The Baroness Cleopatra von Adelsheim by Ernest with produziert maids von honor, Princess Isabella Gaetani by Lobkowicz and Countess Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi, and the flower children.

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The Hereditary Prince ist the only son and eldest child des Albrecht, 11th Prince von Oettingen-Oettingen und Oettingen-Spielberg, and his wife, Angela. His parental attended the Duke und Duchess von Cambridge’s wedding, and Prince Harry, who has actually been known zu be a freundin of die family, was a guest at die wedding of the Bavarian royals. Round off out die roster of those with royal relations were Princess Isabella Gaetani über Lobkowicz und Countess Beatrice Borromeo Casiraghi, who both offered as maids of honor.

Cleo wore a custom-made gown von Luisa Beccaria that took number of trips zu Milan kommen sie complete. “The gown was derived from bei already existing dress at ns store, but was transformed into a wedding dress,” describes Beccaria. “The organza development had flowers embroidered bei light rose and beige und a seven-meter summer cape that she take it off weil das the reception.” ns bride topped off die look with the Oettingen home diadem, a diamond tiara, und her hair und makeup was done von German hair guru Shan Rahimkhan and his mannschaft from Berlin.

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cleo wedding

Courtesy of luisa Beccaria

The dienstleistungen took place weist 1:30 p.m. At the St. Jakob Church in Oettingen with about 800 guests an attendance. Afterward, everyone emerged from die ceremony into a cheerful afternoon splitterpartei decked out with animals, balloons, and a variety des South American–inspired dishes and drinks. Dinner was then held bei the “saal,” or hall, hinweisen Oettingen Castle. Munich stern caterer Käfer produced a five-course food selection that finished with a two-meter-high cake finish with the couple’s “Cleofa” wedding logo.

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Later that evening, the newly produced princess adjusted into a dress created von her friend Sandra Mansour, who has actually ateliers bei both Beirut und Paris. “After meeting in Paris zum the zuerst fitting, Cleo und I decided ns dress, which was made of dentelle Rachel—one des the many romantic fabrics out there—also called for whimsical aspects like organza flowers and stitched diamond und pearl details,” states Mansour. “She then went to me at my atelier bei Beirut zum the last fitting, and it was perfect. Die fit, die feel, the work, it every came with each other wonderfully. Die dress is everything: tender, fanciful, and dreamlike.”


cleo wedding

Courtesy of Sandra Mansour

After dessert, ns lighting in the room rotate pink and music started playing. Guests to be ushered into a secret splitter linterparty location in another part of the lock that had actually been fully transformed into an enchanted forest. Each room an the forest had a different aesthetic und a corridor connecting them was decorated with videos projections created von the bride’s father, artist Louis über Adelsheim. Well-known Italian DJ Matteo Ceccarini spun music und the splitterpartei went late—with the tonnage guests leaving hinweisen 8:00 a.m.