Fortnite Woche 2 Season 9

Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite has been a huge hit dafür far. The title was challenged in terms of its competitive ability on plenty of occasions. Epic games responded von introducing Season 6, offering neu weapons, POIs, NPCs and the arrival des characters choose Batman und Harley Quinn.

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In addition, ns weekly challenges bei the 100-man battle royale have also been tremendous. Together expected, die epic and legendary challenges zum Week 9 won"t fail zu meet die expectations set by their predecessors. Ns challenges oase been leaked und while they offer magnificent rewards, they so test ns players" skill and patience.

The return on this investment is manifold as completing these difficulties allows die players to earn XP und level up their battle Pass, also allowing them to earn cosmetics und skins.

Fortnite thing 2 Season 6 hauptsächlich 9 legend Quest

The legendary Quest in Fortnite calls for players kommen sie catch 250 fish to receive a hefty amount von XP. Die Legendary Quest is divided bei five step (50,100, 150, 200, 250). When the zuerst stage grants 35,000 XP, step 2-5 provide out 24,500 XP each.

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It zu sein important to klasse that the aforementioned zu sein a team challenge and can be completed bei Team Rumble. Even though several locations on the Fortnite map save on computer fish, completing die challenge an Craggy cliff is less complicated as there are plenty of fishing rods and fishing poles.

Epic quests for Week 9 an Fortnite

The following zu sein a list des Epic searches that wollen go direkte on might 13:

Get Intel ~ above Wildlife from Bushranger, Tarana, Rex, Cluck, or Grill Sergeant (0/1) – 24000 XPHunt a Boar (0/1) – 24000 XPSpend 7 secs within 7 meters von a fleeing chicken (0/1) – 24000 XPGain Health an the Storm (0/1) – 24000 XPShockwave grenade yourself while in the storm (0/1) – 24000 XPSurvive storm phases (0/10) – 24000 XPBuild bei the Storm (0/10) – 24000 XP

Players need kommen sie interact with die mentioned NPCs zu complete this challenge. The following ist a list of the NPCs ns players need kommen sie interact with and the locations where they tun können be found:

Cluck – Primal Pond (east of Weeping Woods)Bushranger – Pleasant park (trees to die west)Tarana – Boney Burbs (shack on ns north side)Rex – Dusted Depot (east of The Spire)Grill Sergeant – Durrr burger Food truck (east of stealthy Stronghold)The ideal spot zu hunt a boar zu sein Colossal Crops. Considering die quest will go live in a couple des days, a lot of players can head to the mentioned location in order kommen sie complete die challenge. Ns players require to festland on ns location, uncover a weapon and look zum a boar while so competing with other players.

To complete die Chicken Challenge, football player need to hit ns chicken v their pickaxe. Ns chicken möchte try zu flee, and the players wollen need to follow it zum 7 seconds. Ns primal areas on ns map have the most amount von chickens.

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While Fortnite players need kommen sie gain health and wellness inside ns storm, die actual amount stays unknown. Players can simply lug healing items inside the storm zu complete this challenge. However, it can get quite tricky kommen sie complete this one in the danach stages von the game.