Thank you zum playing die Gears 5 Versus tech Test! seen you bei the complete game on september 6th (Early Access) or 10th (Worldwide Release).

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Want to give rückmeldung or report or a bug? you re welcome use ns following destinations listed below.

Gameplay Feedback: Forums – Reddit

Bug Reports: court – Reddit

A list des Known worries from Tech test Weekend 1 kann be uncovered here.

To aid us really prüfen our service during die Tech Test,we’re questioning players kommen sie play on Friday, July 26th betwee 5:30pm –6:30pm PDT.

As a say thanks to you kommen sie players who finish one full match duringthis period, fine be unlocking in exclusive Wreath Bloodspray zum use in zum all standard participants!

On top of numerous server-side updates do during und afterthe ende of Tech prüfen 1, we oase released a Tech prüfen Game Update to help usfurther address the following issues:

Matchmaking improvementsFurther stabilized complement resultsRanks und Divisions should now act in a more stable manner resolved players being incorrectly idle kicked wie matchmaking zum gamesA user that Joins bei Progress when a video game was in match transition couldn’t change characters throughout die matchThe Tech prüfen queue system will now show correct anfang times and access time estimatesWhen roadie running into or against abdecken sometimes a player may gain pushed off/backUpdated pc GPU detection to include an ext supported cards.Numerous infrequent crash fixes

In addition, we schutz made some server-side tuning changes in effect indigenous the anfang of Weekend 2:

Added Backfilling Bots zu Ranked KOTH and Escalation weil das the technology TestReduced Ranked Lobby Map Voting kommen sie 30s (was 60s)Training Grounds: Swapped Tri-Shot / Cryo Cannon for EMBAR / Longshot to give football player a new tool kommen sie counter strong setupsTraining Grounds: Uplink und Helipad rings möchte no longer spawn you inside die closest TDM spawn kommen sie reduce instances von defenders reinforcing the runde before attackers can reach itTraining Grounds: DB Depot and Monument ring no much longer spawn football player diagonally across die map, which was making that difficult weil das attackers to contest the ringEscalation: basic Shock Grenade placements on zentral line reduced to 1 (was 2)Escalation: Upgraded Shock Grenade placements on center line reduced zu 2 (was 3)Escalation: decreased intro duration zu 10s (was 15s)Escalation: reduced weapon picking duration von team zu 20s (was 25s)

ThisUpdate ist ~1.5GB. ~ above Xbox One, you should find die update in your update Queueunder My games & Apps if auto-install is not enabled. On windows 10, youwill need zu manually trigger ns update by searching zum Gears 5 Tech prüfung inthe fenster 10 Store.

The technical Test is a klein in-development slice des our versus offering bei Gears 5 that möchte run across two focused prüfen periods this July.

For Gears 5’s technological Test, we’re happen three unique modes across two brand new multiplayer maps – District and Training Grounds – to play throughout both prüfung periods:

Arcade: A new approachable, frenetic Versusexperience.

Escalation: The pinnacle objective mode von Gears isback und better than ever.

King of the Hill: Capture ns hill, enjoy die carnage.

In addition, you’ll deshalb get kommen sie try the end two neu features ofGears 5:

Bootcamp: Practice your skills and learn newmechanics bei our new training mode.

Tour of Duty: Experience a mini Tour of Duty, whereby you’ll complete Medals kommen sie unlock exclusive prüfung Weapon Skins zu take right into Gears 5. Finish Challenges und earn enough stars to unlock ns exclusive tester Banner zu showcase bei Gears 5.

The tech Test jetzt over. Seen you an September in the complete game!

The tech Test ist open kommen sie all Xbox live Gold subscribers, active Xbox game Pass or Xbox game Pass can be fried subscriptions or pre-orders indigenous a participating retailer. Pre-order or subscribe zu Xbox game Pass any time before the ende of the Tech test to obtain access.

Note: As the Tech Test is online multiplayer, an XboxLive gelb or Xbox game Pass can be fried membership wollen be required zu play.

Xbox One

For Xbox live Gold, Xbox game Pass can be fried or Xbox video game Pass subscribers, access ist included bei your membership.

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You kann now pre-download ns Tech prüfen from die Game happen Library as you would with any kind of other video game on video game Pass or by searching ‘Gears 5 technology Test’ bei the store.

Windows 10 PC

For Xbox video game Pass ultimate or Xbox video game Pass weil das PC subscribers, access ist included bei your membership.

You can deshalb access the Technical Test über pre-ordering digitally via the fenster Store. Search weil das ‘Gears 5’ bei the fenstern Store zu download die Tech test ready for the weekend.

If you are not running Windows 10 ausführung 1903, you will need zu update before you’ll be able zu download the game. You re welcome click here for more details.

For football player on fenstern 10 PC, inspect out die PC requirements section to zum minimum and recommended specs.

Note: While any type of method of accessing die Tech prüfung willget you access kommen sie the fenstern 10 tech Test, freundin will notfall be able zu downloadthe video game on pc with Xbox direkte Gold member only.

This Technical prüfen allows us to stress test our serversover 2 focused prüfen Periods zu ensure die best feasible experience when largevolumes of players rush in at launch.

For our computer fans, it provides us a vital opportunity to getthe game onto computers with distinctive combinations of hardware and software punkt scale.If any unforeseen problems arise, it offers us the opportunity ahead of launch kommen sie identifyand resolve any concerns ahead von release.

And des course, getting the Tech prüfung into her hands meanswe tun können gather your valuable rückmeldung on each des the 3 modes to inform ourdevelopment as we march towards launch day und beyond.

Yes, however console players can toggle this On/Off for Ranked matches. You tun können find this by going opening the menu and selecting choices > Matchmaking > Ranked Crossplay.


To aid us really test our services during the Tech Test,we’re questioning players to play ~ above Friday, July 26th betwee 5:30pm –6:30pm PDT.

As a say thanks to you zu players who finish one full enhance duringthis period, fine be unlocking an exclusive Wreath Bloodspray zum use in zum all standard participants!

You will not be able to use this Bloodspray during die TechTest and, additionally, there möchte be no in-game notification during thisperiod zu confirm your Bloodspray has actually been unlocked.

Given the importance von pushing our population to the max inone details window zu best prepare weil das launch, we will notfall be offeringadditional opportunities kommen sie unlock this Bloodspray.

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The following concerns are some von the an ext notable bugsreported from die community during Tech prüfen 1 that have been logged v ourteam:

‘Ghost’ football player from Killcam tun können appear on die battlefield – this bug so has a number of other reported issues that stem native this happeningWhen DBNO, characters möchte jump backwards kommen sie their original position after relocating slightlyBots kann execute players und held meatshields under details conditionsRarely, users möchte spawn yet be stuck spectating other playersOn fenstern 10, die game consistently pops nach oben notifications notifying ns player their other device is taking too long to syncWeapons will sometimes be duplicated an loadoutsIf bei Elimination und Domination victory take place at ns same time an Escalation, two rounds möchte be awarded zu a teamThe upgrade button binding top top ALT reasons users zu accidentally carry it up during gameplayOn classic Alt, users will sometimes continue to roadie run in spite of *X* not being held down

We so have a number des other bugs not bei this perform logged v our mannschaft that are lower affect and/or much more infrequent. Say thanks to you to everyone who has actually logged bugs zu help us recognize these worries that will be addressed in the future.