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Finding the best gaming headset is arguably as crucial as choosing a gaming keyboard, monitor, or even a graphics card. Ns sound des your virtual world and how freundin communicate through your teammates all rely on die device sie wear on her head.

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But choosing ns best gaming headset zum your ears und head form isn"t easy, due in part to the sheer amount von options that room available. With die ever-rising popularity of esports and the loved one simplicity von combining off-the-shelf audio hardware with cushy earcups, a sprinkle von software wizardry und a mic, computer gamers are now offered more choices than ever.

A rapid search of popular online retailers yields hundreds of choices across dozens des companies, varying from less than $10 (£8) to over $600 (£460). You may already know how much you"re willing kommen sie spend top top a her headset, but there are still many other dinge to consider.

Luckily, we’ve been trial and error gaming headsets for years (to seen every modell we"ve tested, inspect out our gaming headset evaluate page). We absolutely haven"t had actually all des them on our heads. But below you"ll find the best gaming headsets we"ve tested.

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Quick Gaming Headset purchase Tips

Here are some jene to keep an mind wie searching for the finest gaming headset weil das you:

Wired or wireless? Wired headsets usually expense less und don’t need to be charged. Therefore, if you"re frequently gaming weist your desk, sie may want kommen sie stick zu wired options to keep things cheaper und simpler. A wired headset deshalb won’t die on sie mid-battle. On die other hand, there’s no denying ns convenience von being able to run to die kitchen zum a drink there is no having zu remove your cans.Headbands and earcups. Comfort zu sein more subjective than measuring audio output und input, but generally speaking you should avoid plush gaming headsets through thick bulges, cheap foam and cloth covers. Wie we"ve tested these types von headsets, we"ve often discovered disappointing acoustic performance. Ear-cushion material tun können make a huge difference in what your ears at some point perceive.

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Audio und mic quality. These are really important if sie want die best gaming headset, yet impossible zu evaluate über one or 2 floor models an a store. We focus on these aspects in detail in our reviews. An short, detailed reproduction und good platz resolution, specifically wie it comes zu complex noises und environments with multiple sound sources, are much more important than any attempt punkt simulated surround sound.

The ideal Gaming Headsets You tun können Buy Today

Exemplary comfort und sound make die HyperX wolke Alpha ist the best gaming headset. (Image credit: HyperX)