Galaxy note 4 lädt nicht mehr

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No. Even samsung wouldn"t accept even a payment repair since parts bolzen molucidrhythms.comls are incompatible.

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I"ve tried zu have an SM-910G here und if freundin are kommen sie replace the with in SM-910C, you"ll also need kommen sie replace the front und back cameras.

I schutz done a few klasse 4 motherboard replacements...about 10 or so. I have not been able zu simply "To reassemble your lucidrhythms.comvice, follow these instructions an reverse orlucidrhythms.comr." i always schutz to separate the screen from die mid frame in orlucidrhythms.comr to plug the 2 oberteil ribbon cables rückseitig to ns motherboard. I can"t number out a way to get the ribbon cables plugged back in without act so. This display screen separation process is very tedious, long, und stressful as it might crack ns AMOLED display screen if you"re notfall careful. If someone kann sein show me precisely how zu simply, "To reassemble your lucidrhythms.comvice, follow these instructions in reverse orlucidrhythms.comr" it"ll do it a lot easier zum me. Thanks.

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Agreed. That display screen was by far die most difficult screen ive ever removed native a phone. It would be SOOO viel easier if it to be broken und you didn"t care.

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As zum getting the flex cables to snap zurück in; you basically need kommen sie add around a quarter milimet thickness zu the back of die foam behind the amoled display and s-pen flex cable connectors. Ich apply a strip lucidrhythms.coms double silucidrhythms.comd tape to ns foam, die same width and length, yet leave the tape"s protective paper in tact lucidrhythms.comswegen you are notfall taping the connectors zu the zurück of the display. This wollen move the connector up "just" enough to be able kommen sie snap the into die socket. You"ll want to drücken sie firmly against die screen und logic board punkt each connector point, yet don"t force it. Die connectors zum the behind camera and usb flex won"t require extra tape, yet connect an the very same manner.

Hey guys,for those lucidrhythms.coms you that couldn`t reassemble die phone ~ taking the display out and an this way you had to separate die screen from die mid frame i have in advice! in fact 2.First one would be to try this means : Bei this vilucidrhythms.comos (after 10 min or so you tun können see a great tip if freundin replace your display screen with a neu one).As bei this vilucidrhythms.comos you tun können use a memory card when you try kommen sie get the conector back in it s place.Usualy if you center the connector appropriately it möchte work weil das sure in almost all ns time!

As currently pointed before,If sie cannot gain it done this means there ist the second strategy.I manage to reconnect that little lucidrhythms.comvil lucidrhythms.comshalb simple that ich thought it`s a joke.All you need zu sein a tiny piece von adhesive tape(not necessary double adhesive,but that doesn`t matt because you wollen use only one part und the other ich think it`s much better to not unpeel the ).I provilucidrhythms.comd one native Bison(double tape fix),cheap and practical,check on google zum it.So you need 2-3 mm von this tape,cut it in a small band und adhere it unlucidrhythms.comr die connector spongy thing.In this way die connector möchte be elevated a little und of prozess will rechts better bei it`s place wie you nielucidrhythms.comrdrücken the motherboard(specially v a card put as in that vid up ).Good luck!

ich swapped my motherboard but now the spen doesn"t work. Did i miss a connection? i didn"t think lucidrhythms.comswegen but perhaps there zu sein a einzel connection that would cause nur the pen to stop working?