Galaxy S7 Induktives Laden Aktivieren

We tun können say that the Galaxy S7 improvements an the design of ns Galaxy S6 makes ns user endure better. Besides the metal frame ist curved beveled edges und 4 corners, ns product so has a very dünn rim screen helps overall pretty slim an equipment helps die grip v a firmer hand. An additional feature of the entwurf is ns rear glass is toughened curved beveled on both sides kommen sie help hold ns Galaxy S7 feeling really comfortable.

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Have to say, die Galaxy S7 is beautifully designed assets with the highest degree des perfection an all von Samsung smartphone ever. From the speaker slot, communication ports, buttons and camera weil das the entwurf are so very detailed und Test Lab evaluate aesthetically.

The layout and the power button on the right side room two volume control tasten on ns left side allows use v one hand is much more convenient. Ns difference von the Galaxy S7 compared to die predecessor lines und nano-SIM slot memory card cum arranged on die top sheet (instead von on ns right side as die Galaxy S6), while all various other interfaces such together headphones , micro-USB port, speaker slot, microphone slot are located at the bottom edge. This layout ist convenient zum those who use protective abdecken for device (rather SIM und memory cards without having kommen sie remove die protective hülle again).

Design Features test Lab enjoyed an ext that die borders around die screen von the Galaxy S7 are comparable curved beveled on iphone phone 6 / 6S. Type 2.5D curved glass renders swipe, tap v your thumb in the border area used zu be natural and smoother.


With ns size remains die same at 5.1 inches similar predecessor line, but the screen des Galaxy S7 accounted for 72.1% of the front (70.7% higher than on die Galaxy S6) through display edges thinner shape. Machine still support 2.560×1.440 pixel resolution with a pixel density of 577 ppi hit, at sight AMOLED screen technology.

On display quality, bei default setting with automatically calibration role Brightness (Auto Brightness) display screen Galaxy S7 is capable to zeigen the bild with high detail, clean with colorful colors. Notable point an this product ist the brilliant level of image from gift “virtual” by increasing color saturation (Saturation) as in S6 or Galaxy grad 5.

The bild displayed on die screen von the Galaxy S7 honest and beautiful than ns Galaxy line “S” und the klasse earlier although die use des Super AMOLED technology.

Samsung also incorporates many interesting features weil das users to customize die display des the Galaxy S7. Modify functions together as screen mode for the display (Screen mode), you kann change to the automatic calibration options to suit each task (Adaptive display), AMOLED cinema wie man watching movies, AMOLED photo while viewing photos or radikale want zu put this display on normalerweise mode with neutral colors, notfall too showy. The wide viewing angle und contrast ratio of the screen is highly recommended that test Lab walk not oase any obstacles wie using light machine outdoors. An particular, the function immediately increase the contrast (Contrast) of an image up when die machine is highest bei areas with solid sunlight really useful when you use the machine outdoors in sunshine.

Besides, ns operating system so integrates attributes screensaver (Screen saver) v multiple screen modes, color. Constantly On Display function enables the screen constantly displays the date und time information, battery, messages, missed calls … on a schwarz background. In addition, clever stay function enables die machine kann sein recognize ns vision of the human being eye provided to not turn off ns screen, fairly useful wie man reading publications or news.

There zu sein a suggest where prüfung Lab is not like an the Galaxy S7 beneath the hem relatively dünn screen deshalb people with big thumbs will be slightly inconvenient when using the Home button, two crucial features of android as easy zu touch die screen touch.

Overall, samsung has improved the screen des Galaxy S7 from the curved glass equipped zu help die visibility von the user experience more efficient.


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Galaxy S7 ist equipped v a hauptsächlich camera ~ above the back of 12 megapixels, doppelt Pixel sensor, aperture f / 1.7, support optical bild stabilization, clever OIS, and the former camera des 5 MP, so the aperture ns /1.7, 22mm, automobil HDR duty support.

Technically, the taste camera von the Galaxy S7 using the image sensor 1 / 2.5 inch Sony IMX260, through 1.44-micron pixel size, aperture is deshalb larger than ns aperture of ns / 1.9 on the Galaxy Camera S6.

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After countless days kommen sie experience this product, lakers Test rap technology doppelt Pixel technology ist similar to phase Detect AF phase on other high-end smartphone models und on a DSLR or mirrorless (mirrorless). This modern technology makes taking pictures an low irradiate better.

About photo quality, an terms von the Galaxy daytime S7 camera for beautiful gemälde quality, clarity und detail. Ns color zeigen on ns photographs as truthful and not too showy together on die Galaxy S6.

In low-light environments, Galaxy S7 also at picture quality is quite good, although notfall really clear, but much better than photos from note 5 or Galaxy S6. An especially with night mode, bild obtained despite ns relatively bright and clear than die line of his predecessor, but ausblüten the situation when zooming Artifacts an the original size.

Besides 4K feature film with an excellent quality, smoother fidelity audio with the image function des the Galaxy S7 also supports multiple shooting settings (Mode) together other committed focus prior to shooting zurück (Selective Focus) , panoramas (Panorama), dial hold-up effects (slow motion), rapid effects (Hyperlapse), photographed v two cameras (dual camera) … an especially with pro mode, ns user can change die parameters some, such as aperture, focal distance length, ISO, white balance, focus, bild effects … to be more beautiful. Samsung deshalb added functions double click the Home button twice to open the camera und take a snapshot (even from die lock screen) helps die user walk not miss the beautiful moments.

OS und features

Galaxy S7 operating system preinstalled android 6.0.1 v TouchWiz UI customization features des Samsung. Unlike the Galaxy s high-end assets before, customizable android operating system on die Galaxy S7 is somewhat neat und response speed faster manipulation. Notification riegel is so customized through brighter colors, ns fine-tuning function schon fast connection (Quick Settings) also richer. Samsung has included functionality zu add background shade application icons, folders user interface makes beautiful und more personal.

Interface settings are clearly distributed according kommen sie each article comes through its own search function helps customers quickly accessibility all die options there is no losing ns detection. Integrated clever Functions direktors helps users manage battery, storage, RAM und the security level von automation equipment und efficient, if notfall more technically savvy, you just press the Clean all the machines optimized (suitable wie symptomatic slow machine).

In addition, Samsung also has extr control functions with one hand (One-handed operation) helps kommen sie resize die user interface kommen sie be an ext convenient kommen sie use. Or at the point von the Galaxy S7 functions schutz two options, to change die screen dimension (Reduce screen size) und the option to change ns dial keypad (keypad), online keyboard, screen lock …

Some other amazing features that die Galaxy carrier S7 ist integrated simple mute (shading display screen or inserted upside down on ns table machine to silence during ns meeting), screenshot by scanning perpendicular hand over user interface … Samsung also must use in item in the Advanced möglichkeit Galaxy Labs features kommen sie users previously experience extr features to die product, of course, die functions in this ar are an the experimentation phase.

Like in Note 5, die health treatment function, die Samsung s Health has added the ability zu measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), measure ns pressure (stress) as well as measuring heart rate monitor water content of ns body and measure ns number von steps / jogging. Administration interface, the s statistical dünn rather scientific wellness helps users to know your health status during a predetermined period von time ist very convenient.

Waterproof function des the Galaxy IP68 standards S7 fairly helpful, shot soaking machine prüfung Lab in water bath for 5 minutes and the machine blieb completely usable afterwards. Particularly with die charging slot maker dry notification kann sein be recharged.


Performance und battery

The ausführung that test Lab tested using Exynos 8890 processor from Samsung, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB von internal memory and battery capacity von 3,000 mAh ist integrated. Lab experiment do not schutz any complaints about ns use von performance-based Galaxy S7 android 6.0.1, maker processing speed faster, smoother und responsive to every action from surfing kommen sie gaming on die product weighs .

However, although die manufacturer announced ns Galaxy S7 ist equipped through a cooling system with liquid, but the machine is still quite hot wie gaming or photography long. When the hot, feeling very uncomfortable holding, zum hand sweating, this is in inconvenient location zum the back glass surface is easy kommen sie fouling.

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Performance measure up score with tools Galaxy S7 high benchmark and than those des rivals together as the iPhone 6s Plus, LG G4 and the new phablet line von Samsung klasse 5 both in performance and graphics handling performance overall.