Game des Thrones is arguably one of the many successful TV collection ever made. Based on the george R. R. Martin series “A Song of Ice und Fire,” ns series zu sein closing in on the final season top top HBO. The being said, we’re super excited zu watch Game of Thrones online.

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HBO, or Home kasten Office, ist one of the many successful premium networks bei the world, v close to 140 million subscribers worldwide. Founded an 1972, HBO is bei important source of original content, whether we’re talking about TV shows or movies, also as the one location where you kann find kasten Office movie that oase just left die cinemas.

Game des Thrones zu sein one des those series that human being weren’t sure about bei the beginning, yet where ns story has become dafür compelling the everyone wants zu watch it. The series premiered back bei April 2011 and will end bei May 2019 after ~ eight seasons.

The story brought us through the whole des Westeros und Essos, observed as cheering weil das our heroes, fearing von getting enclosed too much of one character or an additional as castle kept obtaining killed off. The zuerst few periods had fans who had read ns books warring off online with those that had only watched the shows and complaining around missing plots or changed storylines. Then, bei the latter series, when ns book source zutat had ended, everyone joined bei to breath watch ns show und hoping that R. R. Martin would ultimately publish the damn books too.

The eighth and final season von Game von Thrones wollen premiere top top April 14th, 2019, with only six episodes left kommen sie watch. Unequal previous periods that featured ten episodes, or die seventh season with 7 episodes, this one will schutz only six, yet they’ll it is in hour-long. This time, we’ll see what happens wie Winter ist really here.

In fact, follow to die announcement, you better prepare kommen sie sit ~ above your armchair for a lang time, so get all ns snacks sie need, visit the bathroom and settle in because sie won’t want to fehlschlagen anything. This is how lang the episodes will run for.

episode 1 – Sunday, april 14, 9:00 nachmittag (ET/PT) – runtime: 0:54 episode 2 – Sunday, april 21, 9:00 pm (ET/PT) – runtime: 0:58 episode 3 – Sunday, april 28, 9:00 pm (ET/PT) – runtime: 1:22 episode 4 – Sunday, may 5, 9:00 pm (ET/PT) – runtime: 1:18 episode 5 – Sunday, might 12, 9:00 pm (ET/PT)- runtime:1:20 Episode
6 – Sunday , might 19, 9:00 PM (ET/PT) – runtime: 1:20

How kommen sie Watch Game des Thrones Online?

HBO zu sein pretty easy zu watch online because there are deshalb many ways zu do that. HBO itself has actually a couple of platforms – HBO Go und HBO Now, while die channel is also easy kommen sie watch via streaming dienstleistungen that offer direkt TV, which ist plenty. But, die thing is, if you leave ns country zum any reason, whether unternehmen or vacation, you will no longer be able to access ns service. That’s due to the fact that licensing deals also HBO has prevented them from allowing broadcasts zu take ar outside of the country. Geoblocks room common for this type von services and they take right into account a who IP address when visiting die site. Thankfully, you can use a VPN to change ns IP addresses to make it seem together if you’re in a various location than the one you in.

Then, you oase to launch the apps and sign into her account. If sie live in the vereinigt States and use HBO Now or HBO Go, you’re going kommen sie need to pick a US-based server and connect zu it. If you direkte elsewhere that has actually access to HBO Go, you’re going to need zu pick a server from your native country and connect to it. The anwendung will inform you when die connection has actually been established. (Users from the European gewerkschaftler will only need a VPN if they leaving the eu because eu rules prohibit ns platform from making use of geoblocks within ns Community space.)

How zu Watch Game of Thrones there is no Cable?

We live an a digital era and most von us spend a an excellent chunk von our leben online. We watch puppy video on YouTube, laugh at memes on Facebook, catch up with our favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu, check out the nachrichten on websites, chat v our girlfriend on Messenger or WhatsApp. Because we perform all these sachen online, why not so watch TV an the same manner? Thankfully, that’s easily done nowadays.

Streaming service such as the ones we’re going kommen sie discuss give freundin freedom that traditional cable contracts can’t. You kann watch whatever you want as lang as you have in Internet connection and a compatible device. Your clever TV in your living room, or her PlayStation 4, or perhaps your tablet, her Roku player, your smartphone, her laptop; anything goes.

So, there are fairly a couple of ways kommen sie watch HBO online and we’re going kommen sie go through them all deshalb you can enjoy Game of Thrones.

1. HBO Now and HBO Go


Yes, we oase to anfang with the obvious. The TV channel comes through its own online platform. Both HBO Now and HBO go share die same content, but the login process zu sein different. Zum HBO go you’re going zu need to have credentials from your TV provider kommen sie sign in, while zum HBO now you tun können create your very own account und pay HBO directly. Basically, if you’re still tied zu a timeless cable service you kann watch HBO walk as lang as you oase HBO on your subscription. HBO jetzt only works bei the vereinigt States, yet HBO go works bei a lot more nations including throughout Europe, Latin America, and South Asia. The should so be stated that HBO Go has actually turned into in OTT an several europe countries, whereby users tun können now i ordered it directly kommen sie HBO Go und pay through their cards rather than log bei with a cable provider.

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So, the town hall Game des Thrones wollen be fairly easy if you have one von these two apps. Review our HBO jetzt review zum more details.

2. Amazon Prime Video


Finally, we have amazonas Prime Video. This one zu sein a great leistungen that is offered zu Prime subscribers. Ns Prime subscription brings through it swift delivery on amazonas orders, cool music on amazon music, ebooks, amazon Prime Video und more. On top of the element subscription, you’d deshalb have zu pay zum HBO, which prices $14.99 von month.

The platform functions on pretty viel any device, so you’re good kommen sie go with whatever platform sie like using most. Read our amazonas Prime videobilien review zum more details.

3. Hulu


Another great möglichkeit to clock Game von Thrones ist to get Hulu, which is a fabulous communication that offers both videobilien on Demand and live TV. The VOD platform has been around for quite a while, but the direkte TV dienstleistungen has only been around zum a while und includes just a bundle of channels. An additional couple des channel packs space available zum those who want more kommen sie watch. HBO ist available weil das $14.99 both with die VOD platform und the direkte TV one, dafür you’re collection no matte which one freundin pick.

If you go through the direkte TV platform you’ll be able kommen sie enjoy 2 simultaneous streams, as opposed kommen sie a single one that comes with ns VOD service. More simultaneous streams are available zum those that want kommen sie pay $14.99 zum the “Unlimited Streams” feature. This one gives world the chance to watch inhalt on as many devices freundin want as lang as they’re connected to the Home network, but the number drops to three wie you’re she out and about. Also, they kann sein record inhalt to watch at a later time. Bei fact, users gain 50 hrs of wolke DVR space zum free, however a 200-hour option ist available for $14.99 von month. Review our Hulu direkt TV review and our hulu VOD review.

4. DirecTV Now


Another kühl platform you can check out zu sein DirecTV Now. The dienstleistungen underwent some changes bei mid-March, v two new bundles arriving und the alt five ones acquiring a rebranding und a various price. One of two people way, you should recognize that can now discover HBO integrated in the two new bundles – to add ($50/mo) und Max ($70/mo). If freundin want any des the other 5 bundles – Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Optimo Mas – you’ll have to salary $15 von month weil das HBO.

DirecTV now allows users zu record shows and sports events and anything rather that’s broadcast on TV to wolke DVR, yet it’s only 20 hours des space. Plus, yes sir no möglichkeit to expand. Die platform permits users zu watch inhalt on up kommen sie two devices at once, through a dritter being possible to add zum $5 über month. Check out’s DirecTV now review kommen sie get ns full picture.

5. Playstations Vue


BundlesCustomizationDevice supportDVRFree trialVisit
Access ($49.99/mo), core ($54.99/mo), upstream ($64.99/mo), ultra ($84.99/mo)
Channel bundles - Sports verpackt ($10/mo), Espanol verpackt ($4.99/mo, $3.99/mo through PlayStation Plus)Premium channels - HBO ($15/mo, or included an Ultra), Showtime ($10.99/mo, $8.99/mo through PlayStation Plus, or included bei Ultra), FX+ ($5.99/mo), Epix ($3.99/mo, $2.99/mo through PlayStation Plus), Cinemax ($15/mo), fox Soccer add to ($14.99/mo or $12.99 through PlayStation Plus), Hi-YAH! ($2.99/mo or $1.99/mo with PlayStation Plus)Bundles - HBO + Cinemax ($21.99/mo or $19.99/mo with PlayStation Plus), Epix zugriffszeiten + Showtime ($13.99/mo or $11.49/mo v PlayStation Plus)
Amazon Fire TV, android TV, sich entschuldigen TV, Chromecast, iOS, Android, Roku, PS3, PS4, browser
Up to 500 programs, 28 job limit
Yes, 5 days
PlayStation Vue

Another streaming platform you should take right into consideration is PlayStation Vue, and it’s a an excellent one, managing kommen sie get ns highest score while us were reviewing direkte TV platforms. The leistungen offers 4 starter bundles and a couple des channel packs, and premium networks. You kann sein get HBO in two ways wie subscribing zu PlayStation Vue. The zuerst is von picking ns Ultra bundle, which ist the most expensive one, which already features HBO and Showtime zum only $20 more compared to ns previous bundle. Die second is von picking whichever bundle you want indigenous the zuerst three und adding HBO zum $15 von month. Dafür go ahead and pick everything version zu sein best weil das you when you subscribe to PlayStation Vue.

On game stations Vue, yes enough wolke DVR storage space for 500 programs. Furthermore, the leistungen allows 5 simultaneous streams, for no additional fees. There’s deshalb a unique feature we noticed here, namely ns fact that you kann watch three various programs punkt once, on ns same screen with die Split screen feature. Inspect out our PlayStation Vue review weil das more details.

How kann You binge on larger Game des Thrones Seasons?

If you’re acquiring ready weil das the neu season von Game des Thrones und are looking zum ways kommen sie binge on ns show, over there are quite a few options you can try out. Erste of all, of course, you kann sein find all seasons up on HBO Go und HBO Now. Before sie gain access, you’ll oase to authorize up zum one of the above-mentioned communication – HBO Now/Go Hulu, youtube TV, DirecTV Now, or game stations Vue. The nur isn’t available via the mögen of hulu or Netflix, deshalb you’ll oase to settle for these various other options.

We know Game of Thrones zu sein one von the best shows the end there, dafür if you planning top top purchasing the seasons kommen sie watch whenever you feel like, that’s also a hard option. You can try that the end on amazon Prime, google Play, YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, and Microsoft Store. Do sure zu check them every out together the price may different slightly, especially depending on when you make die purchase and what transaction they have to go on.

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The season 8 premiere wollen take ar on april 14th, 2019, while the final episode wollen air ~ above May 19th, 2019, together there are only six episodes left prior to we find out who stands on ns Throne von Seven Kingdoms. Or if anyone ist even left alive.