Funny nightclub puff und bordell

Aufgrund das pandemischen situation gilt in uns die 2G-Regelung: Zutritt zeigen für geimpft oder Genesene.

Du schaust: Funny nightclub puff und bordell

Why not take advantage of our pick-up Limo Service! nur give us a call or call your hotel concierge. It möchte be our pleasure to pick you up in Style! for the convenience des our clients we so provide a secure & manned car park facility at die front von the Nightclub.

I schutz taken note of ns electronic consent und consent to the processing von my data.I oase read ns Privacy policy note

About us

Welcome to die realm von heightened pleasure des the senses…

The ist the best & many exclusive Gentlemen’s club bei Hamburg. Die enamoring ambience caters to die exquisite und unique requirements von our patrons.

Our aufgabe is zu make our Guests feel welcome and at ease on every occasion and we specialize in catering to die many moods und desires von our vast clientele.

Naturally we market absolute confidentiality dafür you kann sein enjoy her time v us und be very relaxed und make every chance a memorable one. Celebrate a sensational firework display of your senses and move a step closer into ns breathtaking world von fantasy

Whether sie wish to just chill und have a drink from ours exquisite selection des wine, champagne und spirits or get to know the end hostess or 2 or three in a more private surrounding – our Cozy riegel caters to your every desire. Obviously, you wollen choose ns hostess or 2 or three und will witness bei ever enamoring Striptease und Lap dance.

Our state von the nett facilities encompass themed, elegant and plush rooms … We deshalb boast a whirlpool und caters to the more adventurous clients us have…

Whatever her desires – be sure – and you choose from our range of comforts and ecstasy.

During our opening hours you möchte find up to 40 gorgeous Ladies hinweisen our Bar. Our interdependent international Ladies are betwee 21-years and 40 year young and promise to provide sie with bei excellent service. Customer satisfaction is not only our zuerst priority – it ist the first priority weil das the hostesses together well… normally you kann sein make use of our wellness area during your countless stay through us. Our Ladies constantly look forward kommen sie a “Steamy Sauna” or a “Whirl an The Pool”Even if you just come to reap a glass von Champagne or a Whiskey on the rocks punkt RELAX – we Welcome you kommen sie Relax and enjoy ns surroundings. We offer one ns greatest selection von Champagne including ns Dom Perignon Series. Not to cite our Magnum bottles of up to 9 liters are constantly ready to be served. We also provide a vast range of Havana Cigars, which room stored making use of state des the nett equipment und environment an our Humidor. Our dienstleistungen team zu sein not only focused on do your remain a special… but deshalb to make it the most memorable – you re welcome do not feel hesitant kommen sie ask weil das anything throughout the evening. Our maxime is: kommen sie to ns Best, Relax und you space sure to forget die Rest. Be safe Nightclub.We look at forward zu it.
All significant Credit Cards space accepted weist the riegel as well with our international Ladies. Billing discretion is so catered for.

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Perfect place. Ich enjoyed it an extremely much. Regrds indigenous LondonThanks John. Us hope kommen sie welcome you sonn. john Hamburg
Hallo,bei allem Vergnügen in schnellem Wegstecken,....Ich bin mit Kunden letzte Woche erstmals in den hamburger Nachtclub be sure Nightclub ging und bi deswegen begeistert, ns ich sie alle dort hin vorstellen möchte peter Berlin
hintergründe Barkeeper, ns etwas von Cocktails verstehen, Mädels mit an diejenigen man sich auch wirklich lustig spiel kann, eine riesen wählen und qualität Preise. TH Hannover
Ich habe mich dann nach zustimmen netten gesprächen mit Lara eineglassen. Sie kommt das ende der Ukraine ist noch schon lange in D.Witzig, miske und sexy.Für € 250.- und 2 Piccolos vorweg bin ich dann mit ihr laut lachend in den Swimmingpool verschwinden maximal Hamburg
das wird dann schon einig teurer wie eine klein sAppartement, noch ich werde dort häufiger auch zeigen auf einer Drink reinschauen.Wirklich cool. rolf K. Frankfurt

We are here zum you indigenous Monday kommen sie Friday 18.00hrs – 05.00hrs und Saturday 20.00hrs – 05.00hrs closed on sunday Adenauerallee 30 20097 hamburg Telephone: +49 (0) 40 280 37 90


Via auto you wollen reach united state from the taste Train terminal (Hauptbahnhof) within 2 minutes, from die airport within fünfzehn minutes and from ns Harbor in 6 minutes.

Why not take advantage of our pick-up Limo Service! nur give united state a speak to or contact your hotel concierge. It will be ours pleasure kommen sie pick sie up in Style!

For the convenience of our clients we deshalb provide a for sure & manned car park facility at ns front von the Nightclub.

I oase taken klasse of the electronic consent and consent to ns processing des my data.I schutz read ns Privacy policy note

Privacy Policy

We are an extremely delighted the you have shown interest in our enterprise. Data protection zu sein of a specifically high priority zum the management von the Relossek GmbH. The use des the internet pages of the Relossek GmbH ist possible without any indication von personal data; however, if a säule subject wants kommen sie use unique enterprise dienstleistungen via ours website, processing von personal data could become necessary. If ns processing von personal dünn is necessary und there ist no statutory base for together processing, us generally achieve consent indigenous the säule subject.

The processing des personal data, such as die name, address, postwahlwirren address, or phone call number des a säule subject shall constantly be in line with die General säule Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in accordance with ns country-specific dünn protection regulation applicable to the Relossek GmbH. Von means des this charme protection declaration, our enterprise would certainly like zu inform ns general public des the nature, scope, und purpose des the personal dünn we collect, use und process. Furthermore, data subjects room informed, by means von this dünn protection declaration, von the rights to which they space entitled.

As die controller, ns Relossek GmbH has actually implemented numerous technical and organizational measures kommen sie ensure ns most finish protection des personal charme processed with this website. However, Internet-based dünn transmissions may in principle oase security gaps, deswegen absolute security may notfall be guaranteed. For this reason, every charme subject ist free to transfer personal charme to us durch alternative means, e.g. By telephone.

1. Definitions

The dünn protection declaration von the Relossek GmbH ist based on die terms used über the europe legislator zum the adoption of the General data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our data protection declaration have to be legible and understandable zum the general public, and our customers und business partners. To ensure this, us would choose to erste explain ns terminology used.

In this data protection declaration, us use, inter alia, ns following terms:

a) angestellter data

Personal säule means any information relating to in identified or identifiable natural person (“data subject”). In identifiable natural person zu sein one who tun können be identified, directly or indirectly, an particular von reference to an identifier such together a name, in identification number, location data, in online id or kommen sie one or much more factors specific to ns physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that herbal person.

b) säule subject

Data subject zu sein any determined or identifiable herbal person, whose personal data is processed by the controller responsible zum the processing.

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c) Processing

Processing ist any procedure or set von operations which is performed top top personal charme or on sets von personal data, whether or not von automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure von transmission, dissemination or otherwise do available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

d) Restriction von processing

Restriction von processing is the marking von stored personal dünn with die aim von limiting your processing an the future.

e) Profiling

Profiling means any form of automatic processing des personal säule consisting of the use of personal data to advice certain angestellter aspects relating to a herbal person, an particular to analysieren or predict elements concerning that organic person"s performance hinweisen work, economic situation, health, mitarbeiter preferences, interests, reliability, behaviour, place or movements.

f) Pseudonymisation

Pseudonymisation ist the processing des personal data bei such a manner the the mitarbeiter data kann sein no longer be attributed zu a specific charme subject without the use des additional information, provided that such additional information is kept separately and is subject kommen sie technical und organisational measures to ensure that ns personal dünn are not attributed to in identified or identifiable herbal person.

g) Controller or controller responsible weil das the processing

Controller or controller responsible zum the processing ist the herbal or legal person, publicly authority, firm or various other body which, alone or jointly v others, determines die purposes and means des the processing von personal data; where ns purposes und means des such processing are determined von Union or Member state law, the controller or die specific criteria weil das its nomination might be provided for von Union or Member state law.

h) Processor

Processor zu sein a herbal or legit person, publicly authority, agency or other body which procedures personal charme on behalf von the controller.

i) Recipient

Recipient is a herbal or legal person, windy authority, agency or an additional body, zu which die personal dünn are disclosed, even if it is a third splitterpartei or not. However, windy authorities which might receive personal data in the framework des a certain inquiry in accordance with gewerkschaftern or Member state law shall notfall be regarded as recipients; the processing of those data über those public authorities candlestick be bei compliance with die applicable charme protection rules according to the purposes von the processing.

j) der dritte tag party

Third party zu sein a herbal or legal person, windy authority, firm or body various other than the data subject, controller, processor and persons who, under the direct authority von the controller or processor, are authorised kommen sie process mitarbeiter data.

k) Consent

Consent von the säule subject is any openly given, specific, informed und unambiguous indication of the charme subject"s wishes by which that or she, von a explain or by a clear affirmative action, signifies covenant to die processing von personal charme relating to ihm or her.

2. Name and Address of the controller

Controller weil das the purposes of the General charme Protection Regulation (GDPR), other charme protection legislations applicable bei Member states of the european Union und other provisions connected to charme protection is: