Every official Game of Thrones video Game (& wie man They Released) ns Game von Thrones universe functions a vast variety von video games bei all different genres which room sure zu impress any fans of the franchise.

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ns Game von Thrones TV show may schutz ended on a badewanne note, however there space tons von video games an the GOT universe kommen sie allow fan of die franchise to continue play out your favorite fantasies. From role-playing games to ones only easily accessible on browsers, there are nine different official Game von Thrones titles kommen sie choose from.

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Game des Thrones originally debuted on HBO in 2011 before coming to an end in May 2017. The zeigen was well-received up until its letztere seasons, which to be met with viel backlash from critics und fans alike. The TV show is originally based on george R. R. Martin’s book collection A Song of Ice and Fire, of i m sorry the erste installment ist A Game des Thrones. Even though the TV series has ended, martin continues kommen sie write und add to ns series. The books will not follow the ending of the TV show, despite it remains unclear when ns next novel möchte be released.

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Until then, fan of the Game des Thrones franchise kann sein get their fix through the wide variety of video gamings based off des the books and TV show. Ns only challenging question is deciding i beg your pardon one kommen sie play first.

All von The Game des Thrones videobilien Games

Arya in game des thrones video game
Blood of Dragons was the erste Game von Thrones video game to hit the market bei 2007. It was published and developed über and made available only top top browsers. Given that it was released 4 years before ns TV zeigen debuted, this video game zu sein based only on ns book series by George R. R. Martin.

A Game von Thrones: Genesis was released an 2011, die same year the TV show zuerst aired. Ns game was published über Focus house Interactive and developed by Cyanide. It was only accessible on Windows. Die game’s story takes location over 1,000 years und explored die history von Westeros leading trost to the TV show. Football player vie zum control des the stole throne, which zu sein earned von having enough ‘prestige.’

Game des Thrones is a role-action videobilien game that was released a year ~ Genesis in 2012. That was also published über Focus residence Interactive bei conjunction v Atlus and was developed über Cyanide. This was the first Game des Thrones video game to be accessible on consoles, together it was released zum PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows. It was specifically based upon both die TV zeigen as well together the zuerst book in George R. R. Martin’s series, title A Game of Thrones. The author actually makes in appearance an the game, as he provides the voice kommen sie Maester Martin. James Cosmo (Jeor Mormont) and Conleth Hill (Lord Varys) so lend your voices zu portray their on-screen characters.

Game of Thrones: climb began complying with a trend des released Game of Thrones video gamings every year, many thanks to die TV show’s popularity roughly this time. Released in 2013, die game was published and developed von Disruptor Beam. Unequal other videos games an the Game von Thrones franchise, this was ns only game zu be made accessible on facebook platform. The was deshalb available for iOS und Android. Ns game ended up winning 2013’s auf facebook Game of the Year. It also won a Friendie Award ns same year.

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Game des Thrones: A Telltale gamings Series first debuted in 2014 und was both published und developed by Telltale Games. Die game was made easily accessible on a variety des platforms, consisting of Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. In the game, die player’s actions und choices influence ns eventual outcomes. Ns five playable characters kommen sie from house Forrester, which zu sein not featured bei the T.V. Show or books.

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Game von Thrones: Conquest arrived 2 years later after Telltale’s videos game an 2017. It was published von Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment und developed von Turbine only zum iOS and Android.

Dany an game of thrones winter zu sein coming
Reigns: Game des Thrones was published von Nerial in partnership with HBO, und developed über Devolver Digital for Microsoft fenster as well as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, und Nintendo Switch. It was released in 2018. While ns game ist based on characters from ns GOT universe, such as Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen und Tyrion Lannister, it is also considered a spin-off of Nerial’s Reigns series.

Game des Thrones: Winter zu sein Coming was released months before die final episode of the TV version of Game von Thrones ended. The RPG zu sein based both on the books und TV series and was published von Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment und developed von Yoozoo Games. Die video game was only made obtainable on browsers. Players assume ns role des the dame or lord of Westeros and must train soldiers und recruit neu allies, amongst other things.

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Game des Thrones: Beyond the Wall is die only Game von Thrones video game kommen sie release after die poorly-received final season von the TV show. Die game come out in March 2020 zum iOS and the following month it was made accessible on Android. The game was published by Behavior Interactive und developed by GAEA Mobile.

Game von Thrones season 1
the aforementioned gamings aren’t the only Game of Thrones video games in development. There were a couple von video gamings that never saw ns light of day, as their release was cancelled ahead von time. This contains Game von Thrones: 2nd Kingdoms, published by Bigpoint und Artplant and developed von Bigpoint, which was meant to be a large multiplayer online role-playing game. It was set zu be available on internet browser only. When Bigpoint was attained von Yoozoo Games an 2016, Seconds Kingdoms eventually turned right into Game von Thrones: Winter is Coming, which released in 2019.

Similarly, Game von Thrones: Season Two never arrived, despite it was an development and publication von Telltale Games. It was originally supposed to be available on a vast variety von consoles including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Season two was meant zu act as a sequel kommen sie Telltale’s 2014 Game of Thrones video game, but an 2017, Telltale’s job Stauffer said die project was on hold dafür they could focus on various other projects that were meant zu release an 2017 und 2018. The benennen never came to fruition, however, because the studio had actually a enormous lay-off in 2018 in which numerous in-development gamings were given the ax, including ns GOT sequel.

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The Game des Thrones franchise provides a large variety von video games that space sure to impress any kind of gamers, also if they weren’t dafür enthused von how the TV zeigen ended.