Fortuna Düsseldorf Gegen Fc Bayern

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Initial reactions and observations

Good substitutions by Flick today. With Batista-Meier acquiring his debut und some good minutes weil das Zirkzee and Cuisance, he lastly used all five von his subs. It’s cool how bayerisch have four of the oberteil 5 fullbacks an the world. Pavard, Kimmich, Davies, und Alaba — many teams nothing even oase a einzel fullback des that quality. Joshua Kimmich had actually yet another polished performance an midfield. That moved kommen sie center back in the second half, but honestly bayerisch were dafür dominant the it didn’t make viel of a difference. His run kommen sie set hoch Lewandowski’s first goal was a thing of beauty. Alphonso Davies’ attacking renaissance continues. His goal today is part of the beginning — us hope to see Marcelo-like numbers from this son someday. His pace is the least des his qualities, that has the composure und killer-instinct des a oberteil level attacker. Yet one more assist zum Thomas Muller, bringing ihm closer zu Kevin de Bruyne’s record. If Hansi keeps playing ihm at ns second striker’s spot, he’s practically certain to get it. Full time: Bayern win 5-0.

77’: Oliver Batista-Meier comes on weil das Gnabry. It is all ns subs done by Flick. Erste time too.

74’: Joshua Zirkzee comes on zum Thomas Muller. Tun können he score?

69’: Gnabry, Lewy, and Davies all fail zu score in a foolish scramble in front of goal.

61’: Perisic and Odriozola come on zum Coman und Pavard. Good subs von Flick today.

52’: Daviessss! It’s 5 now, ich can’t store doing this.

49’: GOAL! it’s a bloodbath. Lewandowski renders it 4-0, Gnabry assist.

45’: The second für hilfe is underway!

Halftime observations und analysis

Fortuna look prefer they’re playing in slow motion. Bayern are relentless. Die goals space coming an intervals von 14 mins. Is the following one comes at ns 56th minute?Another goal zum Lewy und another assist for Muller, no one is stopping these two. Lucas Hernandez looks dafür solid out there, great performance from him so far. Let’s hope he keeps this up an the 2nd half. David Alaba’s contribution to Bayern’s buildup play is as essential as any type of midfielder. He’s finally living his dream von playing an midfield, but hinweisen center back. What a player.

42’: We’re getting goals punkt 14 min intervals. Lewandowski renders it three, Muller assist. This is a barbecue for Bayern.

28’: GOAL! Benji Pavard renders it 2-0 native a corner. An excellent header.

14’: GOAL! It was coming. Muller crosses zu Gnabry that passes kommen sie Pavard and it’s touched bei by a Dusseldorf player.

Kickoff: We’re underway an Munich!

One hour till kickoff: We schutz lineups! Lucas lastly gets a anfang after lockdown.

Unsere aufstellung gegen Düsseldorf! #FCBF95 #packmas #MiaSanMia

— FC bayern München (

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It’s matchday und Bayern Munich space back in business. Having actually won against Borussia Dortmund bei midweek, ns Bavarians wollen be looking kommen sie keep ns momentum going against Fortuna Dusseldorf. Being seven points clear an the table, Hansi Flick inches ever closer to his first title.

Of course, this being Bayern, nothing’s fairly as straightforward as it erste seems. Philippe Coutinho, Corentin Tolisso, and Niklas Sule are still out through injury, if Thiago Alcantara is yet to return kommen sie fitness (he’ll be rückseitig by next week). Still, the team has robert Lewandowski und Thomas Muller fit and looking for records, when Lucas Hernandez has actually a decent gelegenheit of starting zum the zuerst time since die Bundesliga restarted. When a relegation scrapper like Fortuna is unlikely kommen sie make jene easy for the Bavarians, Flick und his men have more than enough talent at their disposal.

It’s bayerisch time.

Match Info

Location: koalitionsteile Arena, Munich, Germany

Time: 6:30 pm local time, 12:30 nachmittag EST

TV/streaming:, Find her Country

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