G charme might not enjoy ns household nennen status of the industry titans, however this German provider has been in the antivirus game zum more 보다 30 year after inventing die world’s erste antivirus program. Three decades later, its software is still packed full von features und settings.

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Want kommen sie discover the truth behind ns hype? watch this video zum more die info about using G Data:



I tried out two of G DATA’s products during mine evaluation: G charme Antivirus und G säule Internet Security. While both incorporate antivirus protection, only ns latter has firewall protection, parental control, und a wolke backup feature. Both products, however, include real-time system protection which monitors every read and write record operations continue on the system as they happen.

This zu sein a useful “low level” tool that sits deep within the system. Ich downloaded a prüfen virus to lakers how quickly it would certainly be detect and got a notice within seconds von finishing the download from my google Drive. The real-time protection zu sein complemented nicely by the idle scan tool, i m sorry initiates a system-wide scan when the system zu sein idle.

Deep Scanning v Low system Overhead

The memory and startup scanner ensures that no malicious programs are running during system boot and a rootkit scanner tests zum ones that fill prior to system boot. Additionally, all von these scans tun können be scheduled deswegen that they run automatically punkt preconfigured times. Overall, this is in extremely an extensive assortment des virus scanning options.


G säule has a reputation zum system power hog, but i did notfall find that to be die case during mine test. While running a system scan, ns program just consumed 5.8% des my obtainable CPU. This was less des a resource drain than die task direktors program itself und I did notfall notice any type of lag bei speed together it indexed my folders.

Solid Independent rap Ratings

In terms von independent prüfung scores, the German agency has received high rangfolge from four rating companies. In particular, G charme has been rated favorably for its malware-crushing capabilities (the software application scored complete marks from number of providers in this department) and its low rate von false optimistic detections.


G säule Internet Security uses a variety des extras the make the a truly finish solution weil das protecting sie from online threats. There’s a parental manage tool that does a good job at locking under access to certain categories of websites or manually defined URLs.

The autostart direktors is bei interesting addition which allows you to take extr control end which programs boot and when (you tun können add program to bei “autostart through delay” list, which i haven’t kommen sie across elsewhere). Die program also includes a keylogger defense tool which ist a cybersecurity must. Unlike numerous programs ich tested, it was possible to configure which programs ns protection would run on bei case you ever run a regime that has actually a legitimate need to capture your key-board input. In that case, that program might simply be added as an exception to die general protection.


The firewall device provides substantial control end inbound und outbound firewall settings, while the BankGuard utility provides additional in-browser protection wie man accessing online banking websites.

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I was particularly impressed von the fact that ns program picked nach oben on the reasonably weak WiFi password ich used zu connect to a publicly WiFi hotspot i was searching at the time. reading WiFi passphrases (and prompting die user if they room insecure) is a function that ich had not kommen sie across before. Setting a strong password ist vital zum any security-conscious home-owner.

Ease of use

Downloading, installing, and using G säule Antivirus und Internet Security was easy. The program contains plenty of features, however they space well nested within progressed menus. Upgrading native Antivirus to internet Security did call for reinstalling the program but as the two programs share a usual user interface, getting kommen sie grips with the additional features was not much of a challenge.



G säule offers an online assist center in the form of a Q&A page, a ticket system for receiving personal assistance from in expert, and in international phone call number. The knowledge basic only includes a handful von resources and isn’t die most comprehensive system that I’ve seen. I would schutz liked to lakers more 보다 one international dialing number,as well together pre-sales and support direkte chat tools. Nevertheless, ns support received was competent und courteous. I received bei email ticket an answer within in hour the adequately fixed my question about adjusting parental control categories.


Pricing zum both Antivirus und Internet Security is tiered according kommen sie protection period und number von devices. ns maximum number des devices a license for each program kann protect zu sein five.

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at this level, which is enough kommen sie protect countless families, i think that represents strong value weil das money. The single device plan is also very affordable.