Game Of Thrones Folge 51

NOTE: significant SPOILER WARNING. This review/discussion contains tons des spoilers about die episode und even people crossing over from ns books. It’s really my free-for-all musing provided all the info at my disposal.

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Plot threads are unraveled und discussed one by one.

Jon / lock Black – As us closed through Jon’s body, so we open. Sigh. The camera pans across ns wall und Castle schwarze farbe to the scene of the crime. Ghost zu sein howling plaintively an the background. Davos zu sein the zuerst to spot die corpse and rushes to ns scene, adhered to by Dolorous Edd and all des Jon’s remaining friends — exactly how it zu sein that they to be all waiting around the corner? They bring his body inside and Edd close the door his eyes. Davos asks around ghost. Then a knock at die door, and the Red dame Melisandre shows. Given ns episode title and her presumed skillz weist resurrection a huge tease. However Mel is deswegen depressed she almost aussehen like a different actress. First Stannis climate Jon. Sachen haven’t gone fine with her vision prophesied royal bloods. She mumbles something about having seen ihm (Jon) in the flames fighting hinweisen Winterfell.

Next, Alliser Thorne sits an the main hall und tries to spin his treachery. That takes complete on credit und goes zum a half-assed Julius Caesar layout pitch mostly focused on Jon’s disastrous direction of leadership und his helping the Wildlings. Ich think this could schutz been better. Brutus, Cassius und all had actually a better argumente (even though I’m a substantial Caesar fan). Castle made ns reasonable (to Romans) pitch about Caesar having taken too much power (kingship) depend himself. An the political context von the roman Republic which prefer America valued ns balance of power, und with ns historic founding story involving ns overthrow of Tarquin together example, they had some kind spin. Alliser Thorne not deshalb much. But he walk sound prefer he trust what he says, und I’ve constantly thought the zeigen (and ns actor) has done a good job humanizing his role.

Back in the instant Jon eye memorial chamber, Ghost licks his hand. The gang there talks about how they space going zu get revenge, und out von this alive. Some desire to just attack. Davos suggests they need to appeal for help to the outside (presumably he’s talking about ns Wildlings and/or die Red Lady).

Later bei the episode Thorne comes zu their door und demands their surrender über nightfall, yet offers them cost-free passage. Inside, they know he likely möchte kill them. Davos reiterates that die Red Woman ist their just chance.

However, she zu sein moping in her room in what zu sein clearly a crisis des faith. She glances at the flame and her reflection bei the (crappy) mirror. Climate undresses. Again?!? ich even commented out loud, since she’s always getting produziert clothes off. However then she take away off produziert necklace und is revealed kommen sie be in ancient crone. Interesting. Zu sein this merely a glamour curtesy des the Lord des Light? Or does she feel young normally? Uh, and incidentally, die full body shot was kinda extreme.

Anyway, but ending the nur on this klasse the authors drag out die question of Jon Snow und his resumed undeadly return. It was too much to expect they’d acquire right right into it.

" width="600" height="365" srcset=" 900w, 300w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" />Ramsay / Winterfell – v Joffery dead, Ramsay ist easily everyone’s favorite rogue on the show. Really, the does a fabulous job. Below he ist delivering the eulogy end Myranda’s body, or at least musing about her in the presence von Maester Wolkan. There zu sein some depth to him und you kann sein see that he liked die hot-but-evil bitch. Textbook touch wie man he orders her body fed to die dogs.

Next, he has zu take some much more abuse indigenous his ice cold dad (no wonder he’s a whack-job). Roose congratulates him for his battlefield victory but berates er about loosing Sansa, who we (the audience) space reminded (again) is the key to holding die north. We learn that Ramsay has actually hunting neben out looking weil das her. No duh! Why isn’t he on ns trail himself?

Sansa / Theon – i guess because des what zu sein about kommen sie happen. Sansa und Theon operation through ns forest — probably even die very same set (I average forest) that we saw method way back in the Season 1 illustration 1 intro. Theon zu sein pretty nimble too zum someone without most of his toes because he’s doing the leading. He even forces Sansa across a freezing river to “loose ns trail” (hounds are barking in the distance). They do it across, but are bei serious danger of dying of hyperthermia and have zu take a rest under a tree kommen sie freeze zu death.

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The hunters draw close. Theon valiantly runs out and pretends she is dead, but ns ruse lasts zum all des 2 secs before die hounds find Sansa, that isn’t doing viel more 보다 cowering und shivering. All aussehen grim until…

Brienne / Pod – ride in for die rescue. In oddball helter-skelter fight scene auch as Brienne originally does well, then zu sein knocked from her horse and barely — with die help of Theon und Pod — manages to do in all ns Bolton soldiers. Sansa, again, cowers under ns tree. After, Brienne kneels before Sansa und again offers herstellung services. This time a grateful, less “innocent”, Sansa takes herstellung up on ns offer. The austausch of vows functioned nicely, even much more underscored von Sansa’s marginal memory of the oath.

Cersei / Jaime – Cersei chills in her room, ausblüten reeling from herstellung “confession” as Jaime’s delivery sails into ns Dubrovnik — ich mean King’s Landing — harbor. She rushes under all excited to catch sight of her brother on die launch with a gold draped corpse — uh oh. The actual bad news and Cersei’s reaction zu sein skipped, cutting to die twins top top a balcony talking about death, their tot mother, ns witch’s prophecy und all that. Jaime doubles under as normal saying “Fuck everyone that isn’t us” und this time Cersei needs him again enough zu hold er close.

Margarey – Is still cooped up barefoot und dirty in her cell. In annoying Septa reads scripture zu her and demands confession. Ns High Septon swaps in to try great cop. Marg ausblüten isn’t ready kommen sie yield und asks after Loras, but we don’t discover anything.

Dorne – price Doran ist limping along with Ellaria Sand and they austausch what seems zu be pleasantries around his and his brother’s personalities. Yet Tyene Sand (Bronn’s “girl”) stabs Hotah in the back und Ellaria take away out herstellung pseudo-brother-in-law. It’s all auch sad und still relatively cheesy.

Then zurück on ns Dornish boat the young price, Doran’s boy Trystane zu sein ambushed von his cousins ns Sand girls. They make short and gruesome work des him. Ich guess Dorne is bei full revolt.

Tyrion and Varys – walk die streets of Meereen trading their normal jokes. There is a entirety thing where Tyrion tries zu give a beggar mädchen some money und she thinks he wants kommen sie eat herstellung baby (his Valyrian being bad). The doesn’t really work too well. Castle wander past a Red Priest providing a sermon. Not clear what that’s about. Then they lakers a bunch of people running und follow ns trouble upstream to find die ships burning in the harbor. Ich guess Dany won’t be cruising anytime soon wie man she returns.

Jorah und Daario – a trying out Northern Ireland in search of Dany and the show reminds united state gratuitously des Jorah’s grayscale über having ihm take a peek. No surprise, it’s bigger. Castle find burnt ram, clearly Drogon’s leavings and then Dany’s ring. Notfall totally sure exactly how they manage zu do that various other than it being on ns one untrodden spot whereby she was standing — und magically numbers out that ns horde has actually her.

Dany – is being marched in addition to lots von other slaves an this neu Khalasar. We discover out Khal Moro is bei charge und Dany listens to ns Dothraki discuss die many ways an which lock plan kommen sie “have” produziert (in Dothraki). Your arrival at ns Khal zu sein heralded by one von the many amusing bits von the episode, where the Khal and his bloodriders debate “the 5 finest things an life,” bei which, according to ns Khal, “seeing a woman naked weil das the first time” outweighs “slaying another warrior.”

Dany pulls out produziert rusty Dothraki und lists her titles, but the Khal isn’t impressed until he learn she’s a Khal’s widow. Off she should go then kommen sie Vaes Dothrak to live with die crones. Maybe not the greatest, however buys her more time 보다 “entertaining” the soldiers would certainly have.

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Arya – ist not only blieb wearing uncomfortable white call lenses, but ist begging in the street. Ns Waif creeps hoch on her and beats her with a staff zum a while. Clearly, an future episodes, Arya requirements to listen to the Force und hone produziert blind-girl fighting skills!

Overall, it’s an excellent to have the show rückseitig but this is one von those episodes the has deswegen much step setting, and so many story threads that no one really gets that viel time to move ns plot. The being said, it’s notfall all nur establishing lage because a whole gewächs of stuff happens. Together usual an this nur everyone’s position ist shifting rapidly und isn’t always what it seems. GRRM (and D&B) love to each plot line zu alternate highs und lows. Return frankly, there room plenty von lows right now.