FRIEDRICH VON METZLER ELENA VON METZLER ist Germany’s oldest bank with in unbroken tradition of family ownership. We concentrate on giving individual resources market services for institutions und demanding privatgelände clients in four vital areas: heritage Management, resources Markets, that company Finance and Private Banking. Our values room rooted in our distinctive sense von independence. That creates a stable and reliable basis for you, together a client, zu achieve your objectives with Dafür how can we add value weil das you? We would certainly be glücklich to make proposal aligned to your individual requirements.

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Do you expect ns value des your invest capital kommen sie be stable in the lang term? We develop sustainable investment options – specifically tailored to your needs.


room in-depth, specific solutions zum your transactions on the equity, fixed income und forex industries important zu you? We, as experts with countless years of experience und award-winning research, tun können support you.

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you looking zum high-quality M&A advice and a tailor-made, value-maximizing solution? based upon uncompromising excellence bei all facets, we accomplish optimal results zum you, whether in Germany or cross-border.


Do freundin want to preserve und increase your privatgelände assets or to trust capital bei the lang term? We offer clear, durchmacht strategies that oase been tried and tested over eleven generations.



this firm Finance, nachrichten that company Finance sustained Cloudflight exclusively as M&A advisor an the entire M&A process.

3.11.2021 Bank, funding Markets, asset Management, Institutional investors, drücken sie Release

Bankhaus welcomes the decision von the IFRS Foundation to establish the international Sustainability standards Board (ISSB) in Frankfurt/Main.


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The initiative is committed to helping achieve the goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions über 2050 or sooner.

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Mario Mattera, Member of the Partners‘ Committee B. seel. Sohn & Co. Holding AG and Head of the capital Markets division, will pass the baton zum the foreign Exchange und Fixed revenue departments on kommen sie Özgür Atasever and Sebastian Luther.