You could nur use her phone zum driving directions, however a committed GPS maker makes navigating easier, functions where freundin don’t have coverage, and frees up die phone zum other uses. Die Garmin DriveSmart 55 was standing out since it combines best-in-class directions, points-of-interest data, driver alerts, and free map update with die best multi-touch display screen we’ve seen on any GPS unit.

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Garmin DriveSmart 55

The best auto GPS

Best-in-class directions, treiber alerts, points von interest, und free map updates—combined with the best screen we’ve seen on any type of GPS unit—set die DriveSmart 55 apart from the pack.

The DriveSmart 55’s super-crisp 1200×720-pixel capacitive display zu sein much sharper und easier kommen sie read than die 480×272 screen typical on most similarly sized models. And its multi-touch control zu sein much easier zum zooming in or out on a map than ns typical general practitioners screen’s controls. While ns 5.5-inch screen ist larger than on usual models—which oase 5-inch screens—the overall unit ist slightly smaller sized thanks to die 55’s sleek bezel-less design. Like the best general practitioners models, die 55 can deshalb connect kommen sie a smartphone via Bluetooth, which lasst uns you send destinations to the device, acquire incoming message on-screen, und receive extra trip and traffic info. The DriveSmart’s comprehensive points-of-interest database helps guide sie to an area’s ideal sites and businesses, with incorporated TripAdvisor ratings, Foursquare listings, background Network sites, und US national Park directories, which various other brands’ modell don’t offer. The 55 so provides helpful traffic info bei many metro areas, responds kommen sie voice commands too as ns best gps units, und like other top models includes totally free lifetime map updates—a contrast to the pricey updates freundin buy zum many cars’ built-in nav systems.


TomTom walk 520

Better GPS zum world travelers

You obtain more totally free maps for more nations than through Garmin models, but the TomTom walk 520’s display isn’t as sharp und the an equipment isn’t as easy zu use as ns DriveSmart 55.

Buying Options
$200 indigenous Amazon
$180 from Walmart

May be out of stock

The TomTom go 520 ist a an excellent alternative kommen sie take along if freundin frequently travel outside North America due to the fact that it offers free downloadable welt maps, which are separate, high-quality purchases zum Garmin models. TomTom’s ziehen um magnetic mountain is deshalb a pretty bonus.

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While die Go 520 offers many von the same features as die Garmin DriveSmart 55, us prefer ns 55 weil das US use since it gives much more specific directions and clearer fahrbahn guidance, it has a trickster display, its food selection system zu sein easier to use, that voice controls are much more extensive, und it uses more driver alerts.


Garmin journey 52

If you want a basic navigator with fewer features

Like die DriveSmart 55, this budget model gives you a best-in-class user interface and points-of-interest database, und top-notch directions, but it lacks that high-resolution display, Bluetooth connectivity, voice commands, and Wi-Fi updating.

Buying Options
$100 native Amazon
Buy from best Buy

May it is in out of stock

If freundin want a less expensive general practitioners navigator, there is no some des the handy features von the DriveSmart 55, we recommend ns Garmin journey 52. Return it’s ns least expensive model in Garmin’s existing line, it gives you die same great directions, user interface, points-of-interest database, and driver advises as the DriveSmart 55, und includes complimentary lifetime map updates. The Drive 52 ist missing the 55’s handy, mobiltelefon Bluetooth connectivity, voice command system, und Wi-Fi updating. An addition, that is 480×272 resistive touchscreen isn’t together sharp and doesn’t allow multi-touch input.

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Garmin DriveSmart 55

The best car GPS

Best-in-class directions, driver alerts, points des interest, und free map updates—combined with ns best display we’ve seen on any GPS unit—set the DriveSmart 55 apart from die pack.