Galaxy a3 2017 vs a5 2017

Samsung began the neu year von introducing 2 new models in the Galaxy A series: the samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) und the samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). Punkt a glance, the two smartphones are identical, however nothing zu sein further from ns truth. We'll tell sie about ns differences und what sie as a user möchte notice des them in this article.

Du schaust: Galaxy a3 2017 vs a5 2017

samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
Screen 4.7-inch HD 5.2-inch full HD
Rear camera 13 megapixels 16 megapixels
Selfie camera 8 megapixels 16 megapixels
Storage und RAM 16GB/2GB 32GB/3GB
Waterproof Yes (IP68) Yes (IP68)

Glass is great! samsung has offered glass weil das the (front und rear) casing von the samsung Galaxy A3 und A5 (2017). Because des this, ns devices oase a luxurious feel and a beautiful appearance. Ns bezels room made von metal, which just adds zu that feeling. Personally, I"m notfall a big fans of pink und gold. The black version is my favorite. They"re very chic gadgets that you kann sein show off. Partner Ferdinand gott a feel for both devices bei the video review below.


With that is 8-megapixel take self camera, the samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) ist a selfie king. Some smartphones have in 8-megapixel behind camera. The A3 (2017) has actually it together a take self camera. Bei short, in 8-megapixel resolution ist very high zum a take self camera. A king blieb bows to in emperor, though: the samsung Galaxy A5 (2017).


The samsung Galaxy A5 (2017): ns emperor of selfie land. A 16-megapixel selfie camera is unheard of. You kann sein use it kommen sie take images that are nur as sharp as those of the rear camera of the device. The only different is that ns front camera doesn"t schutz a flash, while the rear one does. The Galaxy A3 (2017) is especially good wie it comes kommen sie cameras. Ns Galaxy A5 (2017) is exceptional.


The samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 (2017) space dust und waterproof. They"ve got bei IP68 classification, which zu sein the second-best classification. This means die device tun können be submerged bei water up kommen sie 1.5 meters zum up to 30 minutes.

That"s good news zum everyone that drops their maker into the toilet now und then. Or zum those people who can"t resist answering that one phone call bei the rain.

Even dust can"t simply get in your phone. An short, the samsung Galaxy A3 und A5 (2017) space well safeguarded against ns elements, no matte if you"re at home or outdoors.

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The specifications: 4.7-inch HD. That"s a resolution of 720x1280 pixels. In in age des Full HD und Quad HD screens, that"s notfall a lot. Is this a problem? That relies on what you"re going zu use die device for.

If you"re generally going zu send messages und surf ns internet, this resolution is fine. You"ll only start noticing it wie man you watch photos und videos with a greater resolution than die screen. Ns quality des what you"ll see will be lower than the original quality of the foto or video.


Although a last of smartphones oase a Quad HD screen, full HD is ausblüten a an excellent resolution. Zu clarify: Quad HD ist 1440x2560 pixels. Full HD ist 1080x1920 pixels. Ns higher die resolution, the more power a screen needs. That"s another reason why a complete HD isn"t a bad choice punkt all.

On top des that, both die A3 (2017) and the A5 (2017) have bei AMOLED screen. This ist more energy effective than bei LCD screen. Various other than that, samsung features ns integrated always on function. This means you"ll always oase the recent notifications ~ above your screen without having kommen sie activate her phone.

The samsung Galaxy A3 und A5 (2017) are an extremely pretty smartphones made des glass and metal. Both devices have a satisfied feel und can it is in used quickly with 1 hand.Not just do the A3 und A5 (2017) look at good, however we can"t complain around their performance either. The specifications are good, und you notice this throughout use. TouchWiz isn"t together demanding as it used zu be, which means these 2 devices work smoothly. The strong suits are ns cameras and the fact that both phones are waterproof. Do you like taking selfies, und would you like them notfall to be blurry zum once? Both the samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) and the samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) are in excellent choice. Though die A5 (2017) is just a wenig better.

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