that only heidi Klum kann sein plan. The very zuerst photo shooting and already the hülle of Vogue! Here zu sein the erste <…>


Enisa Bukvic Interview: modell Career & Life in Dubai v Simon and Dog Charlie

6. December 2020/in Celebrities, Dog, Germanys following Topmodel, Interview, news /by Lisa-Marie

Model and blogger Enisa Bukvic has had actually quite a career together a model. Ever because she was little, she dreamed des entering die modeling business. But ns road kommen sie get there was often not easy. However, Enisa never stopped trying to make produziert dream kommen sie true and fought produziert way through. Now, a few years <…>


Child modell agency: Recommendations! find reputable modell agency zum children – list

27. November 2020/in Celebrities, Germanys next Topmodel, Models, news /by F_kinski

Kindermodelagentur – come to be a model as a child? That’s possible! What freundin need is a great agency with which various other children und parents oase had an excellent experiences. In this perform you möchte find an excellent child modell agencies weil das your start bei the modell life! zum child models, choosing ns perfect agency ist very important. Over there <…>


Fata Hasanovic Interview: travel tips, moving to Dubai & secret zu success ~ above GNTM

13. November 2020/in Celebrities, Germanys next Topmodel, Influencer, news /by Lisa-Marie

Blogger und model Fata Hasanovic took part an the TV zeigen Germany’s Next oberes modell a few years ago. Ns pretty brunette came an third place on the show and has due to the fact that taken turn off on society media. Four years after herstellung participation bei GNTM, Fata built herstellung own youtube channel, a successful instagram account and even <…>

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Interview through Louisa Mazzurana: Fashion, tips weil das modeling & herstellung little dog Cassie

5. November 2020/in Celebrities, Germanys following Topmodel, Interview, news /by Lisa-Marie

Louisa was a contestant ~ above Germany’s Next topmodel a couple of years ago. She also made it to the Top 5! Thus, she has been in the modeling business for several years und was able kommen sie gain some experience an the modeling world. Heute she zu sein active ~ above Instagram and shows herstellung followers insights from her <…>

Model bahn Backstage + Interview: model Guru Lutz Marquardt (Tips weil das GNTM Castings)

16. October 2020/in Celebrities, Fashion, fashion Week, Germanys following Topmodel, nachrichten /by Carina Koch

We accompanied the model guru Lutz Marquardt throughout a model coaching for a model agency and asked him questions around “becoming a model”. His coaching is around self-confidence, human body control und the right charisma. Every this und much an ext you möchte learn specifically with us. In our video you möchte find answer to die questions <…>

Model: Requirements, application, modell agency & tips! 33 concerns to stephan Czaja

22. February 2020/in Career, Germanys next Topmodel, Interview, real estate /by Lisa-Marie

Becoming a model – stephan Czaja, owner of Cocaine models gives us answers kommen sie all crucial questions today! The neu season des Germany’s following Topmodel zu sein on und hundreds of thousands of young girls room following heidi Klum’s show. Stephan takes united state behind ns scenes des haute couture, advertising and casting today. What do you <…>

GNTM 2020 – every episodes, highlights, candidates and the zuerst castings!

14. February 2020/in Germanys following Topmodel, News, TV mirrors /by Stephan

GNTM 2020 every episodes – What mädchen has never ever dreamed of becoming a oberteil model? This year die big casting takes place in the offen air, bei the beautiful city of Munich. Ns German casting show, in which countless participants compete for the title of “Germany’s next Topmodel”, zu sein hosted von Topmodel heidi Klum. The <…>

GNTM 2020 – every episodes, highlights, candidates und the erste castings!

14. February 2020/in Germanys following Topmodel, News, TV reflects /by Stephan

GNTM 2020 every episodes – What girl has never ever dreamed des becoming a top model? This year ns big casting wollen take place in the beautiful stadt of Munich. The German casting show, in which countless participants compete zum the title of “Germany’s next Topmodel”, zu sein hosted über Topmodel heidi Klum. The aim ist to <…>

GNTM 2020 – Contestants and the winners ’20 des Germany’s following Topmodel

4. February 2020/in Celebrities, Germanys following Topmodel, news /by Stephan

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GNTM 2020 candidates – It’s that time again: The neu season des the German casting show “Germany’s next Topmodel” beginning on januar 30 top top ProSieben. This year it möchte be very exciting again, neu models, cool und exciting shoots with oberteil photographers, heidi Klum, and every week neu celebrity faces as guest judges. It’s walk <…>

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Germany’s Next topmodel #GNTM

For an ext than ten seasons, ns successful model “Germanys next Topmodel” has actually stood zum the German TV zeigen when the comes to models. Chief juror heidi Klum decides on the success or failure of the up-and-coming models with 2 additional, changing jury members on Pro7. Well-known stern such as Bruce Darnell, rolf Scheider or Paymen Amin are among ns ex-jury members. We report weil das you about the current episode, ns season and try kommen sie give you bei overview! an ext from FIV? Here you kann find all interviews about Blogger, Designer, Models und VIPs..With exclusive fashion photographers and models, we report on the most vital information, exactly how you tun können apply to become a model und what ist important bei this business! If you want to know everything, you will find advice from one des the best model agencies in Germany: come to be a model.

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As a model your body zu sein your capital. That’s why nutrition und fitness plays in important role in the life of a budding model. We help you to keep fit und give you die best tips around motivation, yoga, fitness exercises und influencers.