Galaxy Tab A 2016 Android 8 Wireless is pleased zu announce a software program update for your device. This software program update has actually been tested to optimize machine performance, resolve recognized issues and apply ns latest protection patches.

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Before sie download:

Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, or make certain it has a solid Wireless network connection.Ensure her battery ist fully charged before starting ns software update.

To help sie with ns software update weil das your samsung device, this seite contains die following information:

Wi-Fi just Over die Air (OTA) ProgrammingServer-Initiated software program Update InstructionsUser-Initiated software program Update InstructionsSoftware upgrade while Roaming

Note: estimated software download time is 6-10 minutes. Approximated software update time ist 6-10 minutes.Wi-Fi only OTA Programming - Wi-Fi Exclusive upgrade If Wi-Fi ist enabled and your device zu sein connected kommen sie a Wi-Fi network, your device wollen be able to receive and download new software updates.

The download möchte take ar when die device is bei Wi-Fi coverage, but coverage does notfall need to be consistent. You kann use multiple Wi-Fi networks und disconnect from/reconnect zu Wi-Fi, and the update möchte continue to download from wherein it left off until complete.When the download ist complete, you"ll receive a notice that there"s a new software update available for installation. Tap install Now kommen sie continue through installation. Die device will energie off and back on and the installation process möchte begin.

You"ve properly updated your software.Server-Initiated software application Update You"ll be informed on your maker that a software application update ist available.

Select Install jetzt and your device will stärke off und back on and the installation process möchte begin. Tap OK to begin the installation.

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Note: If freundin choose Defer, this möchte delay installation and you"ll it is in taken back to die Home screen. Die software update message wollen appear periodically until freundin install die update.After you"ve received zuerst notification des the software program update, you kann sein manually initiate von going kommen sie Home > Applications > setups > About device > software application updates. Under system updates, insanity Restart & install to install the update. Your maker will energie off und back on und the montage process will begin.Once the passend zu is complete, ns device will power off and then rückseitig on again.

You"ve effectively updated your software.User-Initiated software Update This process allows a user to navigate through ns device options zu seek updates.

From the Home screen, tap the Menu crucial > setups > about phone > software updates > Check for Updates.If your an equipment finds a neu software update, madness Download now. Wie man complete, a screen wollen appear advising sie that the new version von software ist ready to be installed. Insanity Install update.The machine will stärke down and power zurück on. A screen wollen appear stating the the fasst has been completed. Insanity OK.

You"ve properly updated your software.System upgrade while Roaming If you"re roaming, freundin won"t obtain a software application update notice. Zu update, you"ll need to either enable Wi-Fi and wait weil das the update notice zu appear or manually update von going zu Home > applications > setups > About machine > software application updates.To permit Wi-Fi:

Go to Settings > Wireless & networks.Tap Wi-Fi.To affix to bei available Wi-Fi network, select Wi-Fi settings and select bei available Wi-Fi network or manually add a Wi-Fi network.

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If die software upgrade fails kommen sie install, you"ll get an error screen. However, this just means the software didn"t download properly. Die device will power rückseitig on with initial software und will vorbestraft you again zu install ns software update.If you don"t schutz a solid connection zu Wi-Fi or the Wireless network, sie may notfall be able zu perform a software application update over the air. Instead, you kann connect her device to a computer with internet access. Affix your device zu your computer using your USB cable, then download the Software upgrade Assistant tool kommen sie your computer, which möchte check zum software updates und initiate the software update process.