Germanys next topmodel sap arena

A bomb risk and an unattended suitcase triggered German broadcaster ProSieben kommen sie stop die grand dauern of modell lucidrhythms.competition nur Germany's following Topmodel und evacuate thousands von people from the event's to meet on Thursday.

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"We're sorry. We'll no much longer be transfer today," ProSieben claimed on its twitter account.


Before ns bomb threat ... Heidi Klum and other Next oberes modell judges oase a selfie with die winner des Germany"s following Topmodel.Credit:Facebook

Organisers des Germany's next Topmodel, which zu sein presented von German model heidi Klum, decided kommen sie clear the SAP Arena in the southwestern German city of Mannheim, whereby the show was gift filmed, after in unidentified female personen called an a bomb threat around 9pm local time (5am AEST ~ above Friday), a spokesman zum Mannheim polizei told Reuters.

In addition, a suspiciously suitcase was found near die cloakroom, which polizei said in a statement the they were examining.


A selfie of the winner von Germany"s Next oberes modell (centre) and Heidi Klum und other Next topmodel judges.Credit:Facebook

The spokesman could not say specifically how many world had been at ns venue however estimated there had been about 8000 to 10,000.

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The polizei statement said ns show's audience left die SAP Arena bei a calm mode on Thursday. Newspaper video reported ~ above its webseite that Klum, produziert daughter Leni und the show's jury had to be taken to an undisclosed place outside die venue.

Germany's next Topmodel, a truth TV nur based on modell Tyra Banks' nur America's Next top Model, has confronted some criticism from teams saying it conveys unrealistic ideals von beauty kommen sie teenage viewers.

ProSieben has said the wellucidrhythms.comed die scrutiny, saying the all elevation regulators that had actually looked into ns show dafür far had uncovered it to be suitable zum children aged sechs years und up.

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German regional media regulator mabb claimed this month it would certainly initiate in investigation of the show's impact on adolescents following a lucidrhythms.complain from activist group PinkStinks.