“Is there an easy solution kommen sie help me? i change to a new android phone und need to lieferung all image from old to neu phone.”

You want kommen sie share die pictures taken during trips with your friends or family members or you just gott a feuer new android device und want to move all her loved image from the old android to die new android device?

If sie want to lieferung photos from android to Android, but sie don’t know much about android photo auslieferung then this is just ns article zum you. Keep on analysis this zu know every little thing related zu how to lieferung pictures from android to Android.

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Part 1: just how to auslieferung photos from android to android using

Part 2: how to transfer photos from android to android using Bluetooth?

Part 3: exactly how to transfer photos from android to android using android Beam?

Part 4: how to auslieferung photos from android to android using dr.fone - phone call Manager?

Part 1: just how to transfer photos from android to android using ist a very handy data auslieferung software that can meet most des your android needs. Through - phone Transfer, you will be able to auslieferung photos from android to android easily und efficiently.

Besides, you tun können easily do ns data auslieferung between Android und iOS devices in one click wie you need to upgrade to a neu device.

Let"s examine how to transfer photos from android to android with - phone Transfer. - Phone lieferung

1-Click Phone kommen sie Phone Transfer

• Easy, fast and safe.• lieferung photos, text messages, contacts, notes, and many other record types.• relocate data bolzen devices with different operating systems, i.e iOS zu Android.• supports iOS devices that run die latest iOS 14
• Supports over 8000+ android devices. Works weil das all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
4,085,556 people oase downloaded it
Download und install on your computer. Select die "Phone Transfer" module.


Then affix both your android phones to the computer. Choose Photos from die supported file type list und click on the "Start" button.


There freundin go! You oase successfully transfer photos from one android to another android Device.


Here zu sein the videos tutorial for you:

Part 2: exactly how to lieferung photos from android to android using Bluetooth?

Another simple way for android photo transfer is über Bluetooth, and probably this ist the only means that works on practically every maker presently bei usage in this world. Sie just schutz to follow the two straightforward steps kommen sie know exactly how to transfer pictures from android to Android.

Turn on the Bluetooth ~ above both android devices und pair Bluetooth v those two devices. Pick Bluetooth möglichkeit that möchte be available in the setups then revolve it ‘on’ on both android devices zum file sharing. ~ that, establish a connection between the two phones zu pair castle successfully und exchange files.Now, re-publishing photos betwee those two android devices.When die two smartphones schutz been successfully paired und connected, open the “File Manager” auswahl on die phone desktop, then select the music that freundin want to transfer and press it for 2 seconds kommen sie share to the destination phone via Bluetooth.


Congratulations! You oase completed bei Android photo transfer via Bluetooth.

Part 3: exactly how to lieferung photos from android to android using android Beam

Android Beam zu sein a software program that allows you kommen sie send content between devices just von pressing lock back-to-back. Android Beam ist very ideal zum sharing inhalt – internet pages, maps, videos, photos, and more – with various other people’s android phones and tablets. Many latest android phones schutz integrated NFC hardware under their panel and support android Beam on them.

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Here are the tips on just how to lieferung photos from android to android using android Beam.

Step 1: Check for NFC Support

Before sie try to auslieferung photos betwee two android devices using android Beam, you möchte need kommen sie ensure the both your android devices assistance NFC. Some android smartphones support NFC, however, part don’t kommen sie with NFC support, deshalb it zu sein necessary zu check before you launch this process.To check zum NFC support, open your device’s setups screen und tap on “More…” that möchte be located under Wireless & networks.


Ensure that both NFC and Android Beam are permitted on both des your devices. If either feature has been disabled, allow it.If you don’t lakers the NFC option, then it method that your an equipment probably doesn’t encompass NFC hardware. It’s also highly feasible that her device ist using in older version von Android. Android Beam was introduced for android 4.0 und higher devices.


Step 2: open the inhalt that you Want kommen sie Share

Once your maker confirms the you have NFC support and you kann sein use android Beam, you need zu navigate kommen sie the content that you want to share. Zum example, here’s how freundin would re-publishing various species of inhalt using this toolkit:

Web Page: open it bei Chrome (it is always advisable zu use chrome weil das this purpose).YouTube Video: open it bei the default youtube app, pre-download the anwendung on both devices).Map direction or a Location: open the google Maps app und pull up die directions or the location that sie want kommen sie share.Contact Information: open the call card bei the People app on the rundfunkveranstalter device.An App: open its download page on google Play Store.Photos: open a photo in the gallery. Sie can also send multiple photos von opening ns default gallery app, freundin just oase to long-press a photo’s thumbnail, and then insanity all die other photos freundin want kommen sie send zu select them. With the photos selected, you kann sein finally anfang the beaming process.

Step 3: Beam ns Content

Now, prior to you kann send your content betwee two devices with android Beam, they should both be powered on and completely unlocked. If either machine screen zu sein off, or if one of two people device zu sein at that is lock display screen (or zu sein password-encrypted), android Beam won’t work, und you can’t auslieferung photos.With both gadgets on and unlocked, press them back-to-back to auslieferung your music native one android to Another.

dr.fone - Phone manager (Android)

Transfer picture from android to android flexibly and easily.

• lieferung files bolzen Android and computer, consisting of contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more.• Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps, etc.• transfer iTunes to android (vice versa).• manage your android device on die computer.• totally compatible with android 10.
Download und install dr.fone - Phone direktors on her computer. Select ns "Phone Manager" native all the models.


Connect both your android phones to ns computer. Dr.fone wollen recognize them and display them like below. Select the android phone which you would prefer to transfer photos from.


Go to ns Photos tab on die top. It möchte display all the photos on her source android phone. Select die photos you would like to transfer und click auswärtigen > auswärtigen to an equipment to transfer the selected picture to ns target android phone.

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So, an this article, we discussed how to transfer photos from android to Android. I would recommend everyone kommen sie use die toolkit for this process as it zu sein the safest, secure, und easy kommen sie use toolkit for android photo auslieferung process. Castle are ns best toolkit makers all over the globe. Lastly, ich hope that you enjoyed analysis this short article on how to auslieferung pictures from android to Android.