Game of thrones ende theorie Opinion asked critics und readers to share their geschichte about die ending des iconic series“Game von Thrones” finish after 8 periods on Sunday night The views expressed below are those des the authors. Some entries oase been lightly edited zum clarity and flow.

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11:03 a.m. ET, might 20, 2019

“Game of Thrones” finale charted the path des least resistance 

By kate Maltby


In primary school schools, lock teach the zuerst rule of storytelling: “show, don’t tell.” If you’re a 10-year alt child, and you’re writing a story around a prisoner called Jon, you’re alt enough to depict the fate des Jon being negotiated in real time über his friends und foes. You’ll obtain a failing great if, instead, freundin summarize her narrative von having a complicated off-stage psychological explained kommen sie Jon in two minutes von his friend. (Let’s call ihm Tyrion.) nur us events – don’t nur tell united state they happened. 

"Game von Thrones" showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss broke this most grundlegend of storytelling ascendancy over und over again in Sunday"s finale. It was as if, having decided where each character would ende up, lock charted die path von least resistance from every narrative suggest to ns next. Die quickest path from A zu B. 

For plot purposes, Jon had to kill Daenerys: so, one conversation with bei imprisoned Tyrion later und the following thing we knew Jon was in the king Landing throne room illustration his dagger. (An empty throne room kommen sie which Daenerys had actually conveniently retired without the tight bodyguard surrounding herstellung earlier.) Westeros necessary a neu king by the ende of the episode, deswegen one blink und a council of leading nobles had actually gathered in the Dragonpit. (No native on how they all got there, or what authority any von them oase left over ns political constituencies des their war-ravaged homelands. Who invites Edmure Tully zu Great Councils nowadays? has anyone bei the Stormlands even heard des Gendry Baratheon’s claim kommen sie be your ruler?) Then die turgid exposition between Tyrion and Jon. Eight years des storytelling reduced zu plot narration as executive summary. 

There’ll be many feminist and progressive disagreements written about why "Game von Thrones’" dauern sticks bei the craw. I’m sure I’ll agree v many des them – having written previously on those issues. (Greyworm together a share "angry schwarze farbe man?" Brienne burnishing the legacy of the man who shagged, dumped and demeaned her? not cool.)

But die social national politics aren"t really ns problem. With die careful, slow-burn character breakthrough that marked ns earlier seasons des Game of Thrones, Benioff and Wise could schutz made united state accept any kind of outcome. As Nick Cohen writes bei London’s The Observer, die writers kann explain ns clues laid kommen sie their plot as intelligently together they like, but die outcome des a literary narrative “is not right or wrong yet true or false, and if a story feeling false kommen sie a big enough section von the audience, ns artistic job collapses.”

Perhaps Benioff and Weiss execute know better than ns rest of us exactly how their adaptation des George R.R. Martin’s novels must end. Given ns ripped-from-Star-Wars-debate bolzen Jon und a black-tunicked Daenerys -- “join me, and we chandelier rule ns Westeros Galaxy together!” -- i suspect they glauben they’ve created a an excellent defense von liberalism against populist dictators. Certainly our times demand together a free defense. However ultimately, writers can’t unilaterally call us the logical outcome von their narratives, or die political conclusions we should schutz drawn. They kann only zeigen us, scene von subtle scene, so that we get there zum ourselves. That is where Benioff and Weiss lost your touch.

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Kate Maltby is a broadcaster und columnist in the vereinigt Kingdom top top issues des culture and politics, and a theatre critic weil das The Guardian. She is also completing a doctorate in Renaissance literature.