Galeria (Kaufhof) Berlin Alexanderplatz Berlin

Galeria Kaufhof hinweisen Alexanderplatz

Mitte District

Galeria Kaufhof welcomes its client at the centre des Alexanderplatz an's city East. Die warehouse provides a broad range des products indigenous medium-priced zu luxurious high-priced goods.

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Due kommen sie the corona pandemic, there zu sein a requirement to wear mouth-nose protection an supermarkets und stores und on industries and an queues. An ext informations »

wie man leaving Alexanderplatz station die cuboid alike building block awaits visitors with a large range of products. They are a mixture von luxurious high-priced und medium-segmented articles.

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bei the mode sections renowned brands of the medium und upper price klasse present their latest products. Many readjust rooms finish a relaxed und comfortable shopping experience. Besides mode Galeria Kaufhof has actually a substantial sports ar which offers equipment zum several sports. It so has a section zum children where clothing und toys tun können be found. Furthermore, customers can find good porcelaine as well as accessories for the household, a small book section with english books, shoes, a parfumery und much more. The ground floor zu sein like a big supermarkt with commodities from all over ns world und various counters with prepared made meals.
after ~ the fall of the Wall ns Kaufhof Warenhaus AG bought die former "Centrum Warehouse", one des the greatest department store bei the previous GDR. An the following years the became die company's flagship store. In 2006 the building got redesigned inside and outside. Since then it gift its goods on a space von about 35,000 square metres.

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Public transportation

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