Fotos vom ipad löschen ios 8

Learn how to delete photos and videos that sie don"t want, or obtain them back if sie accidentally delete them.

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Make sure that youback up the photos und videos the you ausblüten want. Wie man you use iCloud Photosand deletea picture or video on one device, that gets turned off on all other gadgets where you"re signed bei with the same sich entschuldigen ID.Learnhow to delete photos and videos bei iCloud Photos.

To seen how much storage you have left on your device, go to Settings > basic > Storage. Learn more aboutmanaging your an equipment photo storage.

When freundin delete photos and videos, they go kommen sie your freshly Deleted albumfor 30 days.After 30 days, they"ll it is in permanently deleted.

If sie use iCloud Photos, und delete photos and videos indigenous one device, ns photos and videos will be deleted on your various other devices.

If sie add photos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch von connecting your device to your computer, sie can"t delete them directly from her device an the photos app. If you lakers the gray trash button

when sie try zu delete a photograph from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch,you might need kommen sie stop syncing photos from your computer.Learn how zu stop syncing image from your computer.

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Open Photos.From die Library tab, tap every Photos und select the photo or video that freundin want zu delete.Tap die Trash button, climate tapDelete Photo.


Open Photos.From die Library tab, tap all Photos, climate tap Select.Tap many photos, or on slide your finger across multiple photos kommen sie select an ext than one.Tap the Trash button, then confirm zu delete the items.

If sie accidentally delete a photo or video, you have 30 days zu get it zurück from your freshly Deleted album. Wie you recuperate photos und videos, they go back to her All photos album. Here"s how zu recover turned off photos or videos:

Open Photos and tap the Albums tab.Scroll down, tap the Recently turned off album, then tap Select.Tap the photo or video that freundin want zu keep or tap recoup All.Tap recover again to confirm.

If you"re absent a photograph or video, you kann sein try this steps kommen sie find it. Discover what to do if you"re lacking a photo or video.

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If you want zu permanently delete her photos or videos,you tun können remove them from ns Recently turned off album. Wie you delete a photo from this album, freundin can"t obtain it back. Here"s how zu delete photospermanently:

Open Photos and tap die Albums tab.Tap die Recently deleted album, climate tap Select.Tap ns photos or video that sie want zu delete or tap Delete All.Tap Delete again zu confirm.