Transferring files betwee PC and iOS gadgets has always been ns devil"s errand. It"s especially irksome wie it comes zu big files like the neu season of your favourite TV show, picture albums und so on. Imagine you kann sein pair her computer and iPhone in ~ seconds und transfer anything freundin desire. Sounds like magic, right? kind of, but we contact it technology.

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Say Hi zu"s Wi-Fi Transfer!

Wi-Fi lieferung is ns easiest means to lieferung files and photos native a computer zu your iphone phone or iPad and vice versa. All sie need zu sein our cost-free Documents app und a associated Wi-Fi network.

How to transfer files native iPhone kommen sie computer

Make certain both her iPhone and computer are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.Open Documents on your iPhone.Tap Connections and select Computer. If you"re making use of iPad, tap Computer on ns sidebar.
Enter die code you lakers on her iOS device.

Your iPhone und computer are jetzt connected! You kann instantly transfer files bolzen them. Select one or much more files or folders und click Download zu get castle from die iPhone kommen sie your computer.


To relocate something from a computer to your iPhone and vice versa, click Upload or nur drag und drop die files into your browser. You kann upload photos, music, videos, documents, or archives — anything!

As shortly as ns files are uploaded, castle instantly show up on your device. Wie you"re perfect working, insanity Disconnect on your iPhone, close the web seite or nearby Documents and you"re good kommen sie go.

Why Wi-Fi lieferung is far better than iCloud, Mail, iTunes or AirDrop

Although there zu sein a entirety bunch des ways to transfer files from PC zu iPhone or iPad, each des them has specific limitations. Weil das example, there"s no possibility to send records larger than 25MB über email. Or you oase to salary for cloud services. Or her cable can be lost in your junk drawer.

Wi-Fi auslieferung is free, wireless and the size of transferred files is limited solely von your iPhone"s memory. All freundin need ist our cost-free Documents app on her iPhone and a Wi-Fi connection. That"s it.

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AirDrop notfall working? Wi-Fi transfer is your fix!

Nonfunctional AirDrop could be an additional obstacle. Usually, it"s not bei issue, yet AirDrop, like any kind of technology, may oase problems. You can turn that off und on again, reload die devices, update die iOS or run a voodoo ritual kommen sie make the work. Before sie throw your device against the wall, it"s viel easier to simply open your browser.

What rather should sie know around Wi-Fi Transfer?

Here are some useful tips regarding Wi-Fi lieferung usage:

Wi-Fi auslieferung works through the connected Wi-Fi network; make sure freundin use a secured one or link your tools with a cable.How fast tun können I upload my papers from pc or Mac to iPhone and vise versa? kommen sie give you an example, we downloaded a 1G movie an two minutes. Ns best part zu sein that Wi-Fi lieferung doesn"t count on your internet speed due to the fact that all the files are senden within ns local network.While you are moving a file betwee devices, your browser und the Documents anwendung must it is in live. Otherwise, the connection breaks. If it happens, you schutz 10 seconds kommen sie resume die connection. If ns reconnect doesn"t occur, freundin need zu repeat the transfer.

How to auslieferung pictures from iPhone kommen sie computer

Those spectacular pictures freundin take through your iphone camera deserve kommen sie be gezeigt on a larger screen. With our free Documents app, you tun können import photos native iPhone zu PC, Mac, or also TV in ~ seconds. This zu sein a an excellent way to show other people your finest shots und go through die most exceptional moments together.

Here"s how kommen sie download photos from iPhone zu computer:

Open the Photo Albums folder.At the top von the screen, tap View und transfer photos to desktop.
Enter ns code you see an Documents on her iOS device.Voila! Your gadgets are jetzt connected. Don"t close documents on her iPhone zu keep the connection stable.

You can view your iPhone photos appropriate on her computer. To lieferung a picture album zu your computer, click on die needed folder and select Download. It"s warp fast!


If sie want to download only specific pictures quite than ns entire folder, there"s bei easy way to import photos native iPhone zu your computer. Nur select the desired pictures von clicking on your upper ideal corner and tap Download.


Once you"re finished, insanity Disconnect on your iPhone, close die web page an your web browser or just close Documents.

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Wrapping up

You"ve learned the easiest method to transfer files bolzen your iPhone und Mac or PC. Now, you deshalb know how to get photos native iPhone zu computer just bei a couple of clicks.

Download our cost-free Documents app, open on your computer und let"s auslieferung some files!