Frankfurt A M

It"s Christmas Time!

wie it comes zu Christmas traditions, has its an extremely own customs. Find out what makes ns Christmas season an deshalb special. Please niederdrücken right arrow taste for next bild or drücken sie tab for next component

Programmes and events A Christmas campaign wish card hangs on a fir branch, Photo: Jochen Günther
Children"s Office campaign: your Christmas present for"s kids

from Monday, 22 november until Thursday, 16 December you kann pick nach oben a great card punkt various stores in und fulfil a wish zum a child punkt Christmas. Please niederdrücken right arrow taste for next image or drücken sie tab zum next ingredient

EXTERNAL content Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Self-Portrait through velvet barrett und a cloak with hair collar, 1634, Photo: bpk / Gemäldegalerie, SMB / christopov Schmidt
Rembrandt bei Amsterdam: Creativity und Competition

native 6 October 2021 kommen sie 30 januar 2022, ns Städel Museum ist celebrating die work des the greatest von Dutch artists des the 17th century: Rembrandt van Rijn. Please niederdrücken right arrow taste for next bild or press tab for next component

Projects und networks Logo Clearing Centre, Photo: Gesundheitsamt
medical care weil das all citizens

the pilot job "Clearing centre 1.0" aims to place together many citizens as feasible with unclear health insurance coverage (back) into die regular medical system. Please press right arrow taste for next bild or niederdrücken tab zum next ingredient

Museums at a glance Deutsches Romantik-Museum, Photo: Alexander paul Englert
die Deutsches Romantik-Museum opened up its doors

around ten years were invested on die realisation of the Deutsches Romantik-Museum: ns museum has actually been open since 14 September. Please niederdrücken right arrow button for next image or press tab zum next component

EXTERNAL inhalt The House of the gelb Scales bei the
House des the golden Scales now open again zum groups!

One des the many beautiful half-timbered buildings from the renaissance period opens its doors after ~ a lang period of closure, gruppe tours are jetzt possible again. Please drücken sie right arrow button for next image or press tab weil das next ingredient

150 years Palmengarten

die Palmengarten turns 150 – uncover out how die Palmengarten celebrates its anniversary! Last image of multi teaser please press tab weil das next component

Lord market

Peter Feldmann (SPD) has been lord Mayor des the stadt of in Main because 1 July, 2012.

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international Affairs

The city of maintains many city partnerships und partner cooperations transparent Europe und the world.

Applications and Forms

The stadt of offers you the possibility to fill out forms at home and then send them kommen sie the relevant organisation either online or von mail.

Municipal workplaces

Overview des’s municipal workplaces with your addresses, call information and opening hours.

dienstleistungen at a Glance

What do ich do where? ~ above this page you möchte find bei overview von the many important service provided by the city of with detailed information.

Find out much more about die history und characteristics of – the metropolis bei the heart des Europe.

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Römer, old Opera, St. Paul"s Church – Learn much more about"s most well known landmarks and attractions. Und explore many more exciting prominent on an online exploration tour.

Traffic news

On ns traffic die info website you kann sein get ns latest info on the traffic situation, roadway works und much more.

obtaining here und travelling about

Thanks zu its central location kann be conveniently reached via Airport, Central station or ns motorway.

Package deals

Explore"s cultural highlights and culinary specialities with the weekend arrangements von the Tourismus + conference GmbH bei der Main.


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