Fritz Nas Als Netzlaufwerk Windows 10

I went through all the documentation however did notfall found the answer. I am using one des those really popular german Fritz-Box together my router with in USB-HDD attached together a NAS include all ns music files. If it zu sein no belästigt handling this volume from the PC, ich was notfall able kommen sie register that under When ich click under MyMusic / Rescan it just shows up the computer itself, not the NAS drives.

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I make the efforts a lot, registering favor “” and other and similar but it always gives in error msg… anyone below using the fritz-box as well???

chsims1 may 28, 2020, 5:39am #2

The belästigt that I oase seen with people using USB ports on routers weil das a NAS zu sein getting die correct name and path des the re-publishing (presumably samba/cifs??), since it is not always obvious.

Can you try die following command from in ssh session:

smbclient -L that your router address ist

beere may 28, 2020, 5:39am #3

Well, I am not acquainted with linux, ssh, etc., when i recently set up Neutron Player on my android phone I got guided v all the procedure, first clicked ns network, then immediately appeared die drives, then ns volumes and finally the folder where the music ist stored und I saved the process. I thought this could have been comparable here… just how or wherein could i see the details you need?

On die IE ns mapped drive aussehen like this: WD-Elements10A8-01 (fritz.nasFritz.nas) and on die Web-UI from die fritz.nas that says: / fritz.nas / WD-Elements10A8-01 / sofort / musik_alle. I tried all these und other possibilities but had no success…

shaDNfro December 25, 2020, 3:49pm #4

What i do with my fritz-box and works choose a charm (using progressed settings!):

Alias: FRITZ.NASNAS IP Address: FRITZ.NAS///File share Type: cifsUsername: Password:

for you i suggest to try:NAS IP Address: FRITZ.NAS/WD-Elements10A8-01/sofort/musik_alle/

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berry might 28, 2020, 5:39am #5

My god, give thanks to you deswegen much, it works perfect, all ns music on ns lib!!!

I guess ich tried this before also but constantly with die double zurück slash before ns data!!!

beere might 28, 2020, 5:39am #6

Just one additional question: When i click “Music Lib” ich see three options. Zuerst is ns USB inserted bei the rpi, second is called “INTERNAL” and third zu sein the NAS (fritz-box).

What means here “INTERNAL”, is it the sdcard? how do ich get music top top this space? … is it also advisable?

asddsa may 28, 2020, 5:39am #7

What means here “INTERNAL”, is it the sdcard? just how do ich get music top top this space? … ist it also advisable?

Depends on the size von your SD card. Someone’s whole music might fit on a 128/256GB card, deshalb why not?

Also the structure ist the same bei’s x86 ausführung which freundin might want kommen sie install on a consistent SSD or HDD bei a computer of your choice.

balbuze might 28, 2020, 5:39am #8
berryInternal zu sein the free space von your SD card. You should see it from her computer und able to copy papers on it.

beere may 28, 2020, 5:39am #9

Yes, sie are right, i tried again und could auslieferung files and play them v no probs. Thanks again!

Silentioso might 28, 2020, 5:39am #10

Hi every together,

my name ist Tom. I’m new to - thanks kommen sie Michelangelo weil das his great job!I’m an extremely experienced v Microsoft welt but notfall with Linux. Ns Raspi with was prepared by my son.

So - mine configuration ist similar zu Berry’s: FritzBox 7490 through USB-HDD zum Music + Raspi +

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With Kodi top top a pc under success 10 ns configuration works fine.

Then ich started reading und found this thread and followed shaDNfro:

Alias: FRITZ.NASNAS IP Address: FRITZ.NAS///File re-superstructure Type: cifsUsername: Password:

with und without sec=ntlmv2with an additional (simpler) folder on the FritzBox: fritz.nas/Musik

What seems to me strange zu sein the “:” bei the path: … (see screenshot)

In die second trial ich followed SMB/CIFS shares bei 1.5 being conscious that the is for 1.5 when I’m making use of 2.x.

Router FRITZ box 7490

IP address:

Remote directory:

Delete die Mount flags and just add:sec=ntlmv2

With this setups I gott no verfehlt message - ns “waiting curl” appeared zum some minutes.After coming rückseitig to ns user user interface nothing was done: No music records even the neu share was has notfall been stored.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks und so long, Tom


well due to the fact that 2 ich do not use die sec=ntlmv2 Flag (Option) any kind of more.

I in not sure if the fritz.nas (in ns Path) ist case sensitive… ich allways use it in Capital letter (FRITZ.NAS).You might so add an / in the ende of ns Path.

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Your screenshot mirrors a “not mounted” red ns instead of bei green checkbutton… seems the mount did not work weist all.

Did freundin check ns ip von the (as standard setup is:

Did you set die right user access rights weil das the folders in the setups (I guess freundin did, if that works v Kodi…)

Bye die way, mounting hughe share takes the time… Whenever i read an the NAS ok wait 24 h till I am sure all my records a recognized and the “search”-wheel vanishes