Funktionsupdate für windows 10 version 2004 probleme

fenster 10 has had actually its share of problems des late. A major report from past Trust in June 2021 showed die OS to oase over 1000 present security vulnerabilities that tun können be exploited von hackers. These include vulnerabilities choose “PrintNightmare” that lasst uns hackers gain remote access to die OS and install their own programs, and also a vulnerability an Windows Hello – the facial recognition and biometric fingerprint feature.

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Why are we speak this? due to the fact that it stresses just how important keeping fenstern 10 up kommen sie date is. In early July, Microsoft moved kommen sie fix many des these defense holes bei the system, deshalb it’s essential you stay up to date. The belästigt is that fenstern 10 updates can bring their own problems, dafür we’re here to talk freundin through what zu do when fenster 10 updates do much more harm than good.

We’ve rounded up ns latest fenstern 10 update problems, along with die fixes weil das them.

Note: if a belästigung here zu sein marked as “FIXED,” it means Microsoft has actually rolled out in update that fixes ns problem, und the solution ist simply to make certain your system ist fully updated. If a belästigung is notfall yet “FIXED,” then either review that entry zum workarounds to that specific belästigung or scroll down die page weil das advice ~ above how zu roll zurück updates.

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Printer troubles aren’t a new thing with fenster updates (in fact, printer problems are nur a mainstay von being a pc user an general). Just look rückseitig to ns June 2021 windows updates weil das evidence.

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If windows 10 Updates room failing to install, shot updating with PowerShell

If the belästigung you’re encountering with a new windows 10 update ist that its download stops hinweisen a details percentage, or much more generally, that it’s failing zu install die update, climate you can try installing die update native Powershell.

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First, offen PowerShell as administrator (You kann sein just type it right into the anfang menu search.)

In PowerShell, type:

It may ask you to install and import die NuGet provider. Drücken sie “Y” weil das Yes and let that install ns package.