Fortuna Düsseldorf Trikot 2016 17

It nearly went wrong for Fortuna Dusseldorf belastung season. Mired in a relegation battle, they eventually retained their 2.Bundesliga status with a 2 – 0 win weist Eintracht Braunsweig on the final day von 2015/16. It’s been three years due to the fact that they dropped from die top flight und rarely schutz they threatened to return since.

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Newly-appointed head coach, Friedheim Funkel, has been tasked through improving ns club’s fortunes, i beg your pardon may not be bei easy task.

Fortuna Dusseldorf 2016/17 home Kit

This is the Fortuna Dusseldorf house kit zum the 2016/17 season.


Puma has issued in all-white kit for Flingeraner kommen sie wear.

The shirt is a clean design with a full red Henley-style collar, v a thick red strip across the shoulders and sleeves. Puma has placed a logo design on the shoulders.

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Fortuna Dusseldorf 2016/17 far Kit

This die Fortuna Dusseldorf away kit weil das the 2016/17 season.


The österreichisch is a busy design. Red and white stripes room sited across die front des the shirt with diagonal red und white lines giving a gradiented effect as the white becomes diluent toward die bottom. Die collar zu sein solid schwarze farbe with white stripes across ns shoulder real estate Puma logos together they take trip down the red sleeves. Schwarze farbe cuffs end up the austrian design.

Fortuna Dusseldorf 2016/17 der dritte tag Kit

With in all-white residence top und a red and white away kit, it’s likely that Fortuna wollen be wearing this third kit several zeit during die 2016/17 season.


The black shirt is offered a shimmering effect by the diagonal lines which take trip across the body des the shirt. It offers a grey colouring to ns front, with the back and sleeves hard black.

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It’s an interesting set von kits zum Fortuna to wear following season. Let’s hope their fortunes boost on the pitch together well.

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