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Game of Thrones: 10 Saddest dinge About Jon eye Jon snow lived a hard life an Game of Thrones and was forced zu make some unthinkable decisions. Here are die saddest things about the character.

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Jon snow collage
Jon snow became ns most heroic character in Game of Thrones and if he had become the King von the 7 Kingdoms the would schutz been ns cherry ~ above top of the cake. He was a fierce, honorable, modest soldier who intended nothing but zu fight weil das justice to all. That went through a wild journey during die entire show, discovering his true identity and always being on ns front lines of the most dramatic battles in Westeros.

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But a true hero also endures die biggest hardships and is confronted with die toughest choices that make ihm sacrifice personal happiness bei the nennen of fairness und integrity. Jon Snow"s case was no different. There were sad and pivotal moments in Jon"s difficult story that changed everything - notfall only for him but so for the direction of the narrative.

Everyone who calls themselves fans of the most-watched HBO TV nur ever knows the Jon eye spent ns great majority von his life gift called Ned Stark"s "bastard". And the audience thought this too for the zuerst couple von episodes. But in reality, viewers to be surprised and also relieved wie man it was revealed that he was House Targaryen"s rightful heir together his parents were Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This put in end to ns bullies that provided this diskutieren against this wronged man. Dafür much dafür that, letztere on, he was chosen zu rule über his people. Native a bastard kommen sie a king, there"s no doubt that Jon Snow come a lang way bei the series.

Jon Snow und Ghost
If there was one point that would melt viewers" hearts was when Jon and Ghost interacted with one another. His pet companion was introduced an the show from job one and his loyalty kommen sie Jon was one von this character"s huge life class to the audience: zu appreciate your pets. The so-called "King in the North" earned die ire of fans during season 8 wie man he left Winterfell without Ghost. This was a really sad momente as Jon left die direwolf with Tormund und the wildlings, instructing his freundin to return Ghost to ns "true North." Unfortunately, these two stayed separated from the great majority von the show.

Jon Snow
even though Jon Snow was a important honorable man, there were moments where fan hated him zum his inability to lie. This was especially highlighted during a King"s Landing truce when he failed zu tell a small lie to the evil Cersei Lannister about bending his knee. The goal was kommen sie become allies in the hit against ns White Walkers and take it his human being out of danger.

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But von then, Cersei had no idea that Jon had pledged his allegiance zu Daenerys. Instead, his pride got bei the way as the revealed he had already bent ns knee to another queen. Sadly, this decision killed any kind of chances von Cersei sustaining his cause.

7 losing Ygritte ~ above A Battlefield

Jon snow holds dice Ygritte
the relationship between Jon Snow and Ygritte had a real, genuine, passionate dynamic (even though it began off with castle hating each other). Die-hard fans will constantly remember the scene wherein he officially broke his vows together a brother in black and chased her into a cave to make love to her. Quickly after, his duty made him death some von the wildlings und he ended up betraying produziert trust. Yet, they plainly wanted zu be with each other and so when Jon saw her being murdered it was incredibly sad to watch. She died in his arms und it was the end of this tragic liebe story.

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When Jon"s resurrection happened hinweisen the end of season 5, fans could barely glauben it. He came rückseitig to life after gift murdered by a group of the Night"s clock brethren und it shocked everyone. However, nobody forgets exactly how saddening it was that he was betrayed von his brothers that were supposed kommen sie be there for him. The way castle hurt him was grausam because castle stabbed him to death. This scene became one of the show"s most renowned moments and people felt really sorry zum him. However thanks zu some witchcraft from die Red Woman, Jon lastly opened his eyes und gasped zum air.

5 finding Out about His original Family

die huge plot twist about Snow"s real identity has got to be one des the many lingering mysteries an the Game von Thrones series. But von the time the nachrichten finally got to this character, it was already auch late bei the sense that that had currently started a relationship with his aunt, Queen Daenerys. This man had currently been with a lot und when fan finally felt enthusiastic that this naive, good person was bei love again, it"s unlikely that there was someone who didn"t feel sympathetic kommen sie Jon"s shock and sadness. Plus, the Targaryen succession didn"t want to be the king of die Seven Kingdoms.

when Ygritte claimed that Jon eye "knew nothing", it ended up being one des the most talked-about price quotes on die web. While she didn"t yes, really understand the extent des what the sentence represented, it was revealed more und more clear together time passed. Zum instance, when Jon (former mr Commander) was elected King an the North, it became noticeable that, while he did his best, that knew very little about politics und scheming. The reason for that is that Snow constantly remained true to himself and his values, no matt what, just like his "father" Ned Stark.

3 having Daenerys" zurück Through that All and Being Left Disappointed

Loyal, honorable, righteous... What more kann sein be said around Jon"s qualities and integrity level? while this character progressed hugely from the beginning until ns final season, his best traits stayed untouched. Dafür when that came kommen sie his loyalty to Daenerys" cause, fans didn"t mean anything other than his complete commitment. Still, their connection started tense as Jon refused to bend the knee because he wanted die North kommen sie remain independent. However after that accepted herstellung as his queen, the lived und breathed kommen sie see herstellung sit on the Iron Throne one day. Sadly, as viewers know, she readjusted dramatically und became ruthless in her quest zum the throne, make Jon snow realize the she would be completely untrustworthy as a queen an King"s Landing.

Yes, Jon snow was the one who killed his aunt, lover, und queen an a fragile moment. Nonetheless, die audience could see that the took everything from him to get to that point. This was probably die saddest momente ever des the show, and, many definitely, bei his life. Acquiring romantically involved with her proved kommen sie be an additional mistake und reinforced die idea the he was so naive in matters of the heart.

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Ironically, he holds his second lover"s tot body just like he did through his zuerst one (Ygritte). Jon"s two chances des being happy und loved by women the loved rückseitig ended up bei tragedy.

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1 His Fate: Joining the Free Folk

in the end, the murder of Daenerys robbed Jon von his ideal to ns throne des Westeros. As much as viewers really want this zu happen, having ihm lead all von Westeros v love, rationality, and care for all, was a power that that despised. Therefore, wie man Jon was arrested und his fate was decided, he definitely felt more weist home with die Free Folk. This was such a sad conclusion zu this character"s story arc who notfall only didn"t schutz the acknowledgment he deserved but also went zu a location that, as Tyrion said, was intended zum "cripples, bastards, und broken things".