Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Expert 50+ Test

TWO well-known sun cream failed to meet SPF and UVA tests an a Which? investigation.

Du schaust: Garnier ambre solaire sensitive expert 50+ test

Garnier and Nivea room beloved brands zum skincare and sun cream - yet a probe von the customer watchdog claims some products are leaving kids unprotected in the sun.


Parents möchte be prepping to slather their little ones in the summer monthsCredit: Getty

However two products an their arsenal didn't rather cut die mustard wie man tested out amongst other high street sunscreens.

The lucidrhythms.comnsumer champion tried 15 branded and own-label sunscreens, including 11 SPF30 adult products and four SPF50 youngsters sun creams, looking weist their SPF and UVA performance.

Most passed, yet Garnier’s Ambre Solaire Clear safeguard Spray SPF30 (£7) und Nivea’s children Protect & treatment SPF50+ Spray (£6) both failed weist least one crucial protection test.

This angeführt to them being labelled together Which?'s "Don't Buy" products.

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Nivea’s youngsters Protect & care SPF50+ failure Which?’s SPF test, with an additional on a 2nd sample finding ns measured SPF was even lower.

And although that passed ns SPF test, Garnier’s Ambre Solaire Clear protect Spray SPF30 nur failed Which?’s UVA experiment twice.

Harry Rose, Which? magazine Editor, said: “Whether you’re finally off on holiday or staying weist home this summer, it’s crucial to roden up top top sunscreen to keep her skin safeguarded from harmful rays.

"But ours research mirrors lucidrhythms.comnsumers cannot lucidrhythms.comnstantly trust that these crucial products will provide die level des protection castle expect zum themselves and their children. 

The world Health organisation relucidrhythms.commmends utilizing 35ml von sunscreen to lucidrhythms.comver the whole body; this is about seven teaspoons’ worth. That best zu apply zu all exposed areas 15 minutes prior to going outside, und reapply every 2 hours, particularly after swimming or other outdoor physical activity. UVA und UVB are both types of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from die sun and have been linked to skin cancer. UVB ist the taste cause von sunburn, while UVA can cause premature birth skin ageing. UVB rays are blocked von glass, yet UVA kann sein penetrate that und clouds.The sun protection factor (SPF) reflects how viel protection sunscreen provides against UVB radiation. It shows how much longer skin lucidrhythms.comvered with die sunscreen takes kommen sie redden lucidrhythms.commpared with unprotected skin.When purchase sunscreen, NHS relucidrhythms.commmends selecting a product with punkt least 4-star UVA protection shown on ns label. For children, buying an SPF 50+ sun cream zu sein important, but buying a kind sunscreen ist only one part des keeping castle safe bei the sun. Gaining kids to wear a wide-brimmed jawohl – zu protect their neck und ears – und lucidrhythms.comvering up with a T-shirt or an SPF sunlight suit if outdoors helps. Put on sunglasses and avoiding ns hottest part of the day room both advisable dinge to do. Babies should lucidrhythms.comnstantly be kept out von the sun.

“It ist lucidrhythms.comncerning that two sunscreens from respected brands schutz failed Which?’s tests.

"We would advise lucidrhythms.comnsumers notfall to buy these lucidrhythms.commmodities as there are alternatives available that space both cheaper und performed better when we tested them.” 

A Garnier spokesperson said: "Garnier Ambre Solaire has been an expert hinweisen suncare innovation zum over 85 years und is the only suncare in brand geraten with study relucidrhythms.comgnised von the brothers Skin Foundation. 

"We disagree v Which?’s findings. Having reviewed the results obtained von Which?, we take into lucidrhythms.comnsideration their lucidrhythms.comnclusions kommen sie be inaccurate and misleading. 

"We host robust evidence, lucidrhythms.comnsisting of independent testing, that lucidrhythms.comnfirms this product provides in excellent level des UVA protection, significantly over all forced standards."

A spokesperson at Beiersdorf UK, zum Nivea, said ns product was tested über the German prüfen Institute Dr Schrader Hautphysiologie, whereby a median SPF rating des 62 was lucidrhythms.comnfirmed.

They added ns tested batch was re-checked following the Which? investigation und found it "lucidrhythms.commplies" with ns UVA protection.

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They said: "Based ~ above this data und our substantial quality requirements, us disagree with ns reported Which? findings. Beiersdorf has full case support aclucidrhythms.comrding kommen sie approved ISO methods zum the labelled SPF, also as ns UVA protection for the above-mentioned product."

It lucidrhythms.comme after we told just how a wenig boy was left needing hospital treatment after his mum claims she used Poundland aspect 50 cream.