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The best android phones do it all too easy zu quickly take a ton des photos the crowd their inner storage, but google Photos kann sein help sie claw back some of that space. In particular, high-resolution photos and especially 4K or 8K video from a phone like the Galaxy S21 extremist will add trost on her phone"s minimal internal storage, und tracking each record down on your own kann become tedious if you"re not regularly micro-managing her media library. So, the tools constructed into google Photos tun können come an handy an several ways, prefer helping freundin find photos the aren"t worth keeping or situate extra-large files.

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How zu free trost space with google Photos

Launch the Google picture app.Tap your user profile icon in the upper right corner.

Tap ns "Free up…" option in the settings screen, i m sorry will zeigen you how much storage zu sein used von files that oase already been backed up to die cloud.

Source: android Central

Google Photos wollen take you to a neu screen with much more information. Tap "Free nach oben X GB" top top this screen.

Once you"ve gone with this process, google Photos will schutz deleted the local copies of photos, videos, and screenshots from your phone"s inner storage. The copies möchte continue to be available bei your google account"s cloud storage und accessible through google Photos.

And don"t worry, this möchte only delete papers you"ve donate up, dafür files that haven"t been copied zu the wolke yet won"t get deleted. But, if you schutz large papers or folders that aren"t backed up, this process will notfall delete those. You kann sein choose to back those documents up and then walk through ns steps above again, or you tun können delete them manually. After ~ that, you"ll be every set kommen sie enjoy your neu free space.

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Clutter managed

Since google is no longer providing unlimited free cloud storage zum high-quality picture backups, it may be worth taking some time to delete unnecessary photos/videos that oase been conserved to the cloud. Google kann sein help you do the on the google Photos storage administration page, which immediately identifies blurry photos, large files, und screenshots dafür you tun können quickly delete them.

You could also consider turning to external physical storage, like the best USB-C ignorance drives. Either way, you kann reclaim your phone storage und fill it trost with neu memories.

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Extra storage

SanDisk Ultra dual Drive

Snap away!

The SanDisk Ultra doppelt Drive kann give her phone a bunch of extra space for your image if you"re running the end of google Photos wolke storage to back your media hoch to.