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GNTM 2020 candidates – It’s the time again: The neu season von the German casting show “Germany’s following Topmodel” starts on january 30 top top ProSieben. This year it will be really exciting again, new models, cool and exciting shoot with top photographers, heidi Klum, und every week neu celebrity faces as guest judges. It’s going to be one more season full von highlights, which ist why we, FIV magazine introduce you kommen sie this year’s neu contestants, including instagram accounts und personal die info about ns girls!

1 Who wollen be GNTM winner 2020?
2 Mareike
3 Alina
4 Anastasia
5 Bianca
6 Vivian
7 Cassandra
8 Tamara
9 Saskia
10 Charlotte
11 Daria
12 Johanna
13 julia F.
14 julia P.
15 Laura
16 Larissa
17 Lijana
18 Lucy
19 Malin
20 marie
21 Maureen
22 Nadine
23 Nina
24 Pinar
25 kauf es P.
26 sarah S.

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Who wollen be GNTM winner 2020?

Tamara, Charlotte, julia F., Laura, Pinar, Alina or julia P. – after the zuerst casting there are still so plenty of candidates who fight zum the title “Germany’s next topmodel 2020”. As in every year, a high prize money, a modell contract and great extra goodies, consisting of a neu car, space waiting. The full package plus a hundreds thousand followers over the prozess of the show on Instagram. Just in time zum the start, heidi Klum invites herstellung new models to a casting. Station 1: Munich, Olympia Stadium. We watch every show for you, browse Instagram and Youtube! des course, we’ll so be there zum you at the big final an 2020.

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Mareike ist special, she ist stung directly bei the eye, due to the fact that she stands the end mainly by her almost fully tattooed body. Due to the fact that her zuerst tattoo at the age of 18 she gets something new every month and has already invested a lot of money in her tattoos. Mareike zu sein extroverted. She is not just interested bei modeling: an her free time she likes to play die piano or learn international languages. Mareike zu sein 24 year old und comes indigenous Berlin.

Age: 24Residence: Berlin


The erste candidate ich want to introduce zu you today ist Alina! Alina was at ns GNTM audition und went straight one round further in the erste selection. Alina is not totally new in the TV world, due to the fact that she is already a wenig used to ns hustle und bustle through produziert boyfriend und professional footballer Emmanuel Mbende. How möchte she perform on GNTM 2020? We’ll continue to be tuned weil das you! But before that, a quick look punkt Alina and the most necessary facts. Alina ist 23 years old and comes from ns Rhine metropolis Cologne. Notfall only walk she direkt here, Alina ist beautiful but also smart, since she zu sein currently studying media science und now wants zu try her hand at modeling. Herstellung boyfriend is a skilled footballer in Sicily. However Alina doesn’t want kommen sie be pigeonholed as a gambler’s wife.

Age: 23 yearsResidence: CologneStudies: Media SciencesFriend: Emmanuel Mbende


Anastasia is also directly bei the eye. Alina’s huge dream zu sein to become a model, because even together a child she wanted to become a model. Zu make this dream kommen sie true, Anastasia ist participating an GNTM this year and wants zu get as far as possible. Anastasia zu sein 20 years old, has Russian roots and comes from Berlin. At die age of 14 she currently gained her erste modeling experience bei Japan. Walk that offer her in advantage over the other candidates? We’ll remain tuned.

Russian rootsAge: 20Residence: BerlinHas functioned as a model bei Japan


Bianca already has zuerst touches with ns TV und social media world, due to the fact that she is a micro-influencer, und inspires herstellung community through regular posts on Instagram and Youtube videos. Bianca zu sein 18 years old und comes indigenous Aachen. She ist currently doing herstellung A-levels, but zu sein now aiming zum a modeling career and wants zu convince Heidi and Co. Of herstellung talent ~ above GNTM.

Age: 18Residence: AachenOccupation: Schoolgirl / Micro-Influencer


Another contestant who advanced in the erste episode von GNTM und who we would like to introduce kommen sie you ist Vivian. For Vivian, modeling is nothing new, since she was able kommen sie gain modeling experience weist two small fashion shows, and gain a little insight right into the mode world. Due to the fact that she so loves law shoots in her totally free time, Vivian is especially looking forward to herstellung time on GNTM, because exciting and different shoots await produziert on ns well-known German spreading show. Vivian zu sein 21 years old und comes from ns German metropolis of Munich. She functions as a make-up artist.

Age: 21Profession: Make-Up ArtistResidence: Munich


Cassandra ist especially noticeable with her age, because ns aspiring model ist already 27 years old, which is much larger than die rest of the candidates weist GNTM. Since you kann sein already apply weil das GNTM at ns age of 16. Möchte that be herstellung undoing? FIV tagebuch stays tuned! about Cassandra: Cassandra is bei administrative assistant und would like to swap her desk zum the catwalk. She comes from Gera and likes to model in her complimentary time. She could currently gain some endure as a model.

Age: 27Occupation: administrative assistantResidence: Gera


The following candidate we would certainly like to introduce to you zu sein Tamara. Tamara has great chances punkt Germany’s following Topmodel, because she already knows what ambition and discipline is, because Tamara zu sein a dancer, and deshalb quite successful. She has already accomplished several successes together a dancer through her sprung group: Tamara was three mal vice world champion und federal champion von Austria, and could convince numerous people von herself. About Tamara: She originates from Austria native the stadt of Vienna and is 19 years old. She could not collect any experiences as a model yet.

Age: 19Residence: ViennaVice world Champion an Dancing


We have also taken a closer look at Saskia zum you: for Saskia, Germany’s next Topmodel is not neu territory because the aspiring modell has already been on GNTM. Saskia was already among the top 30 candidates in 2017 in the 12th season. Even outside of herstellung Germany’s next topmodel experience, Saskia was able to gain her erste modeling experience in commercials und shoots. Saskia zu sein not only good weist modeling, she is also a student. Ns 22 year alt Saskia originates from Braunschweig. We are curious how far Saskia möchte make it in her 2nd attempt weist GNTM.

Age: 22Place of residence: BraunschweigWas in the top 30 ~ above GNTM in 2017


Charlotte stood out bei the first episode, which ist why us took a closer watch at her again. Charlotte caught our eye with herstellung spiritual nature, since she wanted kommen sie lay tarot cards weil das model mom und juror heidi Klum. Charlotte mögen to lay tarot cards in her preventive time and is interested an astrology. She zu sein not just a spiritual person: Charlotte studies business administration. She comes from Munich in Bavaria and is 25 year old.

Age: 25Residence: MunichStudies unternehmen administration


Daria has constantly had the big dream to anfang as a model: already as a child Daria was very enthusiastic about ns idea zu become a model, und now wants kommen sie realize this dream hinweisen Germany’s next Topmodel. In everyday life, however, Daria has taken a totally different direction, together she ist a pharmaceutical technological assistant. Her family zu sein originally native Kazakhstan, which ist why Daria kann speak Russian well. Ns aspiring model is 22 years old and comes from Seevetal.

Age: 22Place des residence: SeevetalOccupation: Pharmaceutical technical assistant


Already after ~ the erste episode Johanna has become ns viewers’ favorite. She convinces with produziert sympathetic und authentic way, and we specifically noticed produziert beautiful curves. Johanna stands for diversity and proves that to be effective as a model nowadays, you no longer schutz to conform to die normal modell standard. She thinks it’s good that curvy women can so be successful in the fashion world und is therefore very motivated to get far in GNTM. Johanna ist 20 years old and comes indigenous Remseck.

Age: 20Place des residence: Remseck

Julia F.

For Germany’s next Topmodel, julia has put her training as a sleeve saleswoman ~ above hold. She has currently attracted attention in the zuerst episode: julia F. Suffers from die autoimmune an illness alopecia (circular hair loss). Julia owns various wigs an several colors, since she loves zu change her hair color. Punkt Germany’s following Topmodel julia F. Mirrors herself in public there is no a wig zum the zuerst time. She wants zu become a function model zum others. She would also like to meet die successful top model Jeana Turner, who deshalb suffers native alopecia. An her complimentary time, die 20-year-old native Schweinfurt mögen to dance hip-hop.

Age: 20Place von residence: SchweinfurtLikes to sprung hip-hop

Julia P.

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Julia ist with produziert tender 17 years die youngest among the top modell candidates. Produziert family comes from Poland, deshalb she also speaks an excellent Polish. Even as a kid she wanted to become a model, und now she wants kommen sie fulfill produziert big dream an the effective German casting zeigen Germany’s next Topmodel. Because julia dreams des conquering ns catwalks von this world, especially ns Berlin and Milan Fashionweek. Julia comes native Dortmund.

Age: 17Place von residence: Dortmund


Laura ist a prospective student and has currently gained her first modeling experience bei shootings. She explains herself as self-confident and feels very comfortable bei front von the camera. She likes doing shootings. The düsseldorf native ist interested bei fashion, loves kommen sie take pictures und likes kommen sie go to the gym in her cost-free time. Laura enjoys red carpets and public life, which is not new territory zum her, due to the fact that Laura has currently been a guest weist one or ns other exclusive VIP party in the South des France.

Age: 20Residence: Düsseldorf


The next candidate we want kommen sie introduce zu you ist Larissa: Larissa is a high college graduate and comes indigenous Mörfelden-Walldorf. She attaches a last of prominence to her physical fitness. An her cost-free time, Larissa loves zu cook. Posting little glimpses of herstellung life on instagram is so one of herstellung hobbies. Larissa’s huge role modell are social media stars and fitness models Jen Selter und Pamela Reif. Larissa ist 19 years old.

Age: 19Place von residence: Mörfelden-Walldorf


Another top model aspirant zu sein Lijana. Lijana ist studying to be a major school teacher. Produziert family has Ugandan roots. Die 23-year-old has been tanzen passionately because she was five years old, first ballet then hip-hop. Herstellung great passion ist the perfect balance to produziert stressful daily life. Bei 2015 Lijana was vice miss Kassel. However, she has notfall yet to be able zu gain any type of modeling experience. An general, she payment attention kommen sie a healthy lifestyle and does yoga or goes for walks an nature. Her big duty model is model mum heidi Klum.

Age: 23Residence: Kassel


Lucy instantly stood the end with produziert open und authentic nature. She is a student and a self-confident and strong woman. She came out together transsexual at ns age von 18 und has been offen about the topic ever before since, due to the fact that she feels much more comfortable jetzt than ever before und can it is in herself. For over a year Lucy has been happily engaged to her boyfriend, that accepts her for who she is. Lucy big passion is makeup. Lucy ist 21 year old.

Age: 21Residence: Kassel


Malin ist directly noticed über her beautiful quick hairstyle, she zu sein currently training kommen sie be a teacher. With her husband she zu sein together due to the fact that 2014 und happily married due to the fact that 2017. Herstellung husband and she space separated by a couple of years, because her husband is older 보다 her. Together, die two sing bei the acapella band “The Knorke”. Besides music, Malin mögen to play sporting activities or draw bei her totally free time. Malin could make the far at GNTM with her special look und her unique way.

Age: 21Residence: Berlin


Marie is a student and loves kommen sie do sports. As a child, marie wanted to become an inventor, but now she wants zu go in a totally different direction: she wants zu hit die ground running as a model und get as much as possible on GNTM. Social media star and fitness modell Pamela Reif is a great inspiration weil das Marie.

Age: 19Place of residence: Landau bei der Pfalz


Maureen comes from Austria and is a student. Herstellung father originates from Nigeria. She is especially noticeable zum her positive und open nature. She likes to do sports and fashion is deshalb one of herstellung passions. Ns student has already gained modeling experience und would like zu travel to Paris und New York and model there. Maureen’s boyfriend is a experienced football player an Austria, however she no want kommen sie be pigeonholed together a player’s wife. However, she zu sein certainly offered to die hustle and bustle des public life through her boyfriend.

Age: 20Residence: Vienna


Nadine ist already effective as a Junior it is provided Chain Manager. She has already modeled zum various causes. In 2017 she was “Wiesnmadl”. Die modeling experience might give her in advantage hinweisen GNTM. In her totally free time, she loves zu ride motorcycles or motocross. She also shares this passion with herstellung family and friends despite an accident two years ago. Nadine ist 20 years old and comes from Fürstenfeldbruck.

Age: 20Place von residence: Fürstenfeldbruck


Nina-Sue ist a creative person, since she functions as a graphics designer. She deshalb likes kommen sie draw bei her cost-free time, but deshalb enjoys doing sports or dancing. Nina-Sue often hears the she looks like her idol Angelina Jolie. Also as a boy she wanted zu become a modell or designer, which is why she wants zu try produziert luck ~ above Germany’s Next topmodel this year. Nina zu sein 19 years old

Age: 19Place of residence: Dießen am Ammersee


Pinar functions as a taxes clerk. Produziert family comes from Turkey. She loves photography, but so likes zu stand in front des the camera herself, because she loves posing. Pinar has always been noticed weil das her height and therefore always wanted to become a model. We deshalb noticed the 22 year alt Top modell aspirant an particular. She admires Germany’s Next topmodel winner Stefanie Giesinger, who is quite successful in the model business. She would love to walk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. The aspiring modell comes native Mühlacker.

Age: 22Place of residence: Mühlacker

Sarah P.

Sarah functions as a dentist assistant und lives an Austria an the town von Vorau. The shirt lives with herstellung family ~ above a klein animal farm bei the countryside und likes kommen sie spend herstellung free time bei nature. In her cost-free time, kauf es enjoys skiing or walking out through friends. Produziert big dream zu sein to model zum the famous underwear in brand geraten Victoria’s Secret. Sarah hopes that she tun können fulfill herstellung dream of becoming a modell with GNTM.

Age: 20Place des residence: Vorau

Sarah S.

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Sarah is a student, and is therefore notfall only interested in modeling, however is so pretty smart. She come from the Rhineland Cologne. Herstellung parents come from Senegal. She loves kommen sie spend time with her loved ones and take pictures, or schutz pictures taken of her, because kauf es loves to be in front des the camera. We room curious how the 23 year old Cologne sarah will do at Germany’s next Topmodel, and keep sie up kommen sie date.