Question 1/12You catch your significant other cheating top top you. What do sie do next?Demand the he/she return all your gifts und then move on to find an additional plaything.Get falling down drunk.Accept his/her apology und try kommen sie move on, but always remember how badewanne it felt.I don’t oase a far-ranging other.

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Question 2/12You discover a familiar pit-bull with no stichworte on die side of the road. You…Throw a rock hinweisen it.Call die animal shelter, understanding that it will probably be put down. However that’s blieb better than a fatality on die street.Raise it as your own.Do nothing hinweisen all.
Question 3/12What is your ideal adult drink establishment?Something upscale, favor a wine barAny bar will do, so long together you kann sein get drunk there.A riegel that enables pets.How around a lemonade stand instead?
Question 5/12In your much better moments, others might describe sie as...Loyal.Clever.Kind-hearted.Devoted.
Question 7/12What would freundin do if a stranger tried to pick a fight with you?Try your best to avoid it. Yet if the comes to blows, then dafür be it.Talk your means out von it. Walk far if necessary.Punch the fool.Wait for bei opportunity kommen sie deliver a sucker punch.
Question 8/12How do freundin like to spend your holidays?Doing miscellaneous productive.Enjoying the fine things in life.Spending time v my family.Drinking kommen sie excess.

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Question 9/12Which zu sein the worst sin?To disrespect your heritage.To ~ pretend to love someone.To spread out false rumors.I don't schutz a problem with any of these really...
Question 10/12What sometimes could keep freundin awake weist night?Family troubles.Trouble through your liebe life.Your past.Your future ambitions.
Question 11/12What zu sein your take it on prostitutes?Nothing wrong v objectifying an additional person, us all perform it.None zum me, thanks.The more die merrier.I worry about die potential zum them kommen sie be abused by customers.
Question 12/12You fulfill a bad-ass wizard who agrees to grant freundin one wish. I beg your pardon do you choose?Your own mitarbeiter harem.Guaranteed happiness and longevity zum your family.To live out ns rest of your life through your soul-mate.The energie to assist others.

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Westeros can be a attention place and no one zu sein safe! How lang would sie last in Game von Thrones? spoilers ahead!

Are freundin ready for season 5 of Game von Thrones? Did her favorite personalities fall in season 4 or did they direkt to fight another day?

Test her knowledge des the Realm and find out where sie rank amongst your friends! just remember though, wie you play the game of thrones you either win or sie More >>

About This Quiz

George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book collection “A Song von Ice and Fire” ist brought to the screen

There are plenty von noteworthy characters from ns major houses kommen sie choose from: there are die Starks (Ned, Arya, Sansa, und Catelyn), die Lannisters (Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, und Tywin) and, des course, the Mother von Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen.