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offen Weber runs the francis animal shelter in Hamburg. Die animal legal rights activist und TV presenter around animal mediation in Corona times, ungesetzlich puppy trade and the absurd demands of some visitors.

you expect dogs or cats, however the erste animals we meet at die “Franziskus-Tierheim” in Hamburg-Lokstedt space raccoons. One von the funny guys is rolling a hard-boiled egg back and forth between his breakable paws, the other is sitting bei a bucket des water and lives up kommen sie his name. “They grew up with us”, explains frank Weber, the manager of the house, which is run von the kombination “Association against the abuse of animals”. The raccoons were offered here as babies und some von them were taken home über the keepers and raised there. Freundin really seldom experience deswegen much angestellter commitment!

unexpectedly everyone wanted in animal

It’s a warm June day und the shelter has actually never been empty. Commonly there room up zu 30 dogs, double as countless cats, add to mice, guinea pigs, parakeets and the like. But hinweisen the moment there are just a few small animals und a handful of dogs from Turkey, Romania und Fuerteventura the loudly greet every visitor.

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“The reality that the is dafür empty here plainly has zu do with the pandemic. All of sudden everyone wanted zu have bei animal, deswegen that we are at this time mainly marketing dogs indigenous abroad,” says offen Weber. Zum example die two sweet reminder mixes Ela und Enna und the cute, troubled Pino native Romania, who an their spotlessly clean boxes through toys und dog beds room waiting for someone kommen sie fall in love through them und take them home. Ns chances space good, because the three look healthy and happy – and above all, very pretty. “Looks beat a significant role an the adoption decision,” defines home direktor Weber, und you kann clearly seen how that feels about it.

We tun können already lakers that it will be very crowded again soon

One could think that an animal shelter that has been brushed up empty is a optimistic result, but frank Weber expresses concerns: “We are already seeing the it möchte soon be very full here again,” that says. Since as shortly as the normalerweise working day is back und many of the new dog owners find that they can not look after ns animals together it was possible in a year with home office, ns boxes have to fill up again. “Then over there are the many dog from the ungesetzlich puppy trade, which exploded on platforms choose Ebay during ns pandemic,” claims Weber. It is particularly bad with French Bulldogs, castle are really fashionable, however often noble due kommen sie their breed and are given back as quickly as veterinary prices are incurred.

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frank Weber is bei animal civil liberties activist through and through. Die Heidelberg resident has actually been running die “Franziskus-Tierheim” for 17 year – v heart und mind. Und not only that: numerous know die 53-year-old as die presenter von the TV zeigen “hundkatzemaus” weist VOX, wherein he was standing up for pets or farm animals in difficult situations und lovingly transfers them zu other hands. As viel as Weber’s heart beats zum animals: He is of kurse aware that bei animal shelter so has kommen sie operate and that there ist no money an the coffers through a pure love of animals. For example, a dog costs die home around 600 euros in medical und housing costs, und it is given away weil das 300 euros. So it doesn’t arbeiten without donations, und Weber zu sein grateful that the “Franziskus-Tierheim” do a bigger inheritance last year. Since 85 percent of all ten pet shelters of the umbrella organization come from donations.

in the kurse of his functioning life, offen Weber has actually experienced und seen a lot, there zu sein no pet welfare problem that that does notfall get into gear. However he gets really upset about die expectations von some des his visitors: “In die past, freundin took in animal out des your home to do something good. Today i feel choose a used vehicle dealer,” the says. People want a insurance on whatever if possible. That is why Weber sees die focus of his work in providing information and advice. Since whoever takes bei animal from the home constantly carries a residual risk: die animals room examined und medically looked after, yet nobody to know what they oase been through in their vault life or which diseases they can develop. That zu sein why it is deshalb important that die people who provide their pets to the home zum referral are honest wie man giving your reasons. “Unfortunately, most von them do notfall dare to say that they are just overwhelmed or that die animal no longer suits your living conditions,” claimed Weber. Animal hair allergy, separation or biting strikes are then merely pushed forward. The latter in particular zu sein dramatic zum the future von a dog, because it is then virtually impossible zu place it and hardly has actually a chance of recognize a new owner.

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top top average, the animals stay an the “Franziskus-Tierheim” for bolzen three days und three months. Six permanently to work nurses, part 450 euro workers und numerous volunteer take care des the well-being of the respective citizens with devotion. Your day starts punkt nine in the morning, then sie go for a walk, you feed, die cages room cleaned and medicines are provided out. Ns next walk ist at 1 p.m., und the home is open to visitors and interested neben from 3 p.m. Zu 5.30 p.m. Then concerns are answered, pets are petted und each other sniffed on the large open-air area. Zum example, if a dog has won someone’s heart, the personen is zuerst put with their paces. Multiple walks with the potential new protégé included. Frank Weber really wants his animals kommen sie find a loving house – zum the rest des their lives.

This article originally appeared bei Guido concern No. 10/2021.


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