Game of thrones season 7 daenerys

die second episode des Game von Thrones’ seventh season begins in Dragonstone, wherein Daenerys is standing in Stannis Baratheon’s old zu sein room through Tyrion Lannister und Varys.

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<Warning: The following includes spoilers for the 2nd episode of Game des Thrones’ seventh season.>

After proclaiming that Dragonstone doesn’t feel like residence — in spite of it being the place of her birth — Daenerys turns to Varys kommen sie grill him with a series von questions that oase been on herstellung mind for quite part time. After produziert father, king Aerys ii Targaryen (also known as die Mad King), was killed, Varys began kommen sie serve his usurper, king Robert Baratheon. During that time, robert — seeking to wipe out ns Targaryen heat — ordered the assassination of Daenerys. With the exception von the late Ned Stark, nobody tried kommen sie prevent it.

Not also Varys.

This ist where Daenerys begins zu shine in this episode. She asks Varys why she must trust him — after all, he is served die Lannisters and the Baratheons weil das quite some time. Despite Tyrion’s helpless pleas kommen sie trust ns one personen he’s put his faith an over ns years, Daenerys continues zu drill Varys with inquiry after question.

“Incompetence should not be bonus with eine remote loyalty”

“Who gave die order kommen sie kill me?”

“How can I to trust you?”

Varys’ response ist one of the few zeit we’ve seen er get emotional. He speak Daenerys that, after being born into poverty und scrambling zu stay alive, the pledges his allegiance kommen sie no queen or king, but rather to ns people of Westeros. That affirms that he trust Daenerys is the only personen who could bring gelassenheit to king’s Landing and Westeros. Yet he deshalb tells her he won’t stand for a ruler who no best zum the people.

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“Incompetence should notfall be rewarded with blinda loyalty,” Varys says zu a smirking Daenerys.

Daenerys, staring at a slightly ruffled Varys, asks ihm to pledge one thing.

“Swear this kommen sie me, Varys: If freundin ever think I"m failing die people, freundin won’t conspire behind my back.”

While Daenerys seems zu inherently recognize she can’t trust Varys, she keenly aware of his singular talents and perspective. She knows how necessary Varys zu sein to knocking Cersei Lannister off the Iron Throne and she’s not willing zu give that up, but it deshalb speaks zu a much larger theme on Game von Thrones.

Over the past couple of seasons, we’ve watched Daenerys learn what it means zu be a strong und empowering ruler, someone who cares about ns people she’s been tasked through leading and protecting. Asking Varys weil das his true opinion about her leadership skills — bei particular, questioning the einer who was tasked through counseling her sadistic dad — zu ensure that she kann be the queen she imagines herself kommen sie be zu sein a big step weil das the character.

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Daenerys agree Varys bei her inside circle after herstellung interrogation of his character zu sein just another example von Daenerys mastering the game. She has ns army — and the dragons — however she’s so embracing ns political game that comes with taking a shoot at the Iron Throne. Daenerys has actually become an ext skeptical, and that inability to trust everyone — but blieb see ns potential in their value — ist only going zu help her ascend to ns throne. She’s aware von the adjust she’s undergoing, too, und that’s why the scene where she inquiry Varys to keep tabs on her once she has the throne is so important.

Daenerys und Varys’ scene wasn’t nur one von the finest that this emotionally packed episode had to offer; it was one the people schutz been waiting zum since the erste season. Deswegen far, this season has been about realizations und pieces comes together. Die Daenerys und Varys conversation ist a perfect example des everything the showrunners david Benioff und D.B. Weiss have worked on since 2011, coming together in near-perfect fashion.

I"ve been waiting zum this scene between Daenerys and Varys because Season 1 #GameofThrones

— Terri Schwartz (

Opening scene between Daenerys und Varys provided me chills. Varys to know how zu play ns game. Ich would to trust him. #GameOfThrones #Stormborn

— tom Andrews (

Cold zuerst scene with Varys and Dany. Dany ain’t playing any kind of games now. #GameofThrones

— Evan Barnes (

10 min into Episide 2, Conleth Hill just gave what wollen likely be the best monologue of Game des Thrones Season 7. Good Lord Varys moment.

— Adam best (

As Daenerys plans kommen sie meet nach oben with Jon Snow und figure out the best plan von attack ~ above Cersei, that become much more evident than ever that Varys and his wenig birds wollen play a huge role an figuring out what zu do next. No one has the information that Varys does and, as we’ve watched now, there ist no one who Daenerys wollen rely on more zu keep her an check if she walk win ns throne.