Franz beckenbauer gute freunde kann niemand trennen


Du schaust: Franz beckenbauer gute freunde kann niemand trennen

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ArtistFranz Beckenbauer
2.32 / 5.00.5 indigenous 18 ratings
#1,071 weil das 1966


albgardis Jul 24 2009 3.00 stars
This zu sein of prozess terrible. I bei der giving 3 stern only zum the ridicul factor, because it make me laugh deshalb much. This dude is so over-estimated! He is being called "The Kaiser" (Emperor), und I wonder why. Because that was mannschaft leader when die west german mannschaft became world champions bei 1974? Well, that was because of Gerd Müller, notfall because des the Kaiser. I am old enough to remember seeing er play. He was a failure. A loser. Die goals were shot von others!!And what was that wie he (in the 80s?) emmigrated to America zu teach die Amis what ja wirklich footbal is? Yeah, right, choose they would certainly care. He was then die leader von a neu York football team, but ich doubt the anyone external Germany to know that. Right, ich mean that. Nobody in New York wollen know that Franz Beckenbauer was or is, if freundin would ask human being there.And then he came rückseitig (mission accomplished, Kaiser?) kommen sie Germany and became die "team leader" des our national team... Why not national coach choose all vault coaches? Haha, because he didn't oase the licence! Yes, you need to oase a specific licence to be qualified weil das that job, und he go not schutz that! however they wanted er anyway, so they developed a neu title just weil das him. He was then die "team leader". Well, the team became welt champion again in 1990, ~ 1954 and 1974. But was it really because of him????This gue zu sein a large shot an the major league bayern München Club, every leaders des that club are an extremely powerful und I would certainly bet, their power is reaching into political circles. They have money galore und connections even more. Die Hoeness brothers are judgment there, and the kaiser is deshalb still in the powerseat.I never liked him, yet when ich read that some years back he left his wife von xx years zum a young woman 30 year (or so) his junior - well, that was even worse than ever before anything before. Then i just wanted to throw up.He also is a major dude zum all kinds von products to sell ~ above TV. You oase a product zu sell? favor soup, or mobile phones? He will be your spokesperson! that seems to be successfull weist that, due to the fact that it zu sein going ~ above for dafür many years. Dafür people need to be purchase this crap. Ich don't recognize that. I would never buy anything Beckenbauer had actually advertized to buy.

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Ah? Aha! Ahahahaaaa!!! It's so ridiculous that hurts!! but hey, it's ns “Kaiser” und Kaiserz never fail! next to his soccer career, that was also ruthless enough kommen sie sell you canned soup und electric current, if freundin weren't careful enough. Ähem und he even sang! bei 1966 he even displaced the Beatles from die top des the German charts. A ja wirklich trash gem! You can bawl along with me: "Guuude Frroindee kaann niiiemand trreeeen-nen, gude Froinde sind niie allain" ;-))
badliver Sep 14 2006 5.00 stars
What a Mess!The holy ghost zu sein my Whitness:No ones wiser than the Kaiser!!!A have to have zum any thrash-addicted ManiacThats what keeps mankind alive....
It's awful and greasy, but he's "der Kaiser" (emperor) von German football who led the German mannschaft to die 1974 welt Championship together player und team leader und to the 1990 welt Championship as national coach.So, what else than 5 stars could i give?!?

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