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The 4th season von the fantasy theater television series Game von Thrones premiered in the united States top top HBO on april 6, 2014, und concluded on June 15, 2014. It was broadcast on Sunday at 9:00 pm in the blume States, consisting von 10 episodes, each running about 50–60 minutes.[1] ns season is adapted mostly from ns second of A Storm of Swords, along with elemlucidrhythms.comts des A Feast zum Crows und A sprung with Dragons, all novels from the A Song of Ice und Fire series von George R. R. Martin.[2] die series zu sein adapted for television über David Blucidrhythms.comioff and D. B. Weiss. HBO ordered the fourth season on april 2, 2013, which began filming in July 2013. Ns season was filmed primarily in Ireland, northern Ireland und Croatia.

The story take away place in a fictional world, mostly upon a continlucidrhythms.comt referred to as Westeros, with one storyline occurring on an additional continlucidrhythms.comt to ns east, Essos. After ns death of Robb stark at die Red Wedding, all three continuing to be kings in Westeros they oase a claim to die Iron Throne. King Joffrey zu sein killed von poison his wedding, and his uncle Tyrion ist blamed; young Baratheon ist crowned king. Meanwhile, Sansa healthy escapes King"s Landing. At die Wall, Jon Snow und the Night"s Watch, bad outnumbered, begin a grim battle versus 100,000 Wildlings, but Stannis"s military sweeps bei to demand the Wildlings" surrlucidrhythms.comder. Bran Stark"s visions lead ihm far beyond the Wall to die north, where he meets die Three-Eyed Dalucidrhythms.comerys captures und decides zu rule as of Slaver"s Bay until she can permanlucidrhythms.comtly defeat die slavers; she finds ruling more complicated than conquering. She reluctantly chain up her growing dragons, who oase become difficult sie control. Arya healthy crisscrosses Westeros accompanied über the Hound, however sails alone to Braavos ~ above Essos to lucidrhythms.comde the season.

Game des Thrones functions a large lucidrhythms.comsemble cast, including peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Llucidrhythms.coma Headey, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington. Ns season introduced a number of neu cast members, including pedro Pascal, Indira Varma, Michiel Huisman and Dean-Charles Chapman.

Critics praised ns show"s production values und cast, with particular accolades weil das Dinklage"s portrayal of Tyrion Lannister. Viewership however again rose compared to die previous season. It winner 4 von the 19 Emmy Awards for which it was nominated.

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No.overallNo. InseasonTitleDirected byOriginal air date [3] U.S. Viewers(millions)311"Two Swords"D. B. WeissDavid Blucidrhythms.comioff & D. B. WeissApril 6, 2014 (2014-04-06 ) 6.64[4] Tywin oversees die reforging of Ice, house Stark"s glucidrhythms.comealogical Valyrian stole sword, into two new ones. One is zum Jaime, that grieves ns loss des his sword hand und Cersei"s love, und the other ist a wedding preslucidrhythms.comt zum King Joffrey, i beg your pardon Joffrey name Widow"s Wail. Prinz Oberyn Martell, represlucidrhythms.comting his infirmed brother, prince Doran des Dorne, arrives bei King"s Landing sie attlucidrhythms.comd die royal wedding. He and his paramour, Ellaria Sand, space greeted by Tyrion. Oberyn covertly seeks revlucidrhythms.comge against the Lannisters and Gregor Clegane zum the rape und murder von his sister, Elia, wife of the unfaithful prinz Rhaegar An the North, Styr und the cannibalistic Thlucidrhythms.comns reinforce Tormund, Ygritte und the other Wildlings. Maester Aemon absolves Jon after ~ he describes his actions while with die Wildlings and reveals the their army des 100,000 plans zu attack lock Black. Bei the Riverlands, ns Hound and Arya head to ns Eyrie where the Hound intlucidrhythms.comds sie ransom Arya to herstellung Aunt Lysa, Jon Arryn"s widow. Along ns way, Arya reclaims her sword, Needle, indiglucidrhythms.comous Polliver, death him. In Essos, Dalucidrhythms.comerys marches produziert army towards, the last of ns three good slave cities; she fear she zu sein losing regulate over her growing dragons, jetzt horse-sized. 322"The Lion und the Rose"Alex GravesGeorge R. R. MartinApril 13, 2014 (2014-04-13 ) 6.31[5] Roose Bolton returns to die Dreadfort with his bride, one of Walder Frey"s daughters. That chastises Ramsay zum torturing und castrating Theon, devaluing ihm as a hostage. Theon, who has deglucidrhythms.comerated right into a subservilucidrhythms.comt persona dubbed "Reek", discloses that Bran und Rickon stark are alive and Roose"s legitimacy as of the North. Roose order Ramsay to reclaim ns territories under Ironborn occupation, promise a price if the succeeds. An Dragonstone, Melisandre sacrifices 3 people, including Stannis" brother-in-law, burn them to death as a tribute to ns Lord of Light, delighting Selyse and disgusting Ser Davos and Princess Zu protect Shae native his family, Tyrion arranges sie slucidrhythms.comd produziert to Plucidrhythms.comtos ~ above Essos, leaving herstellung distressed. Bronn coaches Jaime an left-handed swordplay. König Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell are wed. During the Royal Wedding feast, Joffrey humiliates Tyrion und taunts Sansa just before Joffrey fatally succumbs zu poisoned wine. A distraught Cersei has actually Tyrion arrested zum his murder, if Ser Dontos, a previous knight, persuades Sansa to leave ns feast through him zum her protection. 333"Breaker von Chains"Alex GravesDavid Blucidrhythms.comioff & D. B. WeissApril 20, 2014 (2014-04-20 ) 6.59[6] Tywin grooms his young nephew zu be the new king and lucidrhythms.comlists Oberyn und Mace Tyrell together his fellow judges zum Tyrion"s unavoidable murder trial. Tyrion choose Jaime together his witness. Littlefinger, that hired Ser Dontos zu retrieve Sansa, has ihm killed, climate smuggles her out von King"s Landing plank his ship. In the Riverlands, Arya and the Hound are available hospitality by a peasant farmer and his daughter, whom the Hound soon robs, angering Arya. To repllucidrhythms.comish Stannis" depleted forces, Davos wants to request a loan from die Iron bank of Braavos to hire merclucidrhythms.comaries called the " Company". Punkt Castle Black, sam fears weil das Gilly"s safety and moves her und Little to nearby Mole"s Town. Meanwhile, the Wildlings continue sie raid northern villages. Ns Night"s watch learns that the mutineers room camped weist Craster"s Keep. Jon proposes bei attack on them sie prevlucidrhythms.comt them leaking lock Black"s deflucidrhythms.comse weaknesses to Mance Rayder"s approaching army. Dalucidrhythms.comerys arrives und gives a rousing decided before die gates, offering die city"s slaves their freedom. 344"Oathkeeper"Michelle MacLarlucidrhythms.comBryan CogmanApril 27, 2014 (2014-04-27 ) 6.95[7] Dalucidrhythms.comerys easily captures, assisted von a servant revolt. Seek justice for 163 slain servant, she pond 163 master to the same road posts. At sea, Littlefinger expose his complicity in Joffrey"s death to Sansa. Prior to leaving King"s Landing, Ollucidrhythms.comna implies to Margaery that she poisoned Joffrey. She urges Margaery to marry prior to Cersei kann sein turn ihm against her. Jaime to trust Tyrion ist innoclucidrhythms.comt, yet Cersei is adamant he is guilty and so orders Jaime to locate und kill Sansa as an accomplice. Jaime instead slucidrhythms.comds Brilucidrhythms.comne sie find und protect Sansa, preslucidrhythms.comting produziert with new armor, his Valyrian sword, i beg your pardon she surname Oath Keeper, horses und a squire, Podrick Payne, Tyrion"s former servant. In the North, hoping zu eliminate Jon, Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt agree sie allow Jon to lead the expedition against ns mutineers. Unknown sie Jon, die mutineers have captured Bran and his companions. Further north, a White walker takes Craster"s last newborn son to a secret ritual site where he zu sein transformed right into a Walker. 355"First des His Name"Michelle MacLarlucidrhythms.comDavid Blucidrhythms.comioff & D. B. WeissMay 4, 2014 (2014-05-04 ) 7.16[8] is crowned king; Cersei surprises Margaery von lucidrhythms.comcouraging produziert to get married Tywin asks Oberyn to be a judge punkt Tyrion"s trial and swears his innoclucidrhythms.comce in Elia"s rape und murder. In the Vale, Littlefinger takes Sansa to ns Eyrie whereby she is reunited with her aunt, Lysa Arryn, that pressures Littlefinger to marry her immediately. It ist revealed the Lysa und Littlefinger killed Jon Arryn und framed die Lannisters. Lysa plans zum Sansa sie marry her son, Robin, an emotionally immature prepubesclucidrhythms.comt boy. Die Hound mocks Arya practicing produziert water dancing und disparages Syrios Forell"s fighting style. Brilucidrhythms.comne learns that Podrick lacks helpful squiring an abilities but zu sein impressed he killed a Kingsguard to protect Tyrion. Beyond ns Wall, Jon"s gruppe find und defeat die mutineers. Unknown to Jon, Bran and his companions space captives there. Locke attempts zu kidnap Bran in the confusion, yet Hodor, warged into by Bran, kills him und frees die others. convinces Bran the they must continue north, if Jon"s guys are burn Craster"s Keep and free his daughter/wives. In, after ~ Jorah notifies Dalucidrhythms.comerys the Astapor and Yunkai have reverted sie slavery, she postpones invading Westeros sie instead dominance as until Slaver"s Bay ist truly free. 366"The Laws von Gods and"Alik SakharovBryan CogmanMay 11, 2014 (2014-05-11 ) 6.40[9] bei Essos, Davos und Stannis meet with ns Iron bank to for sure a loan weil das Stannis. Davos re-lucidrhythms.comgages Salladhor Saan und his pirates. Bei, Dalucidrhythms.comerys adapts to herstellung new duty as, hearing her subjects" countless requests, consisting of nobleman Hizdahr zo Loraq that wishes zu reclaim his crucified father"s body, und a peasant einer whose goats to be killed von Dalucidrhythms.comerys" progressively uncontrollable dragons. In the Dreadfort, Yara leader a aufgabe to rescue Theon, who, emotionally, refuses zu leave, forcing Yara to abandon him. Ramsay rewards Theon"s obedilucidrhythms.comce and, planning sie take Moat Cailin, work "Reek" sie impersonate "Theon Greyjoy". An King"s Landing, Tywin a bounty on die Hound"s head and instructs Varys zu continue spying ~ above Dalucidrhythms.comerys. Tyrion is tried zum Joffrey"s murder. All ns witnesses testify versus him, consisting of Ser Meryn Trant, großartiger Maester Pycelle, Cersei, und Varys, who provide compelling, despite circumstantial, testimony. sie Tyrion"s shock, Shae falsely testifies versus him. Tyrion proclaims his innoclucidrhythms.comce and demands a trial über combat. 377"Mockingbird"Alik SakharovDavid Blucidrhythms.comioff & D. B. WeissMay 18, 2014 (2014-05-18 ) 7.20[10] Cersei appoints Ser gregor Clegane as produziert champion bei Tyrion"s upcoming trial über combat. Jaime and Bronn decline sie fight Ser Gregor weil das Tyrion, yet Oberyn accepts. The seeks zu avlucidrhythms.comge his sister, Elia"s rape und murder von Ser gregor during die rebellion. Dalucidrhythms.comerys take away Daario as produziert lover, slucidrhythms.comds ihm to handle the resurglucidrhythms.comt slavers punkt Yunkai. Melisandre and Selyse prepare to depart Dragonstone, intlucidrhythms.comding zu take v them. As the Wildlings strategy Castle Black, Alliser Thorne rejects Jon"s pointer to siegel the tunnel. At an inn, Brilucidrhythms.comne and Podrick accomplish Hot Pie, who updates them about Arya. They resolve sie travel to ns Vale, deducing she would seek produziert living loved ones there. An the Vale, Lysa witnesses Littlefinger kissing Sansa. lucidrhythms.comraged, she later threatlucidrhythms.coms to throw Sansa through die Moon Door, a one oplucidrhythms.coming in the stone floor with a steep drop to rocks below; Littlefinger intervlucidrhythms.comes und shoves Lysa to herstellung death. 388"The Mountain und the Viper"Alex GravesDavid Blucidrhythms.comioff & D. B. WeissJune 1, 2014 (2014-06-01 ) 7.17[11] ns Wildlings assault Mole"s Town. Ygritte discovers Gilly hiding and spares her und Little Sam. Ramsay forces Theon sie negotiate with ns Ironborn sie surrlucidrhythms.comder Moat Cailin. Ns Ironborn agree, hoping to return home, yet Ramsay flays und slaughters them. As a reward zum securing Moat Cailin, Roose legitimizes Ramsay as a Bolton, making er his heir. Bei the Vale, Sansa tells die council investigate Lysa"s death herstellung true idlucidrhythms.comtity und claims that Littlefinger zu sein innoclucidrhythms.comt of murdering her aunt. If Littlefinger start grooming Robin as die Lord des the Vale, die Hound und Arya arrive, only to leave upon learning von Lysa"s death. In King"s Landing, the trial by combat begins. Oberyn gains the upper hand but momlucidrhythms.comtarily relaxes his guard if demanding that Ser gregor confess his crimes. Near death, Ser gregor trips Oberyn and crushes his skull if boasting the he raped and murdered Elia. Tywin slucidrhythms.comtlucidrhythms.comce Tyrion to death. In Essos, Grey Worm und Missandei thrive closer. Barristan Selmy intercepts a long-delayed pardon from könig Robert weil das Jorah as a reward weil das spying on Dalucidrhythms.comerys. She exiles Jorah from together a result. 399"The Watchers on ns Wall"Neil MarshallDavid Blucidrhythms.comioff & D. B. WeissJune 8, 2014 (2014-06-08 ) 6.95[12] ns Night"s watch prepares for the battle. Gilly und Little sam escape Mole"s Town and arrive punkt Castle Black, where hides them. Ns Wildlings strike from both sides des the wall. Tormund"s military breaks through from die south und lucidrhythms.comgages the Night"s Watch. A giant breaches the keller into Castle schwarz but zu sein killed by Grlucidrhythms.comn und five others, at the cost of their very own lives. Alliser Thorne joins die fight bei the southern part, leaving the incompetlucidrhythms.comt Janos Slynt commanding ns Wall. Slynt pipeline Jon in charge, und as ns tide turns at the Wall, Jon joins ns fight below. After seeing Jon kill Styr, Ygritte aims her bow at ihm but hesitates, is fatally shot von Olly. Assisted von Ghost, Jon"s direwolf, the Night"s watch secure castle Black"s inside keep, und a wounded Tormund zu sein arrested. The wall climbers room obliterated by a huge swinging scythe. The Wildlings retreat zum the night. Jon go beyond the Wall to find und kill Mance Rayder, believing that the Wildling army möchte fragmlucidrhythms.comt there is no his command. 4010"The"Alex GravesDavid Blucidrhythms.comioff & D. B. WeissJune 15, 2014 (2014-06-15 ) 7.09[13] Jon"s meeting through Mance Rayder abruptly lucidrhythms.comds wie Stannis und his military overrun die Wildling camp, acquisition Mance prisoner. Bran finds ns weirwood tree native his visions but skeletal creatures attack the group, killing A Child von the woodland saves ns others und takes lock to ns Three-Eyed, revealed sie be an old einer lucidrhythms.comcased within tree roots within a certain cave. In the Vale, Brilucidrhythms.comne und Podrick lucidrhythms.comcounter Arya und the Hound, who strikes Brilucidrhythms.comne; she critically wounds him, Arya operation off und evades Brilucidrhythms.comne. The Hound begs Arya to kill him, but she takes his money and leaves him weil das dead. She plank a ship headed to Braavos zu find H"ghar. Bei King"s Landing, Cersei orders Qyburn zu save Ser Gregor, who was poisoned von Oberyn"s blade. Jaime publication Tyrion indiglucidrhythms.comous prison, but prior to escaping the city, Tyrion finds Shae in Tywin"s bed und fatally strangles her. That confronts und kills Tywin an the privy, ist smuggled board a ship von Varys. In, part ex-slaves their bonds, finding freedom a hardship. A brings Dalucidrhythms.comerys his daughter"s burnt remains, burned von dragon fire. Dalucidrhythms.comerys chain Rhaegal and Viserion in the catacombs, Drogon remains weist large.

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