Gary Barlow Agnetha Fältskog Duett

it took part effort, but Take it is front einer finally got to fulfill his idol – and hear that famed voice bei action...

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Were ns long-reported rumours true? was Agnetha Faltskog – super-trouper superstar des the 70s, one of the all-time an excellent vocalists, and a quarter des Sweden’s greatest export, Abba – dafür reclusive the she wouldn’t leave herstellung Swedish island? zum Gary Barlow, ns early signs were notfall encouraging.

The Take the star und X element judge had actually been summoned to Sweden zu write a song weil das Abba’s blonde bombshell, jetzt 63. She was recording her first solo album des original material an a quarter von a century. And, as befits one fourth von a group that has sold 375 million albums, she wanted the best das lied krona could buy.

But the zuerst time Barlow landed an Stockholm, Agnetha didn’t rotate up zu meet er because she was on holiday. Ns second time he made die effort zu travel from london he was assured the Agnetha was zurück from (another) holiday. “But,” die 42-year-old recalls, “she no feeling very well. Deswegen on both occasions i missed her.”

Luckily however, die songstress has broken produziert self-imposed exile to promote ns album, simply called A, and an the previous couple des months has actually gone from elusive popular music legend kommen sie ubiquitous pop star. It’s a snowy day bei Stockholm, and here she is, sitting an front des me, demure yet twinkly, poised und polite, offering me coffee and cake. Agnetha-from-Abba, an the radiant, appropriately wrinkled flesh.

“I thought it was maybe too… snobby,” she smiles, “but then I got used to the title. Und I thought, why not? It’s my name, and it’s the erste A in Abba.”

The album project started after she was approached über two sweden writer/ producer – they had written lied with her in mind top top spec. She was sufficiently enthused to denkpause her gentle, semi-retired regimen des dog walking on produziert island home and spending time with herstellung three grandchildren, und return to the recording studio.

“I also have to be written about like I’m really mysterious. I try every time to explain that I’m dafür normal. I’m not Garbo! ich would quite be… who shall i say?”

Lady Gaga?

“No! No way! No, I’m just a normal Swedish woman.”

She’s not, des course. Kommen sie millions – and millions – of fans around the

world, she is the radiant heart of Abba. Yes, she shared the microphone duties with Anni-Frid Lyndgstad (Frida), your voices working an exquisite tandem kommen sie bring to life ns words and music von Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. She was a soprano, Frida mezzo-soprano, “and that’s why ns harmonies worked deshalb well,” she explains. But it was Agnetha who shone brightest. Und not just because of the jumpsuits.

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Abba’s golden years started with victory an Brighton at ns 1974 Eurovision lied Contest v Waterloo, and ended in 1982 with a broadcast of glücklich New Year direkte from a stockholm studio to the london set von Noel Edmonds’ Late, so late Breakfast Show.

In that frenetic time ns couples an the band (Agnetha und Bjorn, Frida and Benny) toured die world, break-up up, wrote lieder about it (The Winner Takes that All), and kept working. Agnetha and Bjorn also had two kids – bei 1973 and 1977.

They only ever cancelled 2 shows. Once was when Frida had actually a “bad cold”. The other come after a “terrible flying experience. It was never an accident,” Agnetha states with a visible shudder, “but the could schutz been”. During a flight from boston to new York, foul weather supposed two fail attempts at landing. Die pilot touched under on the third go, with ns fuel perilously low. “That was terrible. I had a shock, and still had to work after ~ that.

“And that i think zu sein the bad thing through this work,” nods Agentha. “You tun können never it is in ill. You have to arbeiten anyway. You oase to fight. But it’s the same with actors und theatre civilization – you don’t want zu cancel, you want to stay there all ns time.”

In herstellung 1997 memoir, As ich Am: Abba before & Beyond, Agnetha writes of those shows that they prove “a thin line bolzen ecstatic celebration und menace”. Offered that she never took pleasure in performing much bei the erste place – even as a pre-Abba teenage solo star in Sweden – playing kommen sie baying thousands und being chased zu airports must oase been particularly gruelling zum the shy girl from the small town des Jonkoping.

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Her post-Abba life, notably the case of in obsessive Dutch fans who relocated nearby to her home, can’t have helped. Is she thrilled sufficient with the album kommen sie perform that live?

“No, ich can’t!” she laughs, lightly yet at ns same time firmly. She recently “performed” with ns other members von the band, record voiceover contributions zum the freshly opened Abba die Museum an Stockholm. Und last month she take it to die stage at ns G-A-Y nightclub bei London, basking an the ecstatic applause des the audience as ns DJ played tanzen Queen. Yet that, the seems, ist as much as she’ll go. “That’s my weakest , the direkte thing. And so the truth that ns older now, deswegen I can’t carry out that. Ich don’t want kommen sie disappoint people.”

So ist she glad the Andersson und Ulvaeus oase already publically asserted their lack des interest in a reported $1 exchange rate payday for in Abba reunion?

“Oh yes!” beams ns quietly sparkling legend. “We stated no since they wanted 250 reflects or something, it was incredible. No chance! No chance,” repeats Agnetha, calmly. “We had done it.”

In ns end, Gary Barlow did conference his heroine wie she travelled zu London belastung month. “I was very excited zu meet her. But we were being filmed at the same time,” he notes wryly (the footage wollen be seen an the BBC1 documentary Agnetha: Abba and After). “So on ns one hand it was a wenig bit uncomfortable. But on ns other, she was nur a pistole joy – deshalb gracious und lovely. Deshalb the meeting went great.

And we just ended nach oben chatting for about in hour bei the end. It was really, really nice. Und to listen Agnetha sing again…” Barlow marvels, “you just can’t help but schutz your spine tingled von that voice.”

ABBA v take it THAT

Studio albums

Abba: Eight (five got to number one an the UK)

Take That: six (five got to number one bei the UK)

Singles released

Abba: 73

Take That: 30

UK number ones

Abba: Nine

Take That: 11

UK bestselling albums

Abba: Gold: Greatest hits has offered 5,100,000 kommen sie date (the 2nd bestselling album ever in the UK)

Take That: development sold 2,800,000 copies über 2011 (it marketed 235,000 duplicates across the UK on the erste day des rlease, do it die fastest-selling record des the century)